How to Get More Likes on Instagram Reels ( Niva Follow)

Likes on Instagram Reels: If you’re looking to increase the number of likes on your Instagram reels, there are two approaches you can take: boost your exposure, or improve the quality of your content. This article will show you how to do both.

Boosting your exposure means putting together a strategy that will get more people to view your Instagram reel, while improving the quality of your reel means improving the way you present your reel so that it’s more likely to be liked when someone sees it. We’ll discuss both approaches below.

Tips to get more likes on your reel

Your reel is your portfolio of samples; when you are applying for jobs, clients will ask for your reel so they can judge what kind of work you do. You need a stellar reel that is packed with quality work and visually appealing! Here are some tips to help you create a great reel that gets people excited about hiring you:

If an image is worth 1,000 words then video must be worth 10 million. Clients these days love videos, especially ones that tell their stories rather than just having product placement in them. If you can’t manage shooting and editing your own video then start by making short clips – perhaps just reels of quick action cuts rather than full scenes.

Use free software like Windows Movie Maker or Final Cut Express if necessary and try to get as many opinions as possible before posting it online…but remember not everyone will ‘get’ or like it so don’t take offence if someone says something negative about it. Likes on Instagram Reels

The best type of content

People want to connect with other people and your followers are no different. So when you’re making a reel, go for behind-the-scenes content—this can range from conversations between you and your teammates to photos of your office building or event booth. Not only does behind-the-scenes content bring out personalities (which helps build more trust), but it shows that you care about giving value back to your viewers.

Your company might be too small yet for an in-depth behind-the-scenes video, but even doing something like filming how you create content or telling stories of how things work at your company can make a huge difference in terms of brand loyalty. You never know what questions people have about your business until they start asking them! Show, don’t tell:

The best videos are simple videos. They engage emotions, give real life examples, show solutions and offer valuable knowledge that your audience will take action on. By showing rather than telling — or just letting your brand personality shine through — you’ll get lots of engagement without having to bribe users by buying ads.

Most importantly: Let personality come through whenever possible. If people can’t see who’s behind a business or product right away, it gets much harder to feel connected with their messages – which translates into far fewer views and shares overall.[25] All great marketing comes down to knowing who your customers really are – take advantage of those insights!

Post at the right time

Use your analytics to determine when your target audience is most active. You can do that by monitoring how many people see and engage with your video at different times of day. Instagram reels are most often posted in between 5 a.m. and 9 p.m., so make sure you post yours during those hours, too—and don’t worry if you’re posting in off-hours; it may take a few days for people to catch up and view your videos, which could help increase engagement even more.

You can also boost views in other ways: Include captions (75 percent of people watch videos with sound) and hashtags (56 percent watch). And since almost half of viewers like or comment, feel free to ask them questions. To get started finding relevant hashtags for your audience, search #video or #videogram along with any relevant keywords such as travel or lifestyle (followed by another word or phrase), then look through related terms and scroll down until you find hashtags including words like videos and photos.

Once you’ve found a hashtag that’s relevant to your video content, tap Create an Ad to create a branded hashtag using an existing one instead. Doing so enables users who search that hashtag to find only posts from advertisers they follow. Likes on Instagram Reels

Use hashtags in titles

This is how reels get discovered. To get more likes, use hashtags in your reel titles and tags. The more niche hashtags you can include that relate directly to your content, the better chances you’ll have of being discovered by like-minded individuals.

What are some popular hashtags? Here are a few suggestions: #cinematicvideo #productionlife #graphicsdesign #videography. Or go broad and try things like: #videography or #filmmaking. Whatever you choose, keep it relevant to what your video shows, so users actually want to view it! If they don’t understand why they should watch it, they won’t hit play – no matter how many likes it has! You also want to make sure your settings are set up correctly.

Right under your videos, there will be a toggle to Show likes (1) and Show comments (0). You probably see my point; turn off comments so your stats aren’t skewed by irrelevant activity.Likes on Instagram Reels

Put effort into your thumbnail

Whether your reel includes a few shots or a full-blown film, people will only see it for about 10 seconds before deciding whether or not they want to watch. If you’re looking for more views and likes, put some effort into your thumbnail; it has a huge impact on how many people are going to click on it.

Make sure that your thumbnail is 1:1 aspect ratio (exactly square) and covers up as much of your image as possible. Don’t skimp out by taking photos with an iPhone: rather, use a digital camera so that you can zoom in and focus clearly when capturing each frame. It’s also smart to add text to your thumbnail that accurately describes what viewers should expect.

By telling them outright what kind of content they’ll be watching, you stand a higher chance of keeping their attention. You may even consider creating multiple thumbnails based off different types of tone—for example, one that matches your brand aesthetic and another that tries to lure in users with its humor.

However you decide to approach it, make sure you invest time into making something good for your thumbnail because it’s essentially an ad for your video.Likes on Instagram Reels

Engage your audience

The most important thing is to ensure that your video content is engaging. If viewers aren’t engaged, they won’t like your video and will probably not return to watch another. Make sure your videos have a compelling start and end, are relevant and honest and make viewers feel like they can personally connect with you.

Pay attention in particular to how comments from followers impact how many likes you get; if people comment on what you post, be sure to reply with a quick thanks! or wow! so other users know that you appreciate their input. These simple steps can help anyone get more likes for their Instagram reels.

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