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How To Earn Money With Zero Investment

There are many need of humen, like shelter food, internet, clothing. To get all this things you need money, if you had money! you have everything. You need money to survive on this earth. Money is needed at every moment of life. If you doing nothing only sitting under fan, here you need money, because the fan you are using required money to on. So today I will explain in detail how you can earn money online with Zero Investment.

Insta Fame

Due to present corona pandemic every business gone to internet. And all the people who work offline has lost their jobs. They become jobless and moneyless.

But the people who know and understand internet is becoming rich by doing simple task on internet like , affiliate marketing, digital marketing, blogging etc. All this things required no investment.

You can do all this business by using your only phone and internet.

There are many work present online and you can do simply to earn money with zero investment.

Refer and earn.

Refer and earn is best method to earn money with zero investment. Here you didn’t required any skills and knowledge. Here you didn’t face any competition.

You have only share your refferal link to your friends family and relatives. When they download it from your link you will earn commission or Money.

If you are thinking which platforms is best for refer and earn, so there are many platforms which give you good money for refer and earn like gaming app, like winzo, mpl, taxal, etc.

The best application which give you money in million is online financial broker company. It includes Upstock, Grow, 5 paisa, Angel broking, zerodha, Motilal Oswal, guru trade, olymp trade, octa fx etc.

Upstock : This platforms give ₹500 for every user you have joined from your refferal link. Here you must open an Upstock account only. This account is completely free.. If you 10 people open account from you link, you will earn ₹5000 every day. his platforms also give nice commission to the user. if 10 people download and register every day you will got ₹2500 per day.

The other which offers commission are :
For example, gaming application, resealing app, money earning app. Some of the example of app are winzo, skilclash, mpl, my team 11, dream 11, etc.


Blogging is profession where you didn’t need any investment. On blogging you have to only published your quality blog on your site.
You can become more successful if you write a blog post on particular topic or niche.
Blogging is totally free.

A platform name blogger, provide free domain name and hosting to publish your site. If you published quality and unique blog it will be ranked on Google and more user come on your site to read your blog. When you write minimum 30 to 40 blog post, you can apply to google adsense account.

Once you and your site which you use got approval from Google you can earn money. A ads is published by Google to your site and your income come from Adsense. Google Adsense give more money compare to all the social media platforms and money earning platforms in the world.

So blogging is free for all and every one can generate daily income from blogging and content writing.


Freelancing means a place where a person do job for other person. There are many freelancer platforms which does not charge money for doing job on this platforms, infact it connects you to different companies and organisations which can offer you a particular work for certain time.

In this platforms you need a particular skills that can give you money. Here you can charge money as how many you have worked. Here different companies give contact for some days to the freelancer.

There are many freelancer who are earning more than a blogger and youtuber. Fiverr is most famous platforms in india.

Affiliate marketing

The next best and without investment platforms is affiliate marketing. You has to create a affiliate link of different products and share on your social media handle, if anybody buy it you will earn your commission.

In this field you didn’t require any skills. If you have nothing still you can start affiliate marketing. The best platforms for affiliate marketing is

Instagram : You can put your affiliate link in instagram bio, swipe up story, direct message, and in your insta group.

Facebook : facebook is used by all over the world. You can make a particular page on facebook and can share your link in this page.

YouTube : If you have more subscriber on youtube and you are famous so you can earn from affiliate marketing by sharing link of product in description and comments.

Telegram : Telegram group has more active members. If your group is on particular niche you can share a link according to your group niche and start earning.

Digital Marketing

digital marketing has power to make a simple men to millionaire men. In digital marketing you not need any skills and investment. You can create your own e-book, audiobook and can sell on online on facebook and Instagram.

You can also start your digital marketing company only with your phone. When your company start growing you can hire a employees. Under digital marketing you can also sold your own products and services like selling your course and your personal advice.

YouTube Channel

To make YouTube channel is free and simple
Every user can start with their phone be sucessful to earn money. Basically youtube earning is come from Google Adsense. Once your channel got monetize your income will start.

In this platforms the more views your video got your income will also increase.
Here you can also earn from enabling you join membership. Your fan will take your membership and also give you super chat
But the most of your income is come from paid promotion or sponsorship. The brand will give 1 lakh to 2 lakh only for 45 second integrated video.

Facebook Earning

Facebook is also platforms where investment is not required. Every person is free to create and post videos on facebook.
Facebook is used by only for entertainment person.

Facebook doesn’t charge for posting videos. Here your income will come from facebook monetization. Also various brands give you money to promote their products.

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