Instagram Reels Monetization

Instagram Reels Monetization : They were first introduced in 2016 and have really taken off in popularity as of 2018. The concept behind them is simple: they’re 30-second video ads that play while you’re watching your favorite Instagrammers’ Reels, with the option to click on them if you’re interested in what they’re selling! Today, we’ll be taking a look at how to monetize your Instagram Reels Monetization so you can start raking in those big bucks!

Instagram Reels Monetization

In order to help users provide more context for their photos, Instagram recently introduced photo reels, which allow you to add up to four pictures and 30 seconds of video together. Just tap on a picture or video and hold it down. If you have multiple reels, tap reel in the top left-hand corner of your screen (just below your profile picture) and swipe left or right on a reel until it turns red.

Why Post on Your Own IG Channel?

Instagram Reels Monetization : It’s important to remember that most followers are on social media for themselves, not you or your brand. Posting too frequently or using irrelevant hashtags can make your account seem like a spammer instead of a brand they love and trust.

That doesn’t mean posting every single day, but maybe once a week or so if you want to promote something specific that is relevant for your audience.

Instagram Reels Monetization : The rest of the time post about what you love—your family, travels, new favorite outfit—and be sure not to over-edit photos by doing simple collages with Canva . Just post what makes you happy.

Who Are You Trying To Reach?

That means making sure it conveys an aspect of your professional skills that could be valuable for entertainment companies. For example, if you have formal acting training or are currently doing theater in New York City, highlight that on your reel and make sure it’s easy for production companies and agencies to find more info about it online. And remember: Just because a piece of work isn’t listed on your reel doesn’t mean you can’t include it on there.

Consider A Podcast or Youtube Channel?

One of the biggest misconceptions in social media marketing is that you have to be on every platform, at all times. While it’s true that having a presence on multiple platforms is likely going to be more beneficial than just focusing on one, there are some instances where focusing your efforts elsewhere might be a better use of your time.

If you’re struggling with a lack of engagement and followers on Instagram, consider taking some time off from sharing images and videos. Instead, create a podcast or Youtube channel based around your niche that gets people excited about what you do; by giving them something else outside of social media to get involved in, they might come back around once they feel more comfortable.

What Will The Content Be About?

Not only will posting consistently help build your presence on social media, but also it’ll give potential advertisers something worthwhile to look at and promote. For example, if you post snaps from fashionable events and concerts, share shots of yourself wearing quality clothing brands, or feature photos from vacation spots in addition to sharing your day-to-day life happenings (studying for exams or partying with friends), then it becomes easy for brands looking for someone like you—and people who are a fan of these brands—to pay attention. Your image matters just as much as anything else!

Create Quality Content

While it is important to use relevant hashtags, those are only part of your marketing strategy. The most important thing you can do is create quality content. If you post pictures of dogs and get mostly dog-related likes, then your target audience won’t be too interested in your reel and will probably not even click on it (because they want pics of dogs).

Instagram Reels Monetization : That being said, some people might be interested in seeing random dogs in their feed since their handle has dog or puppy somewhere in it. So make sure that if you are posting about dogs, that you have a lot of good quality pics for them.

Also be sure to keep up with trends so that when something big happens like a new movie coming out or an event happening soon, you can make a quick trailer for it and post it immediately so that your followers see what is going on around them at all times.

You don’t have to always follow trends but definitely pay attention when one comes up and try to incorporate it into your account as much as possible without making things seem forced. Always remember: Quality over Quantity!

Rinse and Repeat!

There are multiple ways to make money on Instagram, but affiliate marketing and sponsored ads are by far your best opportunities. You’ll have less success contacting large brands than you will smaller ones, who appreciate your approach and may even offer you free products in exchange for promotional posts.

Instagram Reels Monetization : Small businesses love free marketing! Be sure to tell them that you’re using an instagram reel instead of photos. This way they can see what their product looks like in motion and decide if it’s worth paying you to advertise their product.

If you can get a few people interested, reach out to them again when you have enough content for an entire reel. This way they can see how much traffic your account gets before deciding whether or not they want to pay you. It’s also important to remember that while sponsored posts can be lucrative, there is no guarantee that any given post will be successful.


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