How to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has become one of the most popular ways to make money online, and it’s easy to see why: affiliate marketing allows you to leverage other people’s products or services to earn an income.

But if you want to get your affiliate marketing business off the ground, you need the right tips, tricks, and tools to help you succeed. Follow along with this article, and learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing in no time at all!

Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

There are a number of ways you can make money online. You could set up an Amazon affiliate website or write and sell your own ebook on platforms like Clickbank or Etsy. If you have a background in marketing, there are also freelance opportunities on websites like Upwork.


And finally, there’s affiliate marketing, which is what we’ll focus on today. What is affiliate marketing? It’s when a company pays you for driving traffic to their site.

They will provide you with links or banners that will direct people to their site. When those people buy something, you get paid a commission—usually between 10% and 50%. So how do you get started? Let’s take a look at some affiliate marketing tips for beginners

Choose your niche

Once you’ve got a good handle on how affiliate marketing works, your next step is to choose a niche for your business. This could be something as specific as jewelry or something as broad as pet supplies.

Either way, pick something that you’re interested in and/or knowledgeable about since passion and knowledge will help drive traffic to your site. In most cases, picking a niche doesn’t have any effect on your ability to make money; it’s just a question of where you want your audience to be.

If there’s no easy match between what you love and what people search for online, some research might be necessary before starting an affiliate website. But more often than not, products are right in front of us—we just don’t know they exist!

Choose your affiliate program

The affiliate program you choose is one of your most important decisions when choosing how to make money online. Choose wisely. There are many affiliate marketing networks to choose from; take some time to do your due diligence and research each before settling on one.

What will you be promoting? What products or services will you be able to promote? Do they have a good track record of customer service, good rates of payouts, high conversions and so on? You can also offer your own digital product—such as an ebook or webinar series (more on those in chapter 11).

However, if you’re going with a product-based affiliate program, keep in mind that sometimes affiliates have their own offerings that may give you better results than what’s available through an affiliate network.

Build a website using WordPress

To measure your affiliate marketing success, track two key metrics: Unique Visitors and Conversion Rate. First, look at unique visitors — how many unique people visited your site? For example, did you get 100 hits in one day? If so, that’s a pretty good day.

Or did you get 500 over a week? That’s a pretty average week. Next up is conversion rate — what percentage of people who came to your site actually bought something? You can figure out conversion rate as follows: [Total Sales (including shipping) / Total Orders] X 100 = Conversion Rate or [Total Sales (including shipping) / Total Hits] X 100 = Conversion Rate.

Promote your business online

It sounds obvious, but not all affiliate marketing programs are created equal. Look for a company that has been in business for several years and is willing to work one-on-one with you. An online reputation means nothing if your program can’t convert customers into sales.

If you aren’t sure about a particular program, do some research on its reputation before getting involved. Only risk what you can afford to lose! A poor reputation may scare away new affiliates who want to market your products or services.


Also, look for affiliate networks with plenty of features and tools—these will help you better manage affiliate relationships. And remember: You can be an affiliate marketer without actually selling any products or services yourself!

Set goals

If you want to make money online, consider setting some financial goals for yourself. Being clear about what you want and how much of it you expect can help keep you motivated as you work toward your goal.

To make affiliate marketing profitable, write down a few key numbers that will let you know when things are going well and when they’re not. These might include benchmarks such as: 1) I’ll earn $1,000 in sales my first month; 2) I’ll have three affiliates signing up each week; 3)

My average daily income will be $50-100 dollars. Setting these targets will help you keep focused on earning money and not on just having fun creating an affiliate website.

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Track your progress

It can be tough to tell how effective affiliate marketing is. The best way to track progress is simply by logging your results. There are a variety of ways you can track your progress, but one method that works well is creating a spreadsheet and tracking leads, impressions, conversions and returns.

Having all of these factors listed in one place makes it easier for you to see what campaigns are working and which aren’t. As an example, below is a screenshot from a recent affiliate marketing campaign where I attempted to promote an email course in exchange for a small payment on completion: As you can see above, I have logged some basic stats about my campaign that helps me determine if it was worth it or not.


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