The Ultimate Guide to Getting Snapchat Followers(flex Follow)

How many times have you wished there was an easy way to get more Snapchat followers? If you’re anything like me, the answer to that question is probably all the time! Snapchat has had quite the wild ride since launching back in 2011, but it remains one of the most popular social media apps today. As of April 2018, it boasts more than 191 million daily active users and more than 158 million users in total — and those numbers are growing daily! The best part? Anyone can get Snapchat followers.

Choose your target audience

First, you need to choose who your potential audience is. If you’re an SME, you could be targeting those that live nearby and need a delivery service. If you’re a professional social media influencer (which can relate to getting Snapchat followers), your target market would be fans of yours on other social media platforms.


Get into their head: What do they want? What do they fear? What kind of value can you provide them? How will it solve their problems? You don’t have to know exactly how yet but you need answers for these questions at least enough so that when you start providing value or creating content, it hits home with your audience because they can relate it back with something from their own lives.

Create Snaps

Everyone knows getting Snapchat followers is all about looking good. You can be great at taking photos, but if your snaps aren’t any good it doesn’t matter. Start by creating a few snaps that are interesting and fun to look at.

Be sure you’re showing off your creative skills! Then, head over to Bitmoji or Snapdo and create an avatar for yourself that reflects how you want others to see you.
Try out a bunch of options, have fun with it and make sure your avatar looks exactly like you want it to. Then… wait! It can take anywhere from 24 hours up to two weeks for people begin following you on social media sites like Snapchat; patience is key when building a brand online.

Use Hashtags Properly

Hashtags are an essential way for you to connect with other people on a relevant platform. There are two main types of hashtags: general and local. General hashtags target topics such as #travel or #health, while local hashtags focus on location-specific mentions like #NYC or #Baltimore.

When you post a photo, video, or poll on your account, you can add up to 30 hashtags; when posting text (for example, in a chat), you can only use one. The more creative and unique your tags are, the more likely they’ll be used by others—and shared widely.

Use Engaging Captions

The best way to get your audience on Snapchat is with engaging captions. If you have a picture, whether it’s of you and a friend at dinner or one of your product in action, make sure that your caption will spur people into taking action—commenting, liking, or sharing.

Try testing out different versions of a caption and seeing which one gets more engagement from your audience. There’s no rule for what kind of words resonate with an audience. Some may be funny while others are serious; some may ask for specific actions while others entice your followers with nostalgia-inducing stories about childhood.

Post Stories Regularly

Of course, there are other ways to get Snapchat followers, but getting on a regular posting schedule is a surefire way to get people interested in your account. To do that, post at least once a day. You can post more than once if you want, but for most brands (unless you’re sharing something that won’t age) one daily update is all you need.
The key is keeping it simple: no need for elaborate content or special effects—just tell your story as it happens. Posting regularly will also give you time to respond when fans reach out or ask questions—which they will! Remember: consistency breeds interest.

Get Feedback on Your Snaps

There are many ways to increase your followers on Instagram. These days, Instagram is a place where people find beauty, inspiration and motivation. It’s no wonder that some people have built a business out of sharing their beautiful lives with others.

If you’re looking for an easy way to make money using social media then you might want to think about becoming an influencer – someone who has their own following on Instagram or other social media platforms. Not only will influencers promote products for companies and brands, but they also make money off of advertisements, sponsorships and brand ambassadorship deals as well.

Interact with Brands and Influencers

One of my personal favorite ways to gain followers on Snapchat is through collaborations with influencers and brands. A few months ago, I partnered with another Snapchat creator and our content was featured in her Snap story each day for a week.

We were hoping it would help us reach new people—and it did! When your snaps are used by a big brand or influencer, you can see growth across your entire account.

Also, many brands will actively look for creators that align with their brand values, so make sure you’re creating high-quality content (not just Snaps). You should also reach out directly to companies you want to work with. Most are happy to have someone create exclusive content for them on their platform.

Become an Instagram Influencer

If you’re a small business looking for potential clients, one of your best options is to appeal directly to influencers. If they share your product or service on their accounts, they can connect you with their followers.

And while they may not be famous enough for everyone in their network to know them by name, those who do are going to trust that influencer’s opinion over yours any day of the week.

So how do you become an Instagram influencer? You need two things: a great product and a built-in audience. The second part will come from your own Instagram following. But how do you build up that network? Post awesome photos!

Reach Out To People Who Can Help You Grow Your Account

This may sound simple, but you’d be surprised how many users fail to take advantage of it. If you have a few friends with big Snapchat accounts, contact them and ask if they’ll follow you back.

(Try not to come across as desperate—your goal is friendship, not followers.) They may post a snap on their story asking their followers to check out your account as well.

People will then visit your account for content that appeals to them, which means more exposure for your posts! Eventually, viewers will notice that there are more people following you than viewing your stories, which is what every social media user strives for—real estate on other users’ feeds. That will increase your exposure and gain new followers.

Consistency Is Key

If you’re just starting out on Snapchat, it’s important to keep in mind that getting a ton of followers in a short amount of time can feel great. But if you aren’t generating an engaged following, all those new followers aren’t worth much.


If you want people to stay interested and stick around, try adding your friends! Your existing social network will be more likely to become a part of your nap story, as well as share stories with their networks.

In other words: consistency is key. Be consistent with posting on Snapchat or don’t bother doing it at all because people won’t care if they never see anything from you again.

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