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How To Viral Facebook Profile(Klizz)

Simple Trick to Getting More Likes


Facebook is becoming a master platforms for user and producer. Producer produce the product and advertise their products on fb in this way user also got various products on fb

How to make your facebook profile viral

Make it interactive. Try to add stickers to your status updates and pictures.

Try to create a contest on the page and give a prize to the participants. If you’re not in the mood of singing or dancing try to give fitness hints to your audience.

Try to make your page viral on Facebook with these tricks. #1. Share your content on Facebook on the schedule You are a person of routine and schedule.

You get to know when you have to do things and stick to them. So what I mean with sharing your content on the schedule is to share it just like

most easily you can make it viral by publishing the posts which reach people’s heart.

With the best targeting, you can get more of your target users’ like and click on your posts.

Start your Facebook page if you are using facebook mobile app:

After you launched the facebook mobile application (With an Iphone, Iphone 5, Iphone 6, Iphone 7 or iPad ) go to facebook, then click on the link which says Facebook App launch. After the link the app of facebook open and you click on the button to go to the dashboard.

Click the blue blue arrow to go to the profile page and click on the “sign in to facebook” button.

After you made your profile, you can add your photo(Image), if you want to make your photos viral, you can add photo with smile, with palm of hands, enjoying, or any other feeling.:

Paid advertising:

it’s one of the best ways to get lots of likes and comments on your profile. Not only it makes you more popular it also makes your page “go viral”. Most often people go for this method. Usually you pay around $15 to $25 to buy a campaign that will last 2-3 weeks. Advertising you’re the best option because it only costs a few bucks to achieve results you want.

you would be going to school and telling your mother you are going to do some assignment. This will keep you more organised and make you always on time.

Why is the facebook profile important?

It is really important for a profile to be very good. People have many pages, Facebook and its business, and they want a page with good image, a good layout and share of good message.

Facebook is a well known platform which is used for sharing and marketing a business or product.

You can do it through posting the product pictures, information about the product and details about what you do.

Facebook is an ideal platform for product showcase as many people are interested on this social networking websites.

How To Create A Facebook Fan Page? Now, it is a time to make a page which should be very popular and beautiful.

At the end it is very important to share your page with your friends and family.

How to get more likes on facebook?

  • like at least 10 people, – take pictures and videos and publish them to your story, – click on this facebook picture if you want your likes to increase by 1, – this fb update help you to know about this process

Some users who shared pictures about photography, beauty tips, activities that will increase likes of their fb account.

Some models shared pictures of best clothes which will increase likes on fb. This will increase your following. Facebook also provides some tutorials for such purposes.

What are the benefits of a viral facebook profile?

Like always this will boost your business. So please make use of this blog to write what you want to say and maybe share it in fb.

I have observed a situation when a computer expert had come to my shop and told me that this business was succeeding because of Facebook

  1. Create a Video Tutorial for clients. Give your clients a free DVD (if it’s part of a multi-level marketing product) and a Vlog (video log) that they can keep on using it while they are at your place.
  2. Give them a free consultation or a training session. Give them a free consultation or a training session.
  3. Give them a free consultation or a training session for connecting with your other products. 4. Give them a free training session on product.

How to increase Likes on Facebook

There is a lot of articles that tell you how to increase likes on your FB profile, you read the guide and you find something valuable in the articles, but it’s very simple if you want to make your profile viral.

That is possible to make your profile viral? you just have to follow a simple trick which is useful for increasing the number of likes on your fb page.

Save your profile by filling all the fields. This is a good, healthy idea that will be used in the near future.

Change the privacy of your page by pressing the edit button.

Always check the box below, Press “…” to change the privacy of your page.

Keep an eye on the profile by clicking on the profile button and right-clicking the profile in the menu. This will show your profile in a menu.



User and producer can interact on facebook. The FB can show products or services to user, user can order and they will ship it to user. Producer sell the products to user, or user will order and seller will ship them to user. To

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