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Top 12 Biggest Youtube Channel In India

There are many big and popular youtube channel in india. They all are earning rupees in millions and billions. Everyone can earn money from youtube. But first you have to knowledge about all biggest and famous youtube channel in india, that what types of contents they post that they become famous in india. That’s why I will give of knowledge of Top 12 biggest YouTube channel in india.

T series

T series is biggest YouTube channel In the world.
It is owner is bushan Kumar and divaya kumar Khosla. Basically it is a music company. And it is also world no. 1 music company. This channel has more than 187 million subscribers on YouTube.

This music channel is accuired monopoly in music industry in India. This channel post many videos in a single day. This channel also give opportunities to small singer to achieve their growth. Many videos from this channel got views in billions. This is no. 1 in top 12 biggest youtube channel.

Set India

Set India is second biggest YouTube channel In hindi. It is owner by Sony entertainment picture. This channel mainly post videos of shows come on Sony channel. Basically it post mostly the kapil sharma show, Indian idol, super dancer, TMKOC, etc.

It means the reality show telecast on Sony channel. This channel has more than 109 millions subscriber. When this channel post videos of reality show like kapil Sharma show and TMKOC all his video got more than 10 million plus views. This is at no. 2nd in top 12 biggest youtube channel.

This channel is Start in September 2006. It basically provide entertainment to people. So it is a family channel where family content show is telecast.

Sony SAB

This channel is third biggest channel in india having more than 54 millions sub on YouTube. This is also owned bu Sony entertainment picture.

This channel mainly post indian drama show etc. This channel is achieved his growth due to TMKOC drama. All and every video of TMKOC got more than 5 million views. It also post other drama show telecast on Sony SAB channel. Sony SAB is famous due to TMKOC fan’s.

Zee music company

Zee music company is also a music channel having 75 millions subscriber on YouTube. This is also a music channel like T series. This post bollywood song video, punjabi song video etc. All this type of music channel post many videos in a day.

And their earnings is also in millions and billions like t series. This chay also produced their own music video. This is second biggest music company and channel in india. This channel is owned by Zee TV company.

Zee TV

Zee TV is also a Indian drama channel. It telecast many drama show on their channel. It is also like set India channel. Zee TV is firstly launched in the decade of 1992, but their official YouTube channel is created in December 2005. Their innovative programming has set new benchmark, and got 3 billions user all over the world.


Carryminati is one of biggest self made channel in india. It is also no. 1 in Asia. It’s owner is a young boy called ajay nagar. This channel basically post roast video. The owner ajay nagar basically used bad words and double meaning words in their videos to entertain the audience. Audience also like their way to roast the other people.

The most of their audience is below 20 years. He had also a gaming channel. In this channel he entertained the people by their commentry on gaming and their gaming skills.

Ashish Chanchalani Vines

This channel post mostly funny and comedy videos. In the starting of 0this channel the owner of this. Post short dubbing video called vines.
This is totally funny dubbing to entertain the audience.but when he got growth then he start to post long video.

Audience also liked their videos. All videos got viral on youtube. This channel is famous in all over the world. Due to the fan following of Ashish Chanchalani marvel studios has invited him to avengers endgame celebration.

Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana is also a one of the most popular channels in india. This channel has more than 24 millions subs on YouTube. This channel give desi comedy videos to it’s user. This channel basically represent the life of desi people of Indian village.

This is first channel in india who crossed 10 million subs on youtube. This channel is also give the video to their public to tell how this channel is stated in impossible situation and this video name is parichay.

BB Ki Vines

This is also one of the biggest channel in india.
The owner of this channel is Bhuvan Bam.
He also use bad words to their commentry videos. This is an oldest channel in india.

In the starting of their channel he had post many vlogs o f different countries like Canada South Korea, United States etc but in present time. He had faces many struggle during their previous time then he becomes famous on YouTube.

Round to hell

This channel is also have more than 20 millions subs. This channel video duration is an average 30 minutes. They make complete video on single topic. Their is three people who is main character in their videos. They take 2 month to make single video. But all their videos got more than 50 millions plus views.

Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari is one of most popular motivation speaker in india. He has many fan following in all age groups of people. Basically young audiences who want to become successful in life watch their videos.

The contents provided by this channel is amazing and totally next level content. He give fact and motivates the people to do something great in their life. But recently this channel has stop to post videos on youtube and make their own platform to post videos.

Their platform name is SM TV . The owner of this channel leave youtube due to youtube new monetization policy.

Dr. Vivek Bindra

This channel give business tips to public to grow their business. This channel is biggest business tips channel in india. Basically the audience of this channel is all are small business man.

This channel give realtime and practical business tips and tricks to the people. This channel also Give motivation video and case study videos on successful people and successful companies.

All above the channel that I have explained are the top 12 biggest YouTube channel In India.

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