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How To Earn Money From Telegram In 2021 ( Insta 2.0 )

In now days telegram has more than 500 million user. so earning money has become simple and easy on this social media platforms. Here you didn’t need to do hard work, here you has to do only copy paste work, and nothing to earn money from Telegram.

If you are thinking that telegram doesn’t provide any money to his user like YouTube and Facebook, so you are wrong, today I will tell you the secret trick which every big user of telegram use to earn money.

Many people is making huge money by doing only copy and paste work. In telegram you has to make a public channel and do copy paste from large channel to your channel to earn money.

If want to earn money from Telegram first you need to grow your telegram channel
Today I will also explain how to grow telegram channel, growing on tele gram is nothing difficult and doesn’t required any creativity you need to only copy paste work and be active on telegram. And I will gurrentee you that you will be able to generate your huge revenue.

How to Grow on Telegram

Growing on telegram is not so difficult as many user think. At beginning you can join your friends, family relatives, to your telegram channel. To grow on telegram you need nothing hard work you have to do only copy paste work regularly only then you can grow on telegram.

You have to post trending topics to your telegram channel by doing this more user join your channel from search options. Today I will tell you 5 types of telegram channel which grow fast on telegram.

Education channel

Education channel on telegram grow very fast. If you can post education content like education toolkit, magzine, jee and neet previous year question papers etc. Their is many students who use telegram to get some rare model test paper. Also you can provide a peaceful environment to the people. Here you can take content from other educational channel and can post in your channel.

Movies Channel

You can check on telegram that many channel who provides new movies and web series, have millions of subscriber. You can also get this millions of subscriber if you post this content of new movies and web series.

You don’t need to take Netflix, Amazon, premium membership to post new web series to your channel. You can get new movies from big channel and can post to your channel. The more free materials you provide the more you can grow.

Premium application channel

Premium application and software is demanded by many user this user can be in million. You can start to give free premium application and software to user to grow fast on telegram. Their is many applications which are premium so many user can’t afford that so if you start to provide premium membership in free so you boost your channel Jost in one night.

Money earning channel

The channel who provides online Paytm cash earning tips , affiliate marketing tips, digital marketing tips and tricks also grow very fast on telegram. Here you can provide latest money earning application to user , to boost your channel.

You can also giveaway some money at beginning to attract user in your channel. When people seen you that you provide free earning tips so more people attract to your channel which leads to fast growing.

Sports channel

Sports channel provide cricket news, update and update of all types of game. This type of channel is joined by people of all around the world. So their is big possibilities that your channel grow up.

Lots of people love to watching sports and if you provide them sports update, news etc then you will definitely boost your channel. Sports channel have big scope to grow in future.

Earn money from Telegram

How to earn money from Telegram?
So notice that , if you create amazon deals channel and you grow it then here you can earn money from affiliate marketing.

Earning from Affiliate marketing.

When you have grow your channel you can generate your revenue from affiliate marketing. You have to post latest deals of amazon, flipkart, Myntra, club factory, e bay, in your channel. Here you have also to share your affiliate link in your channel.

When user purchase any product that you have shared by your affiliate link then you can got commission of 8 to 10% from this e- commerce website. The more product the user can buy from your affiliate link, the more income you will generate. So post regularly new deals of amazon and flipkart to your channel, to earn money from Telegram.

Earn from Sponsorship

Telegram doesn’t provide income to its user like YouTube still here you can generate income more than YouTube by sponsorship.
For example, when you grow channel like online earning tips and when you have millions of subscriber in your channel you can earn money from Sponsorship.

Their is more advertiser of online earning app compare to other content. this advertiser give you money as you demand to promote their app.

Earning from services

On Telegram you can also generate you money by providing your professional services to other. So if you are thinking what types of services? You can provide online consultant to user like provide stock market tips, you can also give seminar to large people at once.

Here first you hav to create private channel on Telegram and set a channel membership price. And ask your customers to take his channel membership to consume services.

For example if are providing stock market tips then you can set ₹2000 channel membership, for one month. If your membership is take by 1000 people then you can earn 20 lakh rupees per month.

Earning from Digital marketing.

You can also earn money by doing digital marketing on Telegram. Here you can sell their courses, product to people. You can also provide tips like how to grow on YouTube, etc

For example. If sold 100 units of your courses on Telegram at price of 1000 then you can earn money 1 lakh just in one month.

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