How To Earn Money From Instagram In 2021 (InstaFan)

So gies today topic is how to earn money from Instagram, means how can a individual people can generate his income from Instagram. If you are on instagram and you have a good followers and you always post an image to get more likes and followers then you are totally wasteing your time.

Their is many tips which you can use to monetize your Instagram, means you can earn sufficient income from Instagram. So all this things I will explain in this blog, that how you can grow your page, how you can earn money, and how can you generate revenue.

Earning money from Instagram is nothing so hard, you have to do only simple task, which you use on instagram everyday in your life.

You have already known that we can’t directly monetize our instagram page like YouTube, Facebook and blogger.but still you could earn from Instagram . I also generate huge revenue from Instagram.

To earn money from Instagram many people ask how much minimum followers required to earn money Instagram, so gies notice that their is nothing minimum followers requirements to earn money. Many people think that if they have 1 lakh followers, 1 millions followers only then he can earn money, this is totally false information, you can earn mone from less followers.

The only thing required is that you have business account, if you don’t have business account then turn your personal account to business account. The first steps to earn money from Instagram is that your Instagram page is on profitable niche.

So what is profitable niche?

Profitable niche is that topic, niche that can help you to generate your revenue. For example travel, pets, stock market, finance, entrepreneurs, blogging, tech, gadgets, etc,
Which can help you to generate income

Earn money from Instagram

Instagram doesn’t give you revenue directly, here you have to generate your own income by selling products, by affiliate marketing and by affiliate marketing.Their are various steps to earn money from Instagram defined below.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is functional techniques to bring in cash from Instagram. In the event that you don’t have your own items to sell on instagram, you can bring in cash from by member advertising on instagram.

You can easily earn by sharing affiliate link in your bio, story, if you have swipe up story, you can post the images, features of product in your swipe up story, if any peopy by product from your affiliate link then you will get a good commission, and your earning will start.

You can start affiliate marketing any time wheather you have 5k or 50k followers. You have to only select best niche and share the link of affiliate according to your niche in your bio and story.

For example, if you have niche on electronics gadgets, then you can share latest electronics gadgets link in your bio and story, and when people buy from your story your revenue generating process is start. Also the company who sell gadgets provide good commission to their affiliate marketer.

Paid promotion

Paid promotion is best way to generate Big amounts of revenue on instagram. Here a brand can pay you 3k to 5k rupees just for single story. So you can expect that how a brand can pay for your story and post.

If grown your page at that level were a brand pay millions of rupees for your post and story. When you also create your own brand value you will charge millions of rupees from a company.

Paid promotion is that sourse where every Instagram user earn huge money. To get more paid promotion you need to grown your page at very high level and also you have to create your own face value.

You can also promote your Page so that your page is visible to more people or brand also you can collaborate with big Instagram page to attract the brand because only big brand can give you a good deals.

Develop And Sell your own products

You can also generate money by selling your products like e book and other products which is related to your page. For example if your Instagram page is related with electronics gadgets, so here you can sold your own electronics gadgets.

You can also advertise other brand products on your page and you will charge a commission from this brand. You can sold your products by posting to feed and in your story, and when people like your products and they can buy it.

If you can’t develop your products to sell on instagram, and you want to sell products on instagram, so you need not worry there are many reseller application are available on playstore like meeshoo etc. So you can sell the product of this app and earn commission as you want.

Providing Services

There are many pages on instagram which provides their services and charge money from the services consumer. Example of this services is stock market tips and trick, consultancy, blogging tips and trick, YouTube tips and tricks etc. All these types of page make private group on instagram or whatsapp and they ask their customers to take membership of this group.

You have to start providing services to your customers to earn money from Instagram.
For example if create private group and customer only can join your group if they take your premium membership. So if you set 500 rupees per month membership, and it is taken by 2k people then you will earn 10 lakh rupees in one month.

How to Grow Instagram page organically

To grow your Instagram page you have to post consistently on instagram. Their are various cheat code which you can use to grow on instagram, but today I will tell you a organic methods to grow on instagram.

Be Regular

If you want to grow fast and organically on instagram you need to be Regular on instagram. If you post regular images and content then more user join you and follow you.

Collaborate with famous pages

If you collaborate with big pages then it will give you success in one night. If you can’t collaborate with big pages then you can also collaborate with small pages at the beginning of your account.


If you want to generate a high income from Instagram then first you need to grow your page. After growing your page if follow the above steps that how to earn money from Instagram then you will be definitely sucessful on instagram.

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