How to Use Instagram on a PC (Mega Follower)

How to Use Instagram on a PC : You’ve read about the benefits of Instagram, but have you ever tried to use Instagram on your computer? If not, you’re in luck! This guide teaches you how to use Instagram on a PC as well as how to download Instagram to your computer so that you can use it without having to login from your phone or tablet. While this process might seem complicated at first, after following the steps in this guide, you’ll be using Instagram on your computer in no time!

How to Use Instagram on a PC

Download an app that allows you to use Instagram from your computer. An easy-to-use option is Qwitter , which runs smoothly, has a user-friendly interface and free tools that don’t require you to log in or reveal your password. You can choose whether or not you want people who visit your profile page online to be able to comment.

Download and install Qwitter. You’ll have three options at first: Try Now, Save File and Exit. Clicking on Try Now will allow you to start using Qwitter right away; just click Login with Facebook and then fill out your basic information (it’s okay if it says it’s connecting when it doesn’t). How to Use Instagram on a PC

Clicking on Save File will download Qwitter onto your computer so you can use it later; just double-click on qw_3.0.exe, which will be located in wherever folder you saved it (Qwitter also has an offline mode for working with Instagram when there’s no internet connection available). Clicking on Exit will close out of Qwitter without downloading anything.

Step 2

Log In. To sign in with Instagram, enter your username and password and click Next. Logging in is easy! To start, all you need is an email address or phone number and password. Just type your login details and we’ll take care of verifying it’s you so you can get started right away. How to Use Instagram on a PC

Once you’re logged in, tap or click any photo or video to share it with friends on Instagram and other services like Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. And that’s it! The next time you want to post something new, come back here and select which account to use for sharing—that way you don’t have to log in every time! )

Do I need to have my photos/videos ready before logging in? Nope! You just search directly from your hard drive or upload some of those great shots from vacation using one of our apps. When you choose a photo or video, that file gets temporarily stored on our servers (yep, kind of like Megaupload) until you’re done editing and are ready to share. We keep things safe by limiting access only to authenticated users and storing content separately from user accounts.

Step 3

Download and install an app called Bluestacks. It’s compatible with both PCs and Macs, so no matter what kind of computer you have, you should be able to use it. Bluestacks is free, too! Step 4: Open up Bluestacks, then open Google Play (you’ll find it in your main menu).

Search for Instagram on Google Play using keywords or just click here. Step 6: Click Install after you see Instagram – The official client for Android. Step 7: Scroll down, then click Open. That’s it! You’re ready to use Instagram now that it’s installed and running through your computer instead of your phone. How to Use Instagram on a PC

Step 4

Choose your tags. Since we used over five tags in our topic, go ahead and add in more tags that are related to your title. In my case I added things like instagram download, how to use instagram, how to use instagram app, etc. You can pick from all of these or just use some of them as you see fit. Do not choose too many though because if you do then it will end up looking spammy and make people less likely to read your post.

If you have time now would be a good time to go back and check all of your grammar, spelling and sentence structure errors before going any further! Make sure everything is clear and concise so it doesn’t sound too confusing for anyone reading it later. Let’s move on to picking categories for our post…​

Now is when you need to decide what category your content falls under since there’s a huge variety available ranging from business & finance, computer & technology, food & drink and so much more! Keep in mind that whatever category(s) you choose could dramatically alter how many views your content gets so try doing some research into similar posts (that got shared a lot) in those categories already. Seeing what other posts get shared most will give you a better idea of what works best based off user engagement with similar content that may still be relevant today.

Step 5. Check your notifications

Once you’ve built your audience and made some money, it’s time to check back in with your followers. The worst thing you can do is become active once or twice, then disappear for months. People will see right through that, which could very well make them not trust any of your future recommendations or messages.

Checking back periodically (once every 2-3 weeks) will help ensure they know you’re around and keep tabs on what you have going on without overwhelming them with constant updates (and asking for more money). To be clear: A customer may not need someone else at that moment, but they still want to feel like they have options should they find themselves in a jam in the future.

Step 6. Take a selfie

Whether you’re using your smartphone or laptop, your first step is going to be taking a picture of yourself. Whether you have hair and makeup artists on hand or you want to do it all yourself, grab your camera, head into another room and snap away. How to Use Instagram on a PC

Remember, we are just going for an accurate representation of how you usually look—so no need for fancy poses. If you want some ideas for poses that won’t give away too much about your shape, check out our list here. Once again: The goal is not to look perfect; it’s just to get an accurate read on what camera angle makes you look most like yourself in real life.

You can even take a selfie with your phone from various angles in front of a mirror if you don’t feel comfortable standing up in front of a stranger—just make sure it’s quick! You don’t want to spend half an hour doing just one more shot. Remember, we’re looking for consistency here. We just want one honest shot so we can compare apples to apples later on when we’re trying different filters.

Step 7. Share with friends!

Now that you have finished writing your post, go ahead and share it with your friends! Have them read it over, get their feedback, and make some edits if necessary. Feel free to ask them for any constructive criticism. Post it online so you can get more views and feedback from your audience! Don’t forget to submit it into our writing contest! Good luck getting published. 🙂

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