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Top 12 Best Niches For Youtube Channel

In India many youtubers which are earning in million and billions. Youtubers like @carryminati, @ashish chanchalani etc are really earned million of rupees per month. These YouTubers not only earning money intact they are also earning fame and glory.

Their videos got views in millions that’s why they are earning millions of rupees. Their main income is not coming from YouTube. But their main income is coming from sponsorship and paid promotion. So today I will describe you top 12 best niches for youtube channel which grow faster on YouTube.

You can also earned millions of rupees just starting YouTube. YouTube doesn’t give you millions but YouTube is a platform where various brand give you money to promote their products. So today I will describe you top 12 best niches for youtube channel which grow faster on YouTube.

Gaming channel

Gaming channel has more scope on YouTube. Because their is many gaming channel whose average video views is more than 2 millions. Techno gamer who is streaming mine craft game and gta 5 game.

His each video got more than 10 millions plus views. This show how people like gaming channel. Even small gaming channel also got more than 1millions views on each videos. Up

Vlog channel

Vlog channel like sourav joshi vlog have taken a revolution on YouTube. Every people got surprise to see that his how people liked his daily house vlog. In fact he is the India top no. 1 vlogger. He has beat vlogger like mr. Beast. In now days their are also people make video on daily vlog, experiment vlog, moto vlog,

Cooking channel

Due to corona pandemic every people are at home and they are trying to learn cooking at home. Now they watched YouTube videos to learn easy cooking. Cooking channel has also many viewers.

All video on cooking has trend on YouTube. Cooking channel like Kavita kitchen and many more are major channel. All this channel has 10 millions plus subscriber.

Comedy Channel

Comedy Channel is watched by all age groups of people in India. Many people watched comedy videos to relax their minds. Amit Bhadana, Ashish Chanchalai,. BB k vines are one of the most biggest comedy Channel.

Their subs is more than 20 million. Their all videos got more than 20 millions plus views. The other comedy Channel on youtube is Harsh beniwal, Nazarbatu production, round to shell, realshit, etc.

Tech channel

Tech category is mostly watched by young people. Under this category mostly youtuber give tech news. They also review new and upcoming mobile phone.

This category YouTubers earned more income as compared to all other YouTubers. In this category main income is coming grom smart phone company brand. This company give money to YouTubers to review their products.

Motivation channel

The people who has big YouTube channel on motivation category has more fan following.
You can also become motivational speaker if you have quality of public speaking. Sandeep Maheshwari, Sonu Sharma, dr. Vivek bindra, Pushkar Raj Thakur are some motivation speaker in India.

Education content

Education content channel has more RPM and CPC rate then other channels. So you can know how education content youtuber earned per month. This channel has earned 2$ on every 1000 views.

This rate is really high. So starting a education content you can earn more then others catagory. Also here you can sell your course. This category has also digital marketing opportunities.

Money earning content

Money earning tips, tricks and app are hot searches are on youtube. This category is no.1 catagory which is searched by daily bases user. In this type of channel youtube give 1$ on every 400 views.

This is most earning content on youtube. The advertiser of this content is very huge. Every big youtuber on this content has all his video is sponsored.

Social media content

Social media content like how to boost facebook, instagram, telegram are also a hot searches on youtube. People search more on everyday. But this content has less advertise. That’s why this content video got yellow dollar on youtube.

But sponsorship of this content is more. The main income from this channel is comes on different smm pannel from different advertiser. Because their is more advertiser of smm pannel ad compared to any other content.
This channel creator has more fan following on their social media platforms.

Editing Tutorial channel

This channel has also very stable and more views on theirs video. Because their is more viewer who want to learn editing. Youtuber like NSB picture has very famous in editing industry.

Bytes Followers

This channel has mostly social media viewer because they want to learn editing to edit their photo and to post in social media like Facebook Twitter Instagram. Also different content creator , Video creator want to learn editing that’s why this type of channel got more views.

This channel owner use Adobe Photoshop to edit which is complicated to use and more user wants to learn to use Photoshop.

Roasting Channel

Roasting Channel is also got 10 million plus views on every video. For example Carryminati which is no. 1. In Asia. He has his roasting Channel on which he roast different channel and celebrates. He has approximately 30 millions subs on youtube.

Roasting is very famous in India. Their is very big audience to love roasting. This is basically young audiences. The roasting video is more frequently goes viral then other videos.

When Carryminati makes roast video on YouTube Vs Tiktok then his video got viral and this video make Carryminati celebrity from youtuber. Now at this time carry is No. 1 youtuber only by help of roasting video.

Fact Channel

Fact channel is that channel which growth rate is very high. This channel is also goes viral with help of short channel. Factechz is one of the biggest fact channel on YouTube in india.

He told amazing and adventurous fact which amaze the people. His most of video length is more than 20 minutes.
Their is also fact channel is available like A2 motivation etc.

A2 motivation is channel which get 8 million subs just only in 8 months. He mostly make short fact video.

Other Channels

The other categories of channel which is best for youtube is youtube creator, music, dance, prank, moto vlogging, blogging, expirements etc. So these are the top 12 best niches for youtube channel.

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