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How To Earn Money Through Facebook In 2021

Facebook is very biggest platforms, but the question is ” Can we earn money from facebook??” So the Anser is Yes you can earn money through facebook. Here you can earn money from three methods. You can use it to long term earning, short term earning, and if you are job person you can also generate income from facebook. Today I will Tell you in detail how to earn money through facebook.

Facebook is most popular and biggest social media platforms in the world. Most people use Facebook to become famous, want to get more followers and likes. They also use to share his post to friends and others people. They also use to become popular in society.

But all above the things is followed by the normal people, but smart people take Facebook as his income generation machine . They didn’t waste their time to get followers on Facebook. They use its features smartly and earn millions and billions from facebook.

This type of people doesn’t tell their secret to normal people to earn money from facebook. Normal people doesn’t know how many people are generating their monthly income from facebook.

Normal people use Facebook to watching video’s, photo and for their entertainment, but smart people run their many businesses on facebook and earning money from user of facebook all around the world.

Facebook is totally free social media platforms and doesn’t charge any money for their services, So everyone has right to earn money from facebook, but the reality is only smart people is earning money in today’s world, but today I will tell you a secret of earning from facebook so that every people can earn money from facebook.

Long term earning from facebook

So the long term earning means to run your business, professional services on facebook in long run to expand your business. So first question is that every one asked, what should be done for long term earning??

So the answer is you need two things, first is facebook professional business page and second thing is facebook group. If you successful to build this thing, but this required time, after growing your page you can earn huge from facebook.

So first build your page, you can choose a specific topic and make your page on youtube his topic, post consistently and generate income.

When you build you own audience and more people join your page, now you can do affiliate marketing in your group to earn, you can sell your e-book, courses, services to your people in your group. Affiliate marketing can help you to earn more money, because this provide good commission on every product people buy from your link.

I also earn money from affiliate marketing. Also when their is your own audience then you can also earn from sponsorship. You can take money from company and can advertise the company products in your group. You can also post a dedicated post on products of company and charge as you want from company.

you can also post a sponsorship video, can sell your products, can also sold the other brand products and charge money for sponsorship. So their is many ways to earn money from facebook.

Facebook Monetization

Many people think that facebook page doesn’t monetize, but it is not true you can monetize your facebook page, and earn money from facebook monetization like YouTube monetization.

when your page got monetization an ads is played on your page by facebook and you will earn from this ads. But facebook provide less compared to youtube, but it is easy to grow on facebook as compared to youtube.

On facebook you need only 10k followers on your page to be eligible for monetization and it is very easy if post continuesly on specific niche to grow fast. Because it is easy to grow on specific niche as compared to multiple niche.

Once you got monetization the more your videos got views the more you will earn. Facebook Monetization is only a one way to earn money from facebook, their is also more trick to earn, you can sold your products, you can give services, give tips and tricks, you can sold your seminar tickets etc.

Once you build you audience on facebook the same audience you can bring to other platforms to earn money from other platforms, like Instagram, Telegram, youtube, whatsapp, etc.

Paid Sponsorship

Paid Sponsorship is another ways where people generate their monthly revenue. Once you grown your page at that level where different brand and company can give you their products for review in your facebook group and also give you money for review.

So these brand can give you income more than facebook monetization. These brand sponsorship is main income source of many people.

For example if your page has 100k followers on facebook then a single brand give you 20k to 30k rupees for their products reviews and for promotion. Affiliate marketing, paid Sponsorship, facebook monetization etc.can make you millionaire in one to two years.

Earning from products selling

In your facebook page you can also sold your products. If you have your own products then you can sell in your group and can earn money from your group. This is anothers mety or source to earn money from facebook page.

If you don’t have your own products then you can take the help of re- selling application, there are many company which allow you to re- sell their products, and for you earned commission. For example “meeshoo ” It is platforms whose products you can sell at any price and you will got good commission.


At last we can said that to generate income from facebook is not so difficult as many people think. If you have patience then you definitely grown your page and one day you definitely be sucessful to earn money from facebook. If your facebook page will not monetize for some reason, then you need to worry still you can earn other best sources explained in this article. If you loved our article so don’t forget to share and comment.

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