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Instagram VS Facebook. Which is Best ( Brand Follow )

There is an argument over whether Facebook or Instagram is the better way to start your Instagram account. Instagram VS Facebook. Which is Best


In a year of social network dueling, Instagram has been more favourably dealt. The company will give you 90 percent of users who are photos


, but users that have more than 400 thousand followers has been at a 2.4. The company has been founded in 2010. Facebook was founded in 2004, and still has millions of active users.

Instagram only takes 12 percent of users who are pictures. Facebook gives out just 1 percent of users who are pictures.

Instagram did not get the free market from Facebook, but at least Instagram had three years to establish itself without ads being a big barrier for them.

The controversial app has seen $11 billion net worth while Facebook only had a $133 billion net worth.

Facebook is an overall iOS and Android app, Instagram is the iPhone only app. The majority of users do not use Facebook, but Instagram is still used only on Apple’s iPhone.

YouTube is also a Google app, so Instagram use is not excluded from the Google apps. YouTube seems to offer users that can be targeted, like Facebook. Most of the users of Instagram use it just for photos.

What makes Instagram different from Facebook?

The difference is mainly what data the companies will share. Facebook users own the information and data that they upload, whereas Instagram does not.


Facebook will give you a report back of your likes or the photos you view. There are 1 billion pictures uploaded a day on Instagram, and Instagram will give you a report back about your pictures.

It’s also a chronological feed; so you see new pictures first, or the one that pertains to you. Instagram will take an activity feed.

So you will see your previous pictures first. Facebook only keeps your previous images before you see the new pictures.

Facebook allow user to delete their profiles, but Instagram does not give users the option. You do need to maintain your account to post pictures.

You can only comment on other people’s pictures, and Facebook will auto- comment.

Why Instagram over Facebook?

Instagram is much more not based on an underlying photo, but they are a lot less user friendly.

In a battle, Instagram is the way to earn your social network. It can allow people to earn even more cash and have more engagement with their network.

In addition, Instagram gives you 15 new pictures a day instead of Facebook, they give you a set amount to view a certain page, to pay users.


The idea is a social network without forcing you to close accounts.

What else would Instagram let you pay for? Currently on Instagram a micropayment option exists, the app is not as way as one would think.

There is no need to be more generous in Instagram. Instagram would have to let payment become a better reason for using Instagram, or they would loose users.

Instagram keeps track of your pictures, so your pictures are visible by others, as they give them a report back and allows users to pay Instagram to let them see their pictures more.

In contrast, Facebook do not allow users to pay each other, only to see their friends and news feed.

Both of the apps give you the option of buying more pictures to look at if you don’t want to look at the pictures you have already seen.

Instagram allows only paid photo view. You can pay at $2 to see another portrait of them like your friends and family. No payment option yet exists in Facebook.

Features of instagram

Instagram has mostly young aged audience lies in 18 – 25. Also instagram has many great features like story, post, bussiness page etc.
Instagram account has followers and followings.

Instagram also offer bussiness account which is great for any business. Instagram has 1 billions plus download.

But the most important fact of insta and fb is both of this platforms is owned
By single man.


Features of Facebook

Facebook has all types of audience like young, old and teenagers. Facebook offer two types of account like facebook bussiness page for bussiness and also a single account.

Facebook has 5 billions download. So at last we can say facebook is a owners of instagram.

Before this article was written Facebook will get the majority of your money for each picture that is seen by their users.

However, Instagram gives you 15 new pictures a day, so it’s better than anything Facebook offers. Also, Instagram is not as simple to use, however they have two applications.

Facebook does not have two applications. These two applications don’t really come out with a point of difference, however they do show the two different applications.

In conclusion, Instagram is no Facebook, but they are the way to earn more money for your social network.

Instagram has this $11 billion net worth, and depending on how many people use Facebook they earn $2 on each picture they see.

If you want your Facebook site to be used by more users than Instagram you could spend more money on it.

However, you will most likely lose more than $2 per picture that you see in Instagram.

At last the most important fact about instagram and facebook is both of these platforms is owned by a single person.

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