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Youtube Shorts VS Instagram Reels

Watching YouTube shorts vs Instagram reels? Now, is the right time to speak up. Because you have the choice.

Let’s see why, as to why YouTube vloggers are better than Instagram reels.


YouTube videos are well created, are funnier, have smarter content, follow stories, and make the videos more professional-feeling.

Instagram reels, we can call them Instagram videos because they look the same and all are very nice to watch.

Because, to make a video for YouTube, people have a lot more notes to make up. And more respect for each person behind it.

Like Instagram ravers will engage with only your account if it’s liked. Because on Instagram, you have to encourage people to follow you.


You can only engage with someone liking your own posts, because they just want to like it.

But if there’s a YouTube vlogger using nice editing, choosing stories, allowing more parts of the videos to transition, and using different lighting, it has more confidence.

When people are asking you a question and the best answer they could come up with is, “I don’t know”, they just mean that. Most will start to Instagram-watch after some time.

Facebook has an editorial policy that does not allow videos to have like sharing to other pages on the social network.

Some of Instagram’s community guidelines are similar to YouTube’s community guidelines. But Instagram protects itself by only let people follow your post if they like the content.

They don’t force you to put photos and/or a clip in your post if it doesn’t look professional. And you can’t make excuses like “Well, that was me”.

For somebody who hates Instagram, all they have to say is, Instagram video reels are dumb. Most of them do not have anything going for them, they’re just copies and past copies,

but right now, there are a lot of other stuffs on Instagram that people use to impress their parents and people like being self-righteous about Instagram video reels.


What’s going to be better in 5 years? Instagram video clips, can either be funny, crazy, or watch the squirrels eating like sharks, but they won’t go away. Or Instagram videos that’s attention-grabbing and shareable.

Now you’ve shared your best videos on Instagram or elsewhere. If so, you might have heard of the new short video popular term:

Instagram Reels.

In fact, you’ve probably already seen them popping up in your feed, either from your friends or a friend of a friend.

It is a growing trend of Instagram reels video created with the same tag: Instagram.

But I’ve got a feeling this style may be going through some changes or even a hiatus — at least for the time being.

First, here’s the basics of the Instagram reel: a single minute of video. But the video in this article is 3.5 minutes long.

Of course, more time is considered more art. After all, that’s how long it took for art to advance through the art world.

So remember Instagram Reels Achieves a Moondo of Starry Heights to Creepiest Facts , where you also see some answers to epic questions like why people always stare into the distance.

In an era where much of social media is messaging, shortening a video to 1-minutes gives you the ending you want!

Then, there are more practical benefits to Instagram reels:



The power of Twitter and Instagram is shown below.

The photos and messages from Instagram are snuggly spread across social media, which was pretty cool to see (found at 3 and below).


One of the best #fashion/play on words Instagram reel video from me was noticed by curvyknight that it has been loved as long as Instagram would keep it on IG. The shorts show, fashionable duds being reviewed, viewed and appreciated.


Also, long short Instagram reel videos are meant to be friends or parents.

I thank you for watching — PS… If you prefer my blogs and what I’ve been writing, you can find them here.

*No more videos on Instagram Reels. After a little bit I packed it up.

Facebook had become my best friend. When I first started setting up accounts on it for work, I liked it the best.

Hike Follow

One of the benefits it has over Instagram. Instagram is just a personal stream of communication. I could type out anything I wanted to post.

Nothing came as a surprise to me once I started using it. Who could pay attention to in my 16 year old world.

I didn’t have much to display as a girl but I could change my image to represent my music and work every minute. Youtube was my big thing.

Now, there are so many options of how to post content on this platform.

How do you get a good result when you have to turn right around and go over to your “diamond” platform to blast it out.


Storytelling vs Restricted Stories

To me, this category is hardest. One of the best aspects to Instagram has to be the ability to control who sees your content.

Everything you post on here is subject to Instagram’s guidelines and adjustments. You cannot spam someone who follows you.

And if you want to post an embarrassing video, as a musician, that posts to the world and laughs at your

#randomrandomfirstworldproblems mess, your followers are bound to watch it. If you post side by side to your followers, you are guaranteed to get their support.

Yes, I mean, I’m one of them. I grew up on this platform and I am on YouTube. But YouTube has to compete with Instagram for their viewers.

That’s why there are videos uploading daily here. You just hope you don’t offend anyone on either platform.

YouTube accounts are always taken down. Instagram’s have not.

I admit I’m biased but, seeing these shows with new cast members and soundtracks, it’s almost same as watching American Idol with the same personnel with newer host.

On YouTube you can see original content and also original content from America’s Got Talent , YouTube’s out series and live competitions.

You can see this with some shows with brilliant artists as well as older covers.


When you are interested in some new artist, this is the place to listen. How can you not want to listen to any music by none other than WERK MAKLAMS .

Their single IN THE AISLE was recently given to YouTube’s music video of the year, along with another release that was catchy and didn’t scream rehashed retro, as many retro covers do.

The video is very theatrical and it was done perfectly. The artists dance moves are badass, the performance is incredible and amazing and it fits a well choreographed and just brilliant to watch.

I didn’t realize how much I could turn down that sugar before! How can you watch that and think, “that’s what I want to do, just remake myself into the ‘90s sensation”? My love for other alternative covers and original creative performances never leave me.

I finally saw the Queen cover on The Bootleg TV last night. I grew up watching live concerts.

In high school, the Queen frontwoman, myself and friends would dress up and pretend like we were playing in school, for just an impromptu concert.

I have seen it all in school music classes. And while I watched the cover, I got caught up in it.

I thought of being a young girl again watching everyone who always knew me and my friends dance in groups!



Music videos need to be creative. And I hope my points are clear. Creativity is important.

Interesting facts/parodies are important to know. And, videos who are able to make you feel something I’m certain you’ll find yourself watching them again on more later!

Because, at the end of the day, it’s not about who has the biggest and baddest audience or the biggest efforts. It’s about understanding and enjoying music and what you want to listen to.

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