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How To Get More Views On Instagram Reels(Hook Liker)


Why isn’t my video getting views? If you are new to using Instagram reels, you may have been asked this question multiple times by your friends and family members. If you are looking to improve the performance of your video and get more views on Instagram reels, keep reading! In this article, we’ll share six tips that will help you get more views on Instagram reels in 2019 and beyond!

What is a view on reel video?

A view on reel video is a video posted to instagram that plays when another user visits their profile. With so many followers, it’s no surprise why everyone wants views on reel videos. It feels like engagement and followers. The trick is, how do you get more views on reel videos? This is where real users come in!

1 – Tell your current fans (the people who have already liked your content) where they can find your reels: Some of your fans may not know about reels yet, but don’t let that stop you from telling them about them! Go ahead and send out an Instiz message or even mention it in a live stream.

Mentioning will be more effective than simply posting a picture with text because it doesn’t look spammy and also offers extra details for those interested! Just be sure to follow up on any messages you send out by showing up somewhere else they hang out at (i.e., comment section of their post). They’ll notice these subtle reminders because they’re important to you!

How does an instagram reel video work?

If you’re creating reels of video content on Instagram, it can be hard to really understand how people find and watch your videos. When you share a video through Instagram, your followers need to click on that Views tag in order to see it – but what happens when they do? That question has long been plaguing us here at ViralHog, so we decided to get down to brass tacks and find out for ourselves.

Here’s what we learned: ViralHog is a community of 700,000+ creators and viewers who curate viral videos from around YouTube – with an emphasis on creators sharing their own personal videos. So, naturally, we wanted to know how our site would fare as a platform for sharing reel-style Instagram videos.

We set up two identical accounts; one was private (so no one could view our IG reels), while the other was public (as seen above). The public account immediately started receiving Views and Followers just as expected; however, after three weeks of being live on Instagram, none of our private account had any activity whatsoever. Weird right?


What are important factors?

Viewers like to see a variety of content. This allows them to engage with your brand and know more about you as a company. Also, these reels are not just meant for online viewing. Your reel can be shown at trade shows, corporate events and even on display at retail outlets. Adding more clips will help boost audience participation by making it easy for viewers to pick their favorite part of your reel without missing anything important in your presentation.

For example, if you want people to find out about your new product on sale, you could include information or photos during one clip, while another could highlight all of your social media platforms so viewers can follow you easily and stay updated with what’s going on behind-the-scenes of your business.

When should I upload my reel video?

If you’re like most creatives, you’ve been told to keep your Instagram reel videos short and sweet. That said, it’s important to be strategic about when you upload these clips—not only is your audience more likely to pay attention, but your video will receive more engagement too. Focus on releasing video content over lunch or mid-afternoon.

Creative professionals who used time of day as a metric saw an average 36 percent increase in views per month. Focus on noon as that’s when engagement tends to drop down and then pick up again around 3 p.m. If possible, aim for earlier in that 3 p.m.-to-6 p.m. window because those hours tend to see lower engagement overall.

When posting during these windows (or before or after), make sure your reels are no longer than 60 seconds long. Your followers are much more likely to watch longer vids, but if they have so many options at their fingertips at any given moment, why would they stop what they’re doing and hit play? Keep things short and sweet by keeping them between 15 seconds (for straight-up performance) and one minute (for filmed footage).

How To Viral Reels Video

Everyone wants to go viral with their video. Whether it’s because you want to get famous or just have fun, there are certain things you can do before your reels hit instagram that will make sure that happens. If you have enough money, you could even hire someone to do it for you. But for those of us who aren’t billionaires, here’s what I did to my reels videos on instagram and youtube and how much views they got after posting them online. These are great tips for getting more views on videos like these.

It’s no secret that big brands play a big role in influencing small businesses today. From Super Bowl commercials to award-winning ads, traditional marketing is changing its approach from broadcast messaging toward one-to-one targeting through social media sites such as Facebook (and especially via LinkedIn).

For example, where as a marketer you may have created billboard ads in past decades; now using multiple targeted audience segments – demographic/interest or behavioral data combined with consumer insights – marketers design creative content specifically tailored towards a specific audience set based on their location, community influence and other characteristics determined by social media sites while at the same time measuring consumer response back to advertiser.


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