How to generate income from Affiliate marketing(Rise Top)

Every business today needs a commission system to survive and be successful. That’s why the best businesses are able to generate revenue not only through other sales but also by converting transactions on web but also through affiliate marketing.


In affiliate marketing, you provide an offer to your prospective customers, you earn a commission if the customer buys the products and if you successfully convince them to return to your business, you’re going to earn a commission on a percentage of the sale generated as a result of your affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to earn a commission of whatever percentage of the product you offer and some benefits too.

There are few benefits you get while generating profit through affiliate marketing. This guide will discuss the benefits of affiliate marketing and gives you simple methods to generate income from this platform.

Multiple Sales

The biggest benefit of affiliate marketing is that the profits earned from affiliate marketing on their own generate your own income.

This is an opportunity many small businesses don’t have.

They will only buy something if they get extra benefits from the sale.

Three types of forms of income

You earn money from three different way. When a customer buys from you, you earn a commission for the first sale generated.

You also earn a commission when the customer makes more than one purchase from you, and you earn a commission on the total number of total purchases. Once a product is sold to another buyer, you also earn a commission.

Selling Shopping Cart

You can also earn income from affiliate marketing by giving customers links to purchase your product. If you give a link to a specific product, then you earn money from the individual sales.

Direct Purchase

People are big on technology these days and if you give your customer a link to a product online, you earn more sales than if you are selling the product yourself, because the purchase will be directly taken place by them and it will not require you to reach out to the customer via another channel.

Increase Your Visibility

When a customer makes a purchase through affiliate marketing, they see your website. That not only attracts your eyes but also further spreads the word to your prospective customers and helps your business grow.

Earning Sales

Some people don’t just just want to benefit from affiliate marketing by making a little profit. They want to make more profits and earn some extra money to help their business grow.

One way to achieve this goal is to contact your potential customers with offers that are a little overpriced by market rates.

Just like the direct purchase, even if your product is priced high, a higher margin is good for an online business.

Finding a Market

In the beginning, you just need to target a few customers. This is called a limited pricing strategy. When you have few customers, you don’t need to worry about selling out of your products.

However, after a few purchases, it gets difficult. That’s why the goal should be to find a market which needs your products and you can start to add them to customers.

You may be successful at a first go because your products are completely unique.

Draw traffic to your website

Before you leave the website, you’re likely to visit them. If the visit to your website is not that satisfactory, you can add your product to more and more users. This leads to the next step of generating revenue.

When you add your product to a website, and the visit to your website is satisfactory, and more and more customers visit your website, and when you have 10 or more customers, you make more money and become a regular player in the market.

Is Facebook is good for affiliate marketing

Why should marketers think of Facebook as a good tool to use for marketing social network marketing? Have you ever checked if you can claim for a discount through Facebook?

How about spend a couple of days or weeks to see whether you can find free (if you like products) and buy them?

A lot of selling companies will do anything to get potential customers to spend some more time on their website. So, why don’t you claim a discount from Facebook, on your sponsored ads?

Choosing the right program is key when buying products or marketing on the website. For example, you are going to spend a couple of days or weeks to identify if your customers have liked or clicked your sponsored ads.

To monitor your sales and your payments, you can actually claim money back in an affiliate marketing program you’ve joined!

As you notice, the influence of two companies can be a major impact on your marketing numbers.

One way to gain more revenue is to increase your number of buyers, advertisers will pay you as a commission for every transaction that involves a click or a product.

So, how do you claim a deal?

You can claim a discount in real time, and in the same day or week, to gain a credit worth up to $50 on your Facebook ad!

You will earn 100% back of your paid Facebook ads spend (thank you, Facebook). But this limit might be worth it if your sales are good!

Facebook offers you a great sales and marketing solution for your business.

So, just because Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram is very important?

What have you done with Facebook’s images?

Imagine having a social network like Instagram, but you don’t have much information about your customers.

Facebook is probably the best way to learn your customers!


Every Instagram account gets interesting but also informative, with the right products or available issues.

If you want to do the same to your Facebook followers, just start uploading the information right away!

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