How to Get More Views on Instagram ( Reel Views )

Steps To Make Your Video Go Viral

In now days Instagram reels is very popular day by day. Every one is going viral by making reels video. Also people likes to watch reels video.


What are reels video?

Reels are very famous channel for anyone who loves to make business. In now days, reels are so popular that people is downloading video making software and making a lot of high quality reels.

That is because in this internet era people needs video making software to make quality video. Also making a reels video can be very simple and easy.


For example; people want to put business activities on reels. So they put photos and videos. And also put articles in front of the audience. Then everyone will share this content. So it depends on how good this content.

How to Get More Views on Instagram Once you’re going to make a reels video; you need to first of all select proper way of making it. So you need to choose proper way of making video.

Why make Reels Video

So in present world of technology nobody has time to watch and see long videos, on YouTube and other platforms. That’s why they preferred reels and shorts video.

Because these are shorts video. Usually their length is maximum of 15 seconds. So people didn’t have more time so they come on instagram to refresh their mind in their daily busy life.

So you can post reels to become famous on instagram. Because the audience of instagram is increasing day by day so you have a great opportunity to become famous and instagram influencer.

Their is also two side making reels video. First is that people are making reels video just for fun and to get some popularity on social media platforms. And the second is for Business.

Due to more chance of going reels video viral so different brand advertise their products at very cheap cost.

Find inspiration for your video

After you decide what you want to say, it’s time to find inspiration for your video. You have got so many things that you have done in your life, and that should be reflected in your video.

Understand your audience Most of the people know more about their viewers, so you should be careful while planning your video.

When you start to plan your video, you will be understanding your audience and find out what they expect from you and your business.

Optimize your video for Instagram When you have optimized your video, you need to make a new ad for Instagram that will connect your videos to your Instagram account.

Your Instagram ad is the reason why your viewers will see your reel in the first place. Once you have optimized your video, you need to make your ads Instagram eligible.

Shoot the video and edit it

You need to create a video with the frame to make it to be really user friendly. Then make the video and choose the editing style. Then edit it. Upload to your favorite social network.

Make the video where people can comment and share your video. You need to look for a video editing software that works well for you. Make sure that you should see your viewers for more videos and they must see the video.

I mean you need to create the videos that people can click on the reels video and like and comment. That way people will be liking the video and watching it everyday.

If your video is very interesting and unique, people would definitely watch it. So make sure that you are going to show people something really unique and fun.

Post it on Instagram

One of the best ways to get more views is posting it on Instagram. Just post your video on Instagram and see how viral it goes. If it gets noticed by other people, they may follow you.

You might get lots of likes and comments on it. It also goes viral. Upload it on Youtube If you want to get more views on Instagram videos you can upload it on YouTube.

Sometimes it works very well. If you upload the video on Instagram and people likes it, they will also like the same video on Youtube. Upload it on Vine Just like Instagram reels, Vine is also very popular.

It is known as short term video app. You can create a video and upload it on Vine. That is the best way to share your videos with other people. It is very easy to make a video on Vine and post it on Instagram.

Steps To increase Views on reels video

To increase Views on reels videos is nothing so difficult. You just need do some technical analysis and research like what type of video are in trending list, what are trending list, what are the trending song.
Above are the points to keep in mind to get viral on reels video.


We all need to market our businesses to get more views on social media. If your videos generate some likes and shares then it will attract more people to watch your video.



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