How Telegram Makes Money

How Telegram Makes Money : Telegram is an incredibly popular messaging app among crypto fans and investors because of its focus on privacy and fast messaging. The app has become especially well-known thanks to the massive community it’s built around the crypto industry and groups that discuss different coins and trends within it.

How Telegram Makes Money

But how Telegram make money ? And what are some of the ways the company earns money from their messaging app? In this article, we’ll go over all of Telegram’s different earning sources so you can decide whether or not you think this company will have staying power in the future.

The secure messaging app Telegram has grown to over 200 million users and counting, thanks to its secure encryption and wide range of features. While it started as an independent platform, Telegram now relies on three sources of income to keep the service running for its loyal user base, with some of them being rather unconventional. Here’s how Telegram makes money.

Revenue generation model

Digital companies have a lot of options when it comes to generating revenue. For example, they can charge users directly, use advertising to generate income, or seek partnerships with brands or other businesses. A strong business model not only gives you a direction and purpose for your startup but also attracts potential investors and partners.

As such, you want to create a clearly defined plan for how your business will generate income. Remember that, in most cases, multiple streams of revenue are necessary for long-term success. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some popular ways digital startups make money.

Information storage

In order to provide high-quality messaging service, Telegram stores all your conversations on our servers and they will never be deleted or moved. This means that all your messages, photos, videos and files are kept in a highly secure cloud storage with an unlimited backup space.

Nobody can access your data without your permission and it’s impossible for a third party to read your private conversation. Backing up everything in one place not only increases performance of our servers but also provides a better user experience for you. It allows us to show you when somebody has seen your message (read receipts) and lets us quickly restore accidentally deleted messages.

We think that nobody should ever have to worry about losing their important information because we know how much it matters. That’s why we offer unlimited free backups of all your cloud data so if anything happens, you always have a copy at hand. You don’t need any additional apps or services – just install Telegram and get started!

Information protection

But how telegram makes money? Unlike Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, it doesn’t include advertising. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t profitable though; in fact, Telegram is free and will always be free, according to its founder Pavel Durov. To find out where their revenue comes from and if they really do indeed have ads on their app, let’s dive into some of their earning sources! Telegram makes money from three main sources: stickers, subscription services and games.


The platform is based on an open-source protocol called MTProto. When you’re using a messaging app, it’s pretty much expected that your conversations will be secure and that no one can listen in on them (unless, of course, there’s some sort of high-level government eavesdropping going on).

But how does one go about developing a private and secure messaging system? Telegram claims to have developed an encryption protocol that provides military-grade security for their users. This protocol is known as MTProto. It uses 256-bit symmetric AES encryption with RSA 2048 encryption.

This means that all data sent through Telegram—including text messages, photos, videos, and files—is encrypted end-to-end by default so only you and your recipient(s) can read it. Since all data is encrypted from start to finish, only you hold the keys necessary to decrypt data—

which means even if someone were able to intercept your messages route (which would be very difficult), they wouldn’t be able to decipher them without knowing your password or passphrase. For added security measures, Telegram also offers optional secret chats which use end-to-end encrypted chats with self destruct timers for added privacy.

Services section

This is where you can send anything that’s not an image, video, or audio file. You can make a service type bot in Telegram. You can only create it if you have admin rights to a group chat that already exists. To do so, tap and hold on your avatar icon and choose Create Service.

After typing its name, follow all of these steps from Creating new bots section below but don’t select any channels when creating a bot for a channel (see more details about channels later). Then click on Send Message to start using your new bot as a service inside your private chats with users who have access to it.

Services are particularly useful for support purposes. For example, many online stores use them to quickly answer questions from their customers via messages. Or let’s say you want to be able to let people know how much time they’ve spent working out today — instead of sending them a message every single time they open Telegram and asking them what their stats are, just set up a timer service and broadcast your timer updates straight into their chats!

You could also use services to offer 24/7 support for something like remote server administration or weather reports — again, without needing anyone in particular on duty at any given moment. Since services work just like bots but only operate within one specific group chat, they don’t have access to Secret Chats data unless explicitly authorized by a user.


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