Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Jobs

Digital Marketing : How do you know if digital marketing jobs are the right fit for you? It’s not as easy as it sounds to find the best digital marketing jobs, but this list of the top 10 offers some excellent resources that will help you get started on your new career path.

Digital Marketing Jobs For Freshers

The first step to finding the best digital marketing jobs for you is checking out this list and reading about why each job in it deserves its spot on the list of top digital marketing jobs, including #1 Google Marketing Specialist, #2 Digital Content Manager, and #3 Digital Marketing Executive, among others.

1) Content Writers

A content writer focuses on creating compelling, SEO-friendly copy for everything from blogs to company websites. They are also charged with making sure their work is understandable and accessible.

Content writers have many talents, but their ability to write clear and concise content on a wide variety of topics makes them essential members of any marketing team. Content marketing is increasingly important to companies of all sizes, so if you’re looking for a fast-paced career that is constantly changing, consider becoming a content writer.

2) PPC Expert

There are a lot of ways to get into digital marketing. One of them is through PPC (pay-per-click) ad management. If you have experience with Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads or Yahoo! Search Marketing then you’re well on your way to becoming an expert in PPC.

Keep in mind that these platforms have completely different interfaces so it might take some time to figure out how they work. The good news is that PPC is essentially search engine optimization for advertisers so if you can handle SEO—or have some knowledge in that department—then you’ll be able to learn PPC pretty quickly as well.

3) Social Media Manager

Most companies today have some form of social media presence—and with more than 1.82 billion users on Facebook alone, it’s pretty much a necessity. To help ensure your company doesn’t fall behind in engaging with your customers and community, you may want to hire a social media manager.

The goal of a social media manager is to monitor conversations and keep your brand top-of-mind when key conversations are happening. If you can build relationships with potential and current customers over social media—which is relatively affordable for many businesses—you may see greater success in retaining customers or boosting sales leads over time.

4) Paid Search Professionals

Advertisers aren’t happy with just clicks. They want conversions. This means that paid search professionals need to focus on producing results for advertisers, not just improving their click-through rates.

In general, you should approach your paid search responsibilities with a focus on achieving measurable results rather than optimizing for volume or CTR at all costs. If an advertiser is unhappy with his performance in your account, it doesn’t matter how many clicks you got him; he still won’t be happy and will have no recourse other than moving his business elsewhere. Focus on getting results!

5) Affiliate Managers

Creating a career out of affiliate marketing can be fun and challenging. Affiliate managers are responsible for providing support to affiliate marketers, which includes offering guidance and keeping track of progress reports. The position often offers a salary plus commission or some kind of incentive plan based on achievement.

With a degree in online marketing or web development, it’s possible to qualify for an entry-level digital marketing job that could lead to more ambitious roles within a company or organization. All in all, working as an affiliate manager is ideal for those who want to make money from home while not sacrificing flexibility.

6) SEO Specialists

SEO specialists make good salaries because they’re in demand—and digital marketing is hot. According to PayScale, SEO specialists earn more than $70,000 on average (more if you work at a tech company), and companies like Google, HubSpot and Marketo are desperate for their services.

Demand has also led to an increase in scammers who prey on new SEO job seekers with promises of six-figure salaries; ignore these offers. You don’t need any experience or certifications to get started in SEO—just education about how websites work and an understanding of how search engines like Google operate.

7) Email Campaign Managers

Email is still one of the most popular forms of communication today, which makes email marketing essential for anyone looking to expand their business’s reach. If you’re familiar with spreadsheets and basic writing skills, email campaign managers are probably an excellent fit for you; since you won’t be expected to design or write copy for email blasts (instead delegating those tasks to marketing writers), it will be easier to establish yourself as a valuable member of a team.

With lots of entry-level positions available at fast-growing companies in your area, there should be no shortage of opportunities out there! It might take some time before you land that first digital marketing job—but stick with it and make sure your resume is on point! Our resume guide can help.

8) Digital Marketers

The Most In-Demand Profession in 2017 : Last year, LinkedIn published its list of Top 25 fastest-growing careers, with digital marketer at number one. If you are interested in becoming a digital marketer, here are some useful tips to get started. Read More!…

9) Web Designers/Developers

A wide variety of digital marketers come from technical backgrounds—be it in engineering, mathematics, or programming. If you have experience in any of these areas and have an interest in digital marketing, then a web designer or developer position might be for you.

Web designers and developers not only design and build websites, but they’re also responsible for things like SEO optimization, copywriting and content creation (text and graphic), website maintenance, troubleshooting issues with their sites’ performance, helping companies decide what kinds of website to create based on their business goals and objectives.

In short: if it has anything to do with making your site a success online (and bringing those eyeballs back to it over time), your web designer is involved in making that happen.

10) Data Analysts/Data Scientists

You might be surprised to learn that data science is actually a job title. These professionals analyze large amounts of data and spot trends, helping companies make informed decisions on everything from pricing strategies to new product releases.


Job growth for these roles is expected to increase by 15% over at least one year and more than 37% by 2026. The median annual salary for data scientists was $111,000 in 2016, according to Glassdoor .

And in 2017, it was reported that Facebook and Apple were looking for people with expertise in machine learning algorithms—data scientists are particularly helpful for tech companies with large stores of information about consumers.

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