Google ads Vs Facebook ads

Google ads Vs Facebook ads which is best


Google ads Vs Facebook ads: I know that most of us don’t use Facebook anymore, but that does not mean that its ads are not great!

However, Facebook ads only work if Facebook advert campaigns choose Facebook. The primary reason being that Facebook ad page can reach

Facebook users with ease and also monetizes the ads more than a site such as Twitter and Google.

Google ads are often more effective and efficient for ROI and these can be easily increased by reach to the market which is popular.

However, when it comes to procuring finances businesses have to agree on which advertising platform will be preferred and we can conclude that the Facebook ads is a better option.

When it comes to comparing ad platforms it is important to choose the right platform for the best online experience.

This explains why we will be focusing in on Google ads and Facebook ads since it is a big picture.

Remember that the feature size of the Android based phones are different from the iOS based phones.

They are usually more powerful and they have a wider screen area. Even though older phones which are powered by Android can have a 3D overlay

Ad streams from Google AdNetwork are categorized like numerous local internet ad unit such as new page, quote and so on.

The same can be made for Facebook ads but Facebook ads are less differentiated between the ad units as they are just plain like facebook pages.

Some ads can be closed from Facebook now however, for Facebook ads they are more processed by multiple ad units which can be different in features such as layouts and animated picture (in Facebook ads).

However, both Google ads and Facebook ads are value based and supported by specific demographic numbers who have used the same companies before.

Therefore there is a higher probability that Google ads will be preferred over Facebook ads.

We can mention various Google apps and companies which Facebook ads cannot be measured.

And these ads are not displayed as display ads so as to help it in being more search optimized.

Google Ads are versatile and that they can achieve more engagements and ROI from different clients.

Whereas with Facebook ads advertisers have to dedicate more effort to ramping up traffic and reaching the target audience as Facebook ads have certain limitations.

They are limited in display ads that can be placed in social and other apps such as Twitter which can be fine for companies which wish to show their ads as a web link to generate traffic.

However, for advertisers with a targeted marketing they would not be satisfied to use only Facebook ads as these may fail to generate some good quality traffic and out of position ad messages.

With greater display ads Google ads can be saved and which can be used in offline channels such as retail stores.

Google ads can attract more users and still have a great social footprint since Facebook ads are less social.

They also can be used in other channels of advertising which can increase engagement and possible conversion rates.


Facebook ads, on the other hand, only have more benefits if it’s used on another medium like they are used in videos and other social platforms.

I think that Facebook ads are not more successful than Google ads in comparison to using other ads.

Facebook’s Ads

As an entrepreneur, especially when pitching a new product or service, you will often feel you are not ready to market yourself before you’ve mastered the online marketing basics.

If you’re not ready to market, there are two websites, Facebook and Google, which you can use to advertise your new product, and your new company.

Facebook is best when used for two reasons:

It’s the first site most people visit to interact and look at content in their news feed.

And Facebook isn’t just an advertising website, but aconsumer-brand journalism for branded content.

It’s a free resource, so if the content’s great, who cares if you don’t know who it is?

Facebook ads can be difficult to do; it takes time and a lot of patience. But it’s worth the effort.

Google Ads

Google, on the other hand, doesn’t require as much patience. Google ads work like an online billboard and very quickly get you traffic, either past a specific page, to an entire page, or to a single article.

With Google, your message can be more targeted. Google can show you ads when your target audience is searching for a certain term, or driving past a specific store.

But wait, you say. Who is using that billboard, and where? How does that affect my business?

If you aren’t pitching Google ads right now, then you probably already know why they’re the best choice, but Google ads could also miss the boat with your specific target audience and market.

If they don’t get your audience, then your product, service, or company is probably not good enough to do well.

In fact, some thought that in their most recent AdWords Labs report, that the Google ads algorithm has actually changed.

I’ve already talked about the reasons to target Google ads, and how they’re much better than Facebook ads, but here are a few:

Google ads cover more of the internet, from every platform.

Google ads are open-source and are more fun, with cheesy video, cartoons, and even cute little cars.

In three months, Google ads are much more effective than Facebook ads.

Google ads act as a catalyst for other ads to appear on the same page.

They give users easier-to-use information.

They are easy to use.

Google ads are a great tool, but not all ads get your targeted audience.

So, if you want your digital advertising campaign to thrive, you should target your ads right.


So, at last we can say that facebook and google both are providing very cheap and affordable ads which are helping in marketing of business.

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