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Top 10 Best Earning App in 2021 For Students (Theme Follower)

There are many earning application is available in Google playstore. But 50% of this application is fake and didn’t work. So it is very difficult to find best and really working app on Google playstore, that’s why I am going to tell you top 10 best earning in 2021.

The application I will explain you is best
application and it really give you money.
This application doesn’t take any investment from its users. It also doesn’t required any professional skills to earn money.

Some application give you money when you play a game in their platforms.
All the money you have earned can be simply withdraw in your Paytm wallet, UPI, Bank account etc.

Pocket money app

Pocket money is japanese money earning app. The interface of this app is simple. To earn money from this app, first login through Paytm register number.

In this application you have download some particular app and website and when you register on these app and website you will got money from in your pocket money wallet.

In this app mainly you have to only download the certain app and you will got money. This app also give refferal money when you refer any person. The Refferal amount is 5 rupees per referral.
The cash will be credited to your Paytm wallet

MPL app

MPL is gaming platform which give money to user when they play game on their platforms. In this platforms basically many tournament are runned everyday.

To take parts in this tournament user must have to add money in their wallet from their Paytm account. To enter into MPL tournament there must be entry fees is paid by the user and when they won tournament they will got money. The winning amount can be easily transfer to bank, Paytm, UPI etc.

In this platforms you can also make your team during cricket tournament and you can win prizes upto 50 lakh. It’s refferal bonus is 20 rupees.

Winzo Gold

Winzo Gold is also a gaming platform tournament, where user can win prizes upto 60 lakh rupees. When you download this game you will got 50 rupees bonus cash, and you will play 2 games free.

This app is also like MPL. If you are pubg player and freefire player then this app is best for you here you can win 2500 rupees every day.

Freefire and pubg contest is available every day. To play any game you first need to add cash, then, at that point you can mess around here. If you are new client or users. you can play 2 games free.

I gurentee you if you install and play games here you definitely win 50 rupees. You can withdraw money 2 times per day in this app.

Google opinion Rewards.

This application is launched by Google. And it gives Money when user tell their opinion on different issues. Basically it is survey app. Where Google give you some survey and you have to complete the survey and Google pay you money when the user complete survey. But this money you can’t withdraw to your Paytm wallet or in bank account. This money you can use to google playstore to purchase any app, book, music and film.

Paytm first games.

Paytm first game is earning application provided by Paytm where you can earn real Paytm cash. This platforms had more than 100 games. Which you can play and can won Paytm cash. In this app you can also take part in fantasy cricket. If you use Paytm for online transaction so you can won Paytm first game coupon code, which is applicable on Paytm game. All the amount you have won by playing game can be easily transfer to your Paytm wallet.

Rojdhan application

Rojdhan is investment free application from where every one can earn money. Rojdhan is easily available on Google playstore. When you download it and signup you will get 25 rupees free as signup cash and it shows you another three task when you complete them you will got total of 80 rupees. This app give various task when you complete them you will earn coins and real cash. The coin is automatically converted into cash after one day. The minimum withdrawal amount is 300 rupees. When you complete 300 rupees you can got this money in your Paytm account.

Real Research Survey app

Real Research Survey app is a platform where a user can earn crypto currency. This app give crypto currency to users when the users complete survey. The crypto currency this platform gives is TNC. It gives 10 TNC per survey. There is 24 level in this app. The more level user complete the more crypto they will earn. The crypto can be withdrawn by using hotbeat and coindexic app. The main benefits of this app is it give 50 TNC per referral. It means when any one reffer his one friends he will earn 100 rupees approx.
1 TNC is equal to 2 indian rupees. It means if you refer 10 person then you can earn 1000. rupees.

Dhani pay

Dhani pay is platforms who gives free debit card to user for shopping. When user do shopping using dhani debit card he will got money. If you are registered on dhani first time then it will give you 100 signup cash. You can withdraw it or use in shopping. Dhani also give 100 rupees per refer as refferal Rewards.


If you register on cashflix for first time you will got 15 cash bonus. This money can be transfer to Paytm. The minimum withdrawal amount of this app is zero. This app gives you task to complete. this task is like to download any app and register on any website. And when download and register is confirmed your money is credited to your wallet. This app also give 20 rupees per refferal.


At last we are at point that what apps we choose to earn money. So the answer is all apps are best by itself. You can choose any app according to your convenience and skills. If you are best in gaming then you can choose Winzo, MPL, and Paytm first game.

If are not interested in gaming app then you can choose rojdhan, dhani pay, cashflix and real Research Survey app. All applications are real and genuine that gives real Paytm cash to user. So these are top 10 best earning app in 2021.

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