How to become Instagram Influencers by Reels (Insta Flash)

Have you ever wondered how some people can get 10,000 followers in a month or 50,000 followers in six months? The answer to that question might be Instagram influencers. Reels, which was created by YouTubers Jake and Logan Paul, not only helps influencers gain more followers, but also shows them how to engage their audiences as well as receive views on their videos/stories. In this article, we’ll be walking you through why influencers are important as well as the steps to becoming one yourself. Let’s get started!

Why use influencer marketing

Depending on your target audience, influencer marketing could be a great way to get your brand’s name in front of potential customers. But let’s face it: you probably don’t have a couple million dollars handy.

In that case, consider using micro-influencers. These are regular folks with large social media followings—but who aren’t quite A-listers and can be more affordable to partner with.

Just remember that these kinds of partnerships need special attention and care, like hiring someone specifically for social media management or developing custom promotional materials for each influencer.

Without careful planning, an influencer campaign can fall flat on its face. To avoid that fate, make sure you have a solid strategy before jumping into any kind of partnership.

Finding a niche for your blog

By now, you’ve probably searched around your market and found a few popular blogs. Identify what they do well and replicate it on your own site. For example, if you like an interior design blogger that shares daily posts with tons of content (like Dwell), try blogging more often than that blogger but share only one or two big posts per week.

Or if you like a recipe creator who has a great series of videos (like Ree Drummond), make sure that recipe videos are a part of your site too. However, be careful about how much copying you do—you want your followers to come back because they love your content and not because they think you’re just another designer/blogger/foodie!

Producing high-quality photos

With so many people on Instagram competing for followers, you need an effective strategy if you want your account to stand out. The key is not only in posting good photos, but also in knowing how to take them. If you don’t have a camera or know how to use it, learn as soon as possible—or hire someone who can do that for you.

Regardless of what type of camera you have or what software comes with it, understand its capabilities and limitations. You don’t need a top-of-the-line DSLR setup with multiple lenses; even entry-level cameras and some smartphones these days can produce excellent images given enough practice.

For example, invest in a tripod (even if it’s just a cheap one) and get used to taking pictures at different times of day and from different angles. Take lots of pictures! Even professionals will tell you they delete more than 90 percent of their shots because they didn’t turn out right.

Getting followers on social media

Building a large social media following is a lot like building a house—you can’t do it overnight, and it takes some serious planning and effort. The first step to becoming an Instagram influencer is to create your personal brand on other channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are all good options).

You want your posts on each platform to be cohesive so that when people click over from one platform they feel like they are in your world. Once you have established yourself as an authority in at least one social media space, you can then transition into another platform where you start fresh.

Simply change your username and re-post your old content onto any new platform.

Create good quality content on your website

Just having a good website is not enough. That’s because, like other content on your site, videos need to be SEO-friendly and they must also be created with quality in mind.

In order for search engines like Google to consider your video content relevant, it needs to contain specific keywords that are relevant to what people are searching for.

Also, as videos often take more time and effort than just posting text on a page, you’ll want visitors who watch your video content to see value in it, otherwise they won’t spend their time watching it and then subscribing or following you on social media channels.

Don’t give up – start today!

With everything in life, becoming an Instagram influencer takes time and dedication. However, you have to keep pushing through. The only way to be good at something is by doing it repeatedly and consistently.

Be active on social media every day, start slowly with posting once a week or more often if you can’t handle that much pressure but try! Soon you will build your following and eventually become that full-time influencer.

It was posted July 24th 2018. On Instagram where I am building my brand name of Reelza under a selected few accounts (currently 4) and so far I’m making decent progress

I started taking action towards my goals using what I learned from Sam Ovens course (the best decision of my life). Now as of September 12th 2018, I’m finally starting to see some results!

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