How To Make A Page On Instagram (Follow Meter)

How to make a page on instagram : If you’re wondering how to create an Instagram account, there are two different ways to do it. You can either sign up using your mobile device or you can visit the Instagram website on your computer and create an account there.

How To Make A Page On Instagram

When you first set up your account, you’ll be prompted to enter your username. This can either be a name or a word that’s easy for others to remember, but it should also encompass some aspect of your identity. If you’re setting up a personal account, make sure your username is tied back to you in some way (e.g., johndoe_2015).

If you’re creating a business page, you may choose something more straightforward like company name For both accounts, stay away from usernames like “Sonew.67—they are difficult to remember and could confuse other users who don’t know they aren’t real profiles. We recommend avoiding numbers as well; most profiles have numbers at the end so it won’t stand out as much if you do use one.

Also think about whether there are any trademarks involved before choosing your username—not all brands are going to allow certain characters in usernames and hashtags, so double check with them before locking down your profile title.

Upload a profile picture

How to make a page on instagram : An attractive profile picture can help others recognize your brand and gives you a little control over your page’s appearance. To upload a profile picture: Tap or click on Your Profile from within your settings menu. Tap or click Change next to Profile Picture and choose a file from your device’s Camera Roll or select a new photo using another app such as Dropbox.

Or, if you haven’t set up any photos yet, select Upload Photo and enter a name for your profile picture before choosing a type of file to upload (photos are recommended). When uploading a photo, you can also tap or click Edit My Profile Picture (iOS) or Set As My Profile Picture (Android) in order to crop it before saving it.

Now that we have a well-groomed image representing our brand on our own profile, let’s go ahead and create other images that we’ll need in order to post content onto our own account. These are called ‘stories’ on Instagram – but since these aren’t pictures at all – but ‘snaps’ – I’m going to call them that in my tutorial too!

Fill out your bio

You’ll want a brief blurb of text that describes you and your business. Upload a headshot: Your photo will show up as your profile picture, but you’ll also need a few other images that can be used as cover photos (one for each of your posts).

Make sure they all look professional—nothing blurry or poorly cropped! Add some hashtags: Hashtags are really important on Instagram because they let users find new posts, so make sure you choose ones that accurately describe what you’re posting about. A good rule of thumb is six to ten hashtags per post; more than that can look spammy.

Click here for suggestions from The Guardian. Follow accounts in your niche: Searching for handles related to your brand or industry helps followers discover you when searching, plus it makes it easy to message them if you want them to check out something specific. How to make a page on instagram

Post an introduction/tour video: New users often post a Welcome! tour video at first to introduce themselves. It’s not required, but it gives people a chance to see who you are beyond just checking out your pics; plus, it shows that you have enthusiasm and personality—which is good news if people decide to follow you!

Choose hashtags

It may seem trivial, but choosing a few hashtags for your first post on Instagram can have an impact on how many people see it. This is because hashtags help you reach users who don’t follow you but are interested in that topic. For example, if you are trying to sell your new basketball shoes online, put #basketball and #sneakers into your first Instagram post.

That way, those who want information about basketball and sneakers will find you and might be interested in buying your products! Choose at least 5-10 hashtags for each of your posts! Think of topics or groups which are relevant to what you do and choose one or two hashtags which are commonly used by members of that group. Be as specific as possible.

Try not to use more than two tags per post; again, specificity is key here. Keep testing – try out different combinations of words with similar meanings, positive sentiment etc. With time (and analytics!) you should figure out what works best for your business goals! How to make a page on instagram

Find accounts you like and follow them.

Use Instagram’s search function and its explore tab to find accounts you like. It will also help you find people whose photos are relevant or interesting to your target audience. And following is free, so it won’t hurt your wallet! Just make sure that when you follow someone, you leave a comment on one of their photos—if they don’t know who you are (or why they should follow you), they might not be interested in accepting your request. (If you do get blocked from following a user, try reaching out; most users would rather give followers a heads up than ignore them entirely.)

Post your first photo!

Once you’ve created your Instagram account, it’s time to post your first photo. If you haven’t picked out a profile picture yet, I recommend just using one of your existing Facebook photos. You can do so by tapping on Edit Profile, then tapping on Profile Picture. Then, simply select your Facebook photo and use that as your profile picture.

Then scroll down until you see New Photo Post, then tap on that option. Your main screen will appear with a blank space where you can post any photo. Tap Take Photo, which is located at the bottom-right corner of your screen, or select Choose from Library if you want to add a photo from your camera roll instead. Make sure Allow Comments is checked off (it should be), and write something like Instagramming for the first time! Follow me @YOUR_USERNAME_HERE in your caption before posting. How to make a page on instagram

When you’re ready, press Share on Instigram located at the bottom right corner of your screen. This will automatically direct you to other accounts—and hopefully give people reason enough to follow yours!

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