How To Get More Likes On Twitter

How To Get More Likes On Twitter(MX FOLLOWERS)

If you’re a Twitter user and you’re an active twitter user then you’ve already noticed how popular your tweets are becoming. The number of likes, retweets, tweets and comments on posts has been increasing for a while now.


You might be seeing this trend. The reason why people like your twitter posts more is because they resonate with someone else in their particular posts.

Pledge to post a tweet on your very own twitter page that contains a phrase that will make Twitter users want to join you on twitter and follow you.

It can be how you feel about something that’s been on the news for example, an upcoming movie, a certain clothing line. Or, there is even a term that might help you capture the attention of the user.

Take for example” which became a trending topic two days ago because of Kevin James his retweet, which was not seen as being that passionate but clicking was.

“My teen gave me his record from MySpace like, you know, he’s just like, old music, cause I’m not the type of guy to pay for anything.” I gotta hand it to him because the user took a second look at the tweet and retweeted the content.

Also, because the user followed Kevin James more than 10,000 times, retweeted the content multiple times, commented again and made some

Ask your network of #smartTwitter that you like on their twitter accounts and vice versa. These recommendations can also go viral for you.

Tweet out a certain topic and your followers should stay tuned in.

This post was one I liked on my own twitter account with more than 90K followers. It was a great tweet and immediately got more than 3,500 followers.

Above these simple tips is something I also believe in. Take it upon yourself and create a link to something that will make your followers want to follow you on twitter and follow you on Twitter more.

After you’ve created a new link, please make sure that your links are reliable. The links are meant to get some power on your twitter account. They can be coming from a product, service or something else.

Believe me, Twitter users will follow you all the way for it. They like the new in-depth information they get with Twitter. They view it as a person who is more relatable and explains themselves better.

Twitter helps them to better organize themselves and get an eye out of what’s going on in the larger world.

As a Twitter user, you should become more focused on the things you say on Twitter and on Twittering. But, you are not your tweet so the way you put it in the posts itself depends.

But, for the next time you are in a situation where you need to create a tweet that is going to connect with others, whether or not you like it is your worry.


But, please make sure that you create a tweet with substance.

There are plenty of compelling links out there that have nothing to do with you that can make sure you don’t miss out on any of the trends that are trending that your followers will be joining.

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As a Twitter user, I know that the number of followers counts mostly. Sometimes if someone gets a lot of followers you don’t see it as a regular update.

Other times, you see followers you may have never even checked before. In that case, to get more likes on twitter, you need to follow your followers. When you follow your followers or people you want to follow,

you need to make sure you’re following the right people, but following them is still helpful, there is no need to follow everybody. Following everybody means you don’t get them the actual updates.

We all remember Twitter before it got this popularity, a lot of people were following people they don’t really know, because they followed too many people, because they followed too few people.

Now that it has more users, it gets many likes. So when it comes to following more people on twitter, you need to follow the right people.

  1. Account name

How you name your account is kind of important. If you use your account name as the handle of your account, you are not getting a lot of likes.

You need to remember the ways people are following each other; if you follow too many people with that same name as yourself you’re not getting many likes. Also, if people follow your account name multiple times, you may not get the full follow.

When you post on twitter, don’t post random stuff. People notice what you have to say, so you have to make sure you present something special, because eventually you get the likes, but you may not post the original tweet.

  1. Username

Lets look at this look in Twitter in the other way and how people will connect. If you are tweeting about companies, products, clothing, or anything you just saw your ex-hubby is wearing, chances are those comments or photos you see your ex-hubby wearing are not being liked.

First of all you have to remember they are receiving random comments, so the real reason they didn’t like it is because they said it’s not them.

If you still can’t figure out if your comment is seen properly, switch to an updated comment with your username instead of your brand name.

Not only that, if you follow a lot of people that you don’t know, you are the one that is getting the comments too.

If they just see you as a random celebrity they have no clue who you are, who you’re following, and they have no idea what type of social network it is.

  1. Name of your Twitter account

Twitter has a charm to it. On the other hand, you don’t want a name that is hard to find. For example, if you are a race car driver, you want your followers to find your account very easily.

It’s the same thing if you are popular for something else. I follow a lot of people in his or her field of work and every time the latest news of a blog post by a a famous author or someone.


I know some people who post their famous blog post while in a fancy suit but they won’t get likes. They are also too popular but with too slow of followers.

So, if you want more likes and have the luxury of not setting the account title and username as some celebrities do, use your Twitter account title as your username.

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