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Top 9 Affiliate Marketing Program And Websites ( Storm Followers )

There are many affiliate program which provides good commission in india. All the affiliate program I will tell in this blog or article is best, simple and easiest program.
To earn from this program you need nothing.
You only need internet and mobile phone.
So today I will give you knowledge of top 9 affiliate marketing websites and program in 2021

You are already known that internet is very cheap in india and every people can afford it. By joining and implementation all this affiliate program you can earn more than a government high level officers. All affiliate marketing program is completely free and they charge nothing form you to open the affiliate account on their website.

In this field Nil investment is required. There are many top level youtuber who are also earning from affiliate program through their channel.

Benefits of Affiliate Program.

  • In affiliate program you need not required a costly equipment and assets.
  • This type of work is totally remote work. You can control all you work from in any location of the world.
  • Affiliate program doesn’t required any office and employees. Here you are the only employees and you are boss.
  • Passive income is also main benefits of affiliate marketing. Here you have to only work for 1to 2 years, in this year you will earn your life time income in only 2 years.
    But in private job you can’t earn your lifetime income in 2 years.
  • No Investment is required in this field of work. Only a mobile phone and internet is enough.
  • It is not part time job and not full time job it is depend upon you how many hours you will work.

Top 9, affiliate marketing Program

Amazon affiliate program

Amazon affiliate program is totally easy and best affiliate program. It provides 10% commission to its affiliates marketers. And other good thing of amazon is it is top level multinational companie, so you can find all types of product here.

If you have noticed the amazon logo, you will find the arrow from A to Z. This means amazon has A to Z products which are usable in daily life. There is no eligibility criteria in this program. Every one can join this program.

You have to just opened the affiliate account by submitting some data. After successfully open account you can now create a affiliate link of various products and start your earnings.

When someone buy a product, the commission of this product is not show instantly in your account, it show when the replacement day is end. The minimum amount you can redeem from affiliate account is ₹1000.

Flipkart Affiliate Program

Flipkart is very famous in india and if are want to sold products in india then it is best program for you. Flipkart also give 9% to 10% commission for affiliate marketing.

From this program you can easily earn 1000 thousands to 2000 thousands per day. Many people in India prefer flipkart to purchase products online than other companies.

So if you are going with flipkart program it is easy to get success in short time.

Meesho reselling program

Meesho is a platform where you can generate income by re selling of products. It is not affiliate marketing. It is reselling marketing.

It is better than affiliate marketing, because in affiliate marketing you can got maximum of 10% commission on single products, but in meesho you can sell products according to your price. Here you can got maximum commission of 30% to 50%.

The signup process of this application is so easy just download it from playstore and make a account by submitting mobile number and start earning. Make a account and share the picture of product on your social media handle.

Alibaba affiliate program

Alibaba is one of the biggest e commerce website in China. This website also offer affiliate marketing program. Affiliate marketing is not limited to only your home country.

If any people from other countries buy the product from the link you will got higher commission. If it is good idea to target the people of other countries to increase the income. will help you to target the other countries.

By using Alibaba you can easily target Chinese people, because Alibaba website is mostly used by Chinese people. There are many affiliates marketers who target other countries and increase their income. This website provides 7% to 9% commission.

Instamojo refer and earn

Instamojo is a payment gateway platforms. This platforms also give affiliate marketing opportunities to its user. This platforms give 500 rupees to per referral. If you reffer 9 people per day than you will generate 9000 rupees per day.

Instamojo also provide website where you can sold your own products. But the bad things of this site is it charge high tax from its users. On instamojo there are many user generating their monthly income.


Rozorpay is best payment gateway. It provides also 500 rupees per referral. To earn money from rozorpay first you need to open your account. After that invite your friends and relatives from your link.

When they are interested and open their account you will got 500 rupees per user, this amount is shown in your account in 24 hours. Rozorpay payment gateway is very fast, here you can run you business. This Aso give website to user to run their business.

Upstock refferal program

Upstock is basically a application where you can easily open your deemat account and trading account. It is brokerage platforms. This app provides many benefits to its users like free account opening, delivery trading is free, very less brokerage charged.

But the thing from I really impressed is it give refferal bonus to its user. This bonus and refferal amount can be easily transfer to bank account. It’s refferal bonus per user is 500₹.

5Paisa refferal program

This brokerage platforms also provide 500 rupees per one refferal to all its user. If any user joined other user from his link he will got 500₹. This platforms very old platforms of trading account.

It comes under top brokerage platforms of India. So it is safe platforms where your money is protected. You can also use its to invest money.
This refferal money is transferred to user registered bank account.

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