How To Get More Followers on Instagram(Compra Social)

No matter if you’re just starting or have a whole legion of followers already, you can still get more followers to grow your Instagram profile and give you more opportunities to grow your business.

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That’s why we wrote this blog post. We’ll be answering some of your questions and give you tips and tricks that will help you grow your Instagram account.

How to Increase followers on Instagram

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We’ll start from our personal experience when we started getting Instagram followers and how we’re using Instagram like an entrepreneur to grow our brand. And then we’ll let you know what you should do if you want to grow your Instagram page.

Ask your followers to follow you first

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The first thing you can do if you want to grow your Instagram followers is to ask your followers to follow you first. This is the very good way to grow your followers on Instagram.

Think about it, when you follow someone on Instagram, they’re going to see your Instagram profile to see what your brand is all about. It’s not going to be right to ask them to follow you if your Instagram profile isn’t complete, right?

Right, I’m with you, but to be honest, it’s not easy to get Instagram followers.

But let me say that it can be done if you really focus on it. If you are a business, you can ask your followers to follow your Instagram profile with your Instagram handle and contact.

You might even send an introductory message to your followers that is related to your business and you’ll be surprised if they follow you without asking you to follow them first.

Use Of Google Tools

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Find other ways to follow and get more followers

Do you want to get more Instagram followers?

If you’re still struggling to get followers, here’s one last thing you can do to grow your Instagram page. Find other ways to follow and get more followers.

You don’t have to ask your followers to follow you. Just do a quick Google search and you’ll find thousands of tools you can use to make your life easier.

For example, you can use Instagram’s new App key to sign in to other social media apps. You can get it with your Instagram account’s app key. With this tool, you can open Instagram using your Google Account or if you’re using your own email address, you can also sign up by simply signing in with your email account.

Here’s the tool we mentioned in this post which help you to grow on Instagram.

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Here’s another tool : Instagram Keyboard – Quick Key. With this tool, you can type the word on Instagram to follow and get followers instantly. It’s only an extension of your Instagram profile.

You can get it with your Instagram account’s App Key. It works for other social media apps as well like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

So, find other ways to get more followers.

To be more specific, you can also use Instagram to do re-targeting. With Instagram, you can use Instagram Keywords to find people who used to follow you and also people who already follow you. You can send them a message to be more inspired or get new followers on Instagram.

And you’ll be surprised by how you’ll get more Instagram followers after doing re-targeting.

As an entrepreneur, your business will probably use a lot of resources and time to grow. But sometimes, it might just be too much to find the right people to follow you. You might just think that these people are the right people.

Here’s another way to make it easier for you: get free Instagram followers with Aweber.

And lastly, what you should do if you want to get more Instagram followers: get on Instagram more often.

How often should you post?

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This is the question we usually hear and think about when we want to get Instagram followers. If you’re an entrepreneur, there are different opinions on this, but what we like to think about is to post for an hour each day on Instagram.

This way, you’ll find at least one person to follow you. Think about it: How often do you post on your Instagram account? Of course, you post on Instagram every day. But should you post one more time, just to get one more follower?

You might think that a one more post can help you get more followers but there’s one major problem: Instagram isn’t that easy to do re-targeting.

Some More Instagram Points

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Every time you post on Instagram, your followers will see your Instagram profile to get inspired by your business and they will like your profile. If your Instagram profile is not up to date, they might forget about you and will go to your competitor’s Instagram profile instead.

Maybe your business is different from Instagram and you might post more often than one hour each day. Maybe your business is a mix of products and services. If your business is more related to food, you’re going to post more often. But when you consider getting more Instagram followers, the number of Instagram posts that are linked to your business’s Instagram profile matters.

If you decide to take an Instagram account and make it into a professional social media account, you should post every day because if you don’t post, no one will follow you. And if you’re going to do Instagram retargeting, do it more often than one time per day.

Another important thing: If you want to see a real improvement in your Instagram account after taking the Instagram Retargeting Training, you’re going to want to have more followers. This is because you’re going to start getting more Instagram followers when you post regularly.


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