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What Is Digital Marketing ? How To Start Digital marketing

Digital marketing means marketing of product, services, and anything by using digital media means by using the internet.
In India 60% of total population used internet or available in internet so Selling products and services through internet is money making process for different companies and brands. below all the point explained in short that how to start digital marketing

In India the value of Digital marketing industries is more than 50 billions dollars. In future their is big growth is seen in this digital marketing companies, and their is possibilities that more audience come on digital media like Facebook and Instagram.

The more digitalization come in country the more digital marketing company and agencies will grown up. You can also start your digital marketing agencies and start earning from now. But to start digital marketing companies is not too simple, here you have to invest your money and time. The most important is to invest time.

In this field you will grow at very slowly and slowly and one day you will grown at top level in your fields. So here are the tips to become successful in Digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing.

If you don’t know what is Digital marketing agencies, how digital marketing agencies really work, what type of deals digital marketing agencies held, all this things I will explain you in short way.

What is Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital marketing agencies basically promote the product and services of any brand and company digitialy by using internet in all the social media platforms.

This Agencies promote the brand on all social media platforms like Whatsapp, instagram, facebook, telegram, twitter, youtube, linked in, etc. This Agencies also advertise the brand on Google tools like website, blog, Google adwords, Google search, Google maps, videos etc.

Digital marketing agencies advertise products on digital media which can be accessed by mobile, laptop, computer.
It basically increase the reach of particular brand on targeted audience. The most platforms used by this agencies is Google adwords, because it gives the targeted and selected audience to the brand.

How to start digital marketing agencies

One of the best steps to become successful in Digital marketing to select a niche. If you select a particular niche then their will be more chances to become successful in this field.

You can also start your digital marketing agencies and without any investment you can earn 1.25 lakh per month. Today I will share with you all business plan and blue print of digital marketing companies. I will explain you and give you my experienced tips that how will you got business.

In this field you didn’t need to do all types of digital marketing for example tech, beauty, games, vlogs, food, online app etc. You have to work on only your particular topic or niche. This will help you to grow fastly., Select a particular topic or niche to expand your digital Agencies.

To start digital marketing it is mandatory that you have been active on every social media platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter etc. If you are active you can target all the audience of this platforms.

The most common platform used by Digital Marketing Agencies to get better result.


YouTube is commonly targeted by most of agencies to increase reach of particular company. Agencies will hire big and small youtuber according to their budget. Here a brand got targeted audience and youtuber earn money from sponsorship.

Between the brand and youtuber the agencies earn huge profits, because they take more money from brand and pay less money to youtuber. And in that way agencies provide benefits to the brand in less money.

Google Adwords

Google adwords is one of the best tool to increase brand’s customer. Because this tool give targeted audience. And it only charge when brand got customer. This is very cheapest way to promote any brand but it give better result compare all other platforms.

Here ads campaign to be runned to advertise the product. All this campaign is very cheap. Here a brand can got 1000 impression on the campaigned products just in only ₹10. This ads campaign is very complicated to run so for this work a company can hire a ads expert.

Instagram Campaign

Instagram is has more than 1 billions download and more than 700 millions active user. Due to more user this agencies also run a campaign on instagram. Basically it hire the big influencer and post the company products on the page of this influencers.

Here company makes the videos and post of the product which is to be campaign and ask the big page holder of instagram followers o put in his page. So that more audience can know about this brand. Here agencies also take instagram ads to increase brand’s reach, but this instagram ads is to costly compare to other ads.

Facebook Campaign

Facebook campaign is also a good tricks to advertise company goods and services. Facebook is more user compared to instagram and and telegram. Agencies will give the contact to different facebook influencer to advertise the product.

This facebook page holder create a post on this product and share in their page, grops etc. It is also cheap way to get customer. In this platforms facebook ads is also used by most of digital marketing agencies and booked profits for their customers. Facebook campaign is also give better result to brand promotion.

Telegram promotion

Telegram has become more famous when govt. restricted whatsapp policy thats why it become the choices of most agencies. There are many groups and channel who has subscriber in millions. Agencies give money to this channel owner to post products in their group.

Telegram give better result as compared to facebook and Instagram. Telegram channel has more active and loyal audience which helps the agencies to increase customer of promoted brand’s.

Twitter Campaign

On twitter mostly big digital marketing agencies advertise products. This Agencies give contact to different celebrity to promote products. If you are twitter user you have ever seen it that many celebrities post their image using different products.

This is totally a promotion. But to run campaign on this platforms is very costly. In this platforms only premium and luxury products are advertised.

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