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How To Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing In 2021

Nowadays there is a news trending in market, every one is talking about online earning tricks. Well this this type of news also come in your mind that how online earning generate income, what to do , how to do for online earning, if you are also want to know that how people generate income from online earning, so this article is only for you, because today I will tell you How to earn money from affiliate marketing.

So don’t leave this page without knowing this trick to online earning. In affiliate marketing you doesn’t need any investment to start, you can do affiliate marketing and earned money by using you phone and computer.

It also provide you passive income, if you are sleeping you are still earning money, from you previous work done. Affiliate marketing doesn’t required any office to do work, you can do it from anywhere.

Benefits of affiliate marketing

The first benefits of affiliate marketing is that their no limits to your income, you can earn unlimited as you want.

If you learned and understand affiliate marketing so why you sold only one products, you are able to sold different products because you have many choices.
If you are not comfortable with some company’s products you can choose others, because there are many choices available in market, to earn money from affiliate marketing

You can sold unlimited products, their is also no limits to no. Of product. Their is unlimited products is available in market.
For example if you sale the product worth rupees 1 lakh and commission rate is 25% then you can earn 25 thousands in only se days. Hence their is no limitations on you income

Affiliate marketing doesn’t required any major investment. You didn’t required your own products to sale. Here different companies provide their products to you for sale.

In affiliate marketing you are your manager, here no one can force you to do the job.If any day you didn’t work no one can punished, in this business you are totally free and only you are your boss. Here you also become an entrepreneur, you can hire many persons to expand your business.

Last but not least the benefits of affiliate marketing is you doesn’t required any office and no employees, you can start your work only by using your phone.

No customer support is required in affiliate marketing, when you sold their own products their is customers support required, but I’m case of affiliate marketing no back support is required, you have to only sold the product of company.

Types of Affiliate Earning

Pay per Sale : pay per sale means when you when you sold the product of company you instant got money in your affiliate account.
Here you got instantly your commission in your account.

Pay per lead : it means if you sale any property, you only need lead any person give you lead you will pay to him. Here there is very low commission you earned.

Pay per click : pay per click means you have only to send a maximum traffic to particular website, and you will earned from this traffic.

Where you can do Affiliate marketing

You can do affiliate marketing at any social media platforms easily, like whatsapp, facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter and YouTube. all social media platforms are free for affiliate marketing, also all these platforms has unique features which helps you to earn money from affiliate marketing.


Instagram is used by 500 millions people so for the affiliate marketing, it is best platforms. Here you can give your affiliate link in bio, swipe up story, captions, and also send link through direct message, and when someone buy products from your link you will earned your commission.

Also Instagram has insights features which means you can track how many people tap on your affiliate link and how many people buy from it. So due to its more user your earning become more easy.


Facebook is one of the biggest platforms in the world. You can also do affiliate marketing if you have your big audience and also you don’t have your audience you can also generate money from affiliate marketing on facebook.

You can send affiliate link to your group and when your audience like it they definitely buy it and your commission is transferred to your account.

Here while earning from affiliate marketing you can also earn by monetize of your facebook video. But affiliate marketing provide more money then video monetization, so keep focused on affiliate earning.


YouTube has very fast growing platforms in india due to his some extraordinary features YPP.(youtube partner program ) creator rewards etc. When once you become successful to grow your channel you definitely become one day millionaire.

On youtube you can do affiliate marketing every where. You can give your link in video description, comments section, Community tab, etc. You can made a dedicated video about products which helps your audience to buy the product.

When you make videos on products you can earn from youtube ads, sponsorship, and affiliate marketing.


Whatsapp is used by all over India. Even people in country side and in villages also used whatsapp. So you can made a group on specific niche and share the affiliate link according to the group niche and people buy it, because they join your group due to you niche and when they find products according to niche they buy it and you good commission is booked means you earned .
Whatsapp is also doesn’t required any huge internet connection. With small mobile data you can earn huge commission .


Telegram is also become more popular when whatsapp changed his privacy policy.
On Telegram many people come to find movies, videos, etc.

Even I had see many channel whose subscriber is in millions, and they earned from affiliate marketing, so why you not earned from affiliate marketing. Once you made your own group you can share and earned from this Telegram group.


Twitter is mostly used by celebrity and famous people. If you start affiliate marketing on twitter, so their is more chance that you will be sucessful in affiliate marketing because,

there is mostly high income groups people available on twitter and when you share quality and costly products and they buy it, you will earn good commission.

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