Snapchat Streak Ideas

Snapchat Streak Ideas : While Snapchat streaks can be fun, they’re also very, very easy to lose track of. Keeping your streak alive isn’t exactly rocket science, but you do need to put some effort into it if you want to keep it alive past one day. If you’re looking for some creative ideas on how to keep your Snapchat streak going strong and you don’t want to fall back on the standard 10 consecutive days of snaps formula, here are eight great ways to try out today!

Creative Snapchat Streak Ideas

Snapchat streaks ideas are an exciting way to build your Snapchat network, and it’s surprising how many people don’t know about them. A Snapchat streak occurs when you have sent a message or video to someone every single day for 30 days straight; some people have streaks that are years long!

While many of us use Snapchat as a casual social media app, there is actually a huge streak community out there with thousands of dedicated users trying to maintain their streaks at all costs. The following ideas will help you increase your chances of staying on top of your daily Snap responsibilities so that you never lose your streak!

1) Send Snaps From a Variety of Locations

You probably want to keep your streak alive, and one way to do that is by sending snaps from different locations. Sending snaps from a variety of locations will keep it interesting for your friend. Be mindful not to send snaps from too many places in a short period of time—you don’t want to start looking suspicious!

Snapchat Streak Ideas : There’s no magic number, but if you send a snap from more than three different locations in a day, you may be asking for trouble. Here are some examples Send a photo or video when getting out of bed in the morning.

Send a snap with your first cup of coffee or tea. Take selfies at work—try to make it look like they were taken while you were working (use filters or type captions). Snap yourself at lunchtime; take photos with co-workers, friends, or your lunch.

Snap pictures on your commute home (take photos out of windows/doors) Snap pictures after work; gym selfies work great here—show how sweaty you got while keeping fit! If possible, try snapping something new every day so there’s always something new to talk about!

2) Express Yourself in Personal Ways

Snapchat is not only a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, but also a fun tool for enhancing your brand. By taking advantage of Snapchat’s unique geofilters, you can insert your business into users’ personal lives in an organic and playful way.

Additionally, you can use Snapchat to enhance your business in other ways that don’t require as much ongoing effort. For example, by encouraging customers to submit photos and videos of themselves using your product or service, you can create a virtual showcase for testimonials about how others are using your company’s products or services.

This content can be used on social media and even incorporated into future marketing material. If you have a campaign already under way, consider adding Snapchat support for increased user engagement. The key is to integrate it seamlessly with what you’re already doing — and make sure your followers know about it.

Finally, encourage employees to post about work-related topics during off hours, like lunch breaks and trips home from work. These informal posts will increase team cohesiveness at work while also giving users further insight into what it’s like working at your organization.

Bottom line: Be creative with how you share information using Snapchat and when possible (without being overbearing), encourage employees to do so as well. Having multiple people contributing helps humanize companies while still keeping those messages coming directly from employees rather than the company.

3) Tell Stories

Snapchat is all about communicating through images, which makes it a snap (pun intended) to share whatever visual stories you can dream up. Snapchat has all sorts of fun tools that help you beautify your snaps and craft them into visual stories: stickers and emojis are great for adding extra flair to your snaps.

And it’s easy to send a series of snaps as a story: just hold down on the screen while you record several quick video or picture messages. The app will stitch them together, add some transitions and music (if you like), and send off your stunning story as a single piece to whomever you choose.

Snapchat Streak Ideas : Did we mention Snapchat is free? It also sends notifications when you receive one, so there’s no more wondering if people actually saw your message! That’s how to keep Snapchat streaks alive and thriving.

Snapchat gives its users an outlet for self-expression in a way other social media apps don’t quite match; it’s essentially an artistic medium designed exclusively for mobile devices. With Snapchat, users have access to drawing tools that allow them to draw with different colors and styles anywhere on their screens before snapping a photo or recording their short videos.

4) Use Animated Gifs

Gifs are a great way to add some extra personality and interest to your snaps! If you’re looking for a way to communicate with your friends, let’s look at some creative ways to do so. Gifs can be used in a number of ways—from simple facial expressions to fun animated stories. By using gifs creatively, you can keep your snap streak alive.

And remember: no matter how long or short your snap streak is, it’s always worth celebrating! Just because you’ve snapped someone one time doesn’t mean that they don’t still appreciate receiving snaps from you. Start up a conversation and try one of these awesome ideas out.

5) Create Mini Challenges For Yourself

For example, instead of just taking a selfie and sending it to your friend in one snap, take multiple selfies or videos and combine them all into one. You can also alter small things about yourself so your friend has to guess what’s different about you.

If you really want to keep your streak alive, you can even send a Snapchat from a new device. For example, if you’re on vacation with friends in Cancun, take some snaps from your phone when you get there, then take one from your iPad back at home. This way, your friend won’t be able to figure out whether it was actually from Cancun or not!

6) Establish a Snapchat Game Night

Most people use Snapchat in short bursts throughout their day, so you don’t need to set aside a full hour or two to game with your friend. Instead, try to schedule one or two 15-minute sessions each week—after work is ideal—and keep track of how many consecutive days you’ve made it happen.

Once you hit a streak, consider turning your game night into a weekly ritual that helps solidify your friendship. This type of one-on-one interaction is something technology often fails to provide. You get quality time together and make memories that will last long after both of you have signed off from Snapchat for good.

Snapchat Streak Ideas : If a Snapchat streak feels frivolous, remember that even pointless things can be meaningful if they’re shared between close friends.

If you’re hoping to strengthen your relationship with someone special, consider hosting a regular game night on Snapchat as an evening activity. Use filters during group games like trivia or word searches and save individual games like Scattergories for when only one person has the app open. Not sure where to start?

7) Mix it Up With Video Snaps


Take your Snapchat streak to a whole new level by mixing it up with some video snaps. Here are a few ideas for you: Record a short video of yourself participating in your daily routine, say eating breakfast or walking to work.

Take a day in the life video where you do your normal activities (workout, running errands, working on computer) and then splice those clips together into one fun video. You can even extend that idea by adding sound effects and music for an extra polished look.

Just make sure not to post too many of these types of videos or else you’ll start losing people’s attention fast! 3 Ways to Celebrate Someone Else’s Snapchat Streak: If you want to show someone how much they mean to you, give them their own personal Snapchat streak.

This is easier than it sounds. First have both of you turn off send-to-self so that all your snaps must be delivered before showing up on your friend’s phone – no screenshotting allowed! Then deliver a snap every day until your friend gets his/her 10th snap from you and voila!

The great thing about keeping someone else’s streak alive is that it forces them to pay close attention every time they open their app because there might be something from you hiding in there somewhere! Also, receiving streaks from other friends will help keep yours alive longer.

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