How To Earn Money From Youtube In 2021

Are you need to bring in cash from online media. The mobile phone you are using today on different social media platforms to get some followers and likes, you are just wasting your time on this social media platforms. You didn’t know the real power of you phone you are using today, if you use your phone in right way on social media, you can become a millionaire in one year. If you have internet connection you can become millionaire. So today I will tell you how to earn money from youtube.

Most of people when think to earn money from internet, they start to make videos on youtube, we’ll make it it is good, because when once you got subscriber, viewer, you can monetize your youtube channel , Facebook channel. these are only small steps to earn money from internet.

Their is also more ways to generate income. You can earn by brand promotion, by merchandise, you can sell your seminar tickets, consort tickets to earn money. You can do multiple things to earn money, you can promote other brand to earn money in lakh and crores.

And yes many people are earning millions and billions from internet and by using social media platforms. But the thing is you didn’t know what to do to earn money from social media. When you think to post videos on Facebook , but when you post you doesn’t get more views and impression.

And if you not got more views then you can’t earn money. Today I will teach you master tips and if you learn this master tips I gurentee you that you will got 3x more views after learning this tips and tricks.

How To earn money from youtube.

To earn money from youtube first you need to monetize your youtube channel in one year. To get monetization on youtube first you have to complete the criteria set by youtube and this criteria is 1000 subscriber and 4k watch hour in one your .

If you complete this requirement you can now able to join youtube partner program. YouTube partner program is program where you can earn money by posting and makeing videos on YouTube. If you want all this thing that is money, youtube channel monetization so you need to more subscriber on youtube.

YouTube not only provide money to his partner also provide fame to his partner. For example a youtube creator is treated as celebrity in most of country of world.

Salva Follow

You can see many videos on YouTube where creator gives you tips and tricks to grow on youtube, but watching this video is totally waste of time . Because the tips and tricks they provide is totally useless.

You need not to watch this video to become sucessful on youtube, you only need to upload quality and regular content on youtube. If you upload regular video on youtube you definitely become successful, this is my own experience. So keep posting regular video on Youtube to generate your income.

The top sources where you can generate you passive and regular income is explained below.

Google Adsense

The top sources on youtube where you can generate your money is Google Adsense. This is also main and permanent source which give your income. When your channel full fill the requirements of youtube of 1k subscriber and 4k watch hour then you can monetize your every single video not only new video, also previous video.

When your channel got monetize their is ads is play on your video in the beginning, middle and at last, and you will earn money from this ads.

Their is also rpm, cpm, on youtube. This described your estimated income on youtube. Rpm means how much money youtube pay on every 1k views. The more your rpm the more income you will earn.

On youtube you will see your estimated income in yt studio app, and you can withdraw your money in your bank account, when your income cross 100$. The big creator of youtube earn millions from youtube, these creator not only earning money but also earning fame and growth.

Earning from sponsorship

Sponsorship earning is main source of youtubers to earn millions of money from youtube. YouTube ads earning is very small as compared to sponsorship earning. YouTube is only provide a platform to the creator but the main earning is come from sponsorship.

For example if an youtuber has 1M subscriber on youtube so he can charge 5 lakh rupees for dedicated video and 2.5 lakh for integrated video.

Brand promotion

You can also earn by promoting other brand on youtube. This brand not only provide you big amounts of money also provide you their premium products free. This brand give you money as you want.

So if you want to start youtube then start youtube today, because in future their is more completions on youtube as compared to now days. The money you will earn from brand promotion is always more than Google Adsense earning.

Passive income

YouTube also provide passive income to its user. Because when you upload videos on YouTube you earn from this video lifetime.
and in future if you stop uploading video on youtube you will earn from your previous video if people watched them.

So once you become successful on youtube you will can earn income from Adsense and youtube in lifetime. Follow all above the steps to generate income and to become famous on youtube. A big youtube creator also treated as VIP person in country and people also treat as celebrity.

YouTube rewards.

Besides money and fame youtube also provide various Rewards to its creator.
When any creator complete 100k subscriber on youtube then youtube give him “silver play button” and when he complete 1M subs then youtube give him golden play button, and

when he complete 10M subs then he got diamond play button and when he complete 50M the creator got ruby play button. YouTube also organised youtube fan feast every year and he will invite top creator of youtube in his event.


At last we can say that if are really want to generate your self income from various social media platforms then you need to take all this platforms as your income source. Stop wasting time to watch funny videos, to get like and followers, build your career by taking benefits of social media platforms.

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