How To Remove Ads From Youtube(Express Follow)

how to remove ad youtube : Make no mistake about it – you want to watch YouTube videos with as few advertisements as possible, and I’m going to help you do that in this article. There are several ways to remove ads from YouTube, whether they’re pre-rolls or overlays that appear on top of the video you want to watch. Here are some ways to remove those pesky advertisements without paying any money whatsoever!

Navigate to your Subscription Settings

how to remove ad youtube : Each time you visit a video on YouTube, an advertisement is played before it. However, it’s possible to remove those advertisements so that they no longer play. Navigate to your Account and then Subscription Settings under your account name in top right corner of screen.

Select Manage next to Show suggested videos… Turn off Play suggested videos automatically: This will prevent new videos from being added as suggestions for your channel and is also another way to reduce ads on videos you watch. It may take some time for all previously suggested videos to stop appearing.

Click Set Monthly Limit

how to remove ad youtube : It’s important that you have a general idea of how much bandwidth you’re using on a monthly basis. Go to your Bandwidth Usage page and click Set Monthly Limit . This will set an approximate limit for your usage each month.

Remember that due to things like caching and other factors, you might not be billed exactly as much as your set limit. Still, it’s good to have an idea of how much bandwidth you’re using in case something unexpected comes up (like a sudden spike in traffic).

Set your monthly limit

One of Chrome’s best features is its ad blocker, but it comes with one caveat: You have to pay $10 a month for it. That might seem like a lot—and if you use your browser for more than just YouTube and Facebook, it probably is—but that $10 buys you peace of mind.

You won’t accidentally click on an ad and be transported away from whatever video you’re watching; ads won’t play automatically as you scroll through articles or comment sections; and all those hidden tracking cookies won’t follow you around. Now, there are free tools available that can do most of what Google’s ad blocker does—including NoScript, uBlock Origin, Ghostery and many others—but not all block JavaScript.

Click Limit Ad-Supported Content

This will limit ad-supported content on YouTube. To keep your children safe and prevent unwanted advertisements, follow these steps: 1) Go to Settings 2) Go down to Preference 3) Select Safety 4) Then click on Restricted Mode 5) Check apply restrictions to adult content (recommended) 6) Tap save! That’s it! You just turned off ads for YouTube. The video should play without ads now. This is only good for personal accounts; Businesses won’t be able access these settings for their videos.

Disable ad suggestions for specific videos

how to remove ad youtube : A Google Chrome extension called Video Ad Blocker allows you to block advertisement on a per-video basis. This is particularly useful if you’re watching videos that have no ads yet display some sort of interruption while they’re playing (known as ad suggestions).

how to remove ad youtube : While ad suggestions can be dismissed, they’ll reappear every few minutes. Video Ad Blocker will clear out those interruptions and let you watch your video uninterrupted.

You’ll still see advertisements at the beginning of videos, but you won’t see any in between. Note: This only works for YouTube hosted content; it won’t work for embedded third-party content or links from other sites. It also only works in Google Chrome.

Manage other options in Playback settings.

how to remove ad youtube : If you’re an ad-supported user, there are ways to minimize ads in your daily video diet. Go into your account settings and select Ads on Youtube then set it so that Never play ads on videos I watch.

If you’re signed in, it will also remember your choice between all devices, so every device will be running without advertisements all of the time. This is just one way of removing advertisements on youtube if you do not want to get a premium membership from them.

Save your settings by clicking Save Changes.

how to remove ad youtube : Many of us can probably remember a time where we’ve downloaded a video from YouTube, only to have our eyes glaze over as we’re bombarded with ads. Thankfully, there’s an easy way around that: just download using Google Chrome and then go back in your browser settings and set it so you don’t see them anymore.

The next time you watch something on YouTube, you won’t have to sit through an ad or do anything else—just play your content like normal. It doesn’t even matter if you watched it for free or paid for it—the ads will be gone.


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