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How to Grow Your Facebook Page(Yt Follower)

Increasing your Facebook likes is an essential element of growing your business and brand online, but if you’re just starting out it can be difficult to know where to begin. The following are three simple steps you can take today to start growing your Facebook page the right way, without spending all of your time managing it.

Have an Engaging Fan Base

The best thing you can do for your business is not always about creating new content. In fact, quite often it’s about engaging with your existing fans. It’s no secret that people tend to feel more connected with brands that they personally engage with and interact with on a regular basis.

The easiest way to have an engaging fan base is by providing top-notch customer service. After all, you want your followers to feel as though you’re taking care of them individually as opposed to just another number on a page. To learn more about how social media engagement can help grow your business, check out our free guide: 20 Ways You Can Get More Leads With Social Media.

Make Every Post Count

Don’t just mindlessly hit share on every update you publish. Look at each post and think: Will it move my goal? Is it really worth sharing, or is it a waste of time and energy? Remember that although your objective may be to grow your audience, you don’t have infinite resources.

Therefore, every single post should move toward growing your audience in some way or else risk being considered a waste of resources. The less effectively you use your Facebook channel (i.e., posting unhelpful content), the more time and effort you’ll have to invest later in order for anything meaningful to happen at all.

Have Great About Information

It’s vital that you have a complete and accurate About section on your page. Potential fans of your page will go here to decide whether or not they want to click Like.

Be sure that you include: What you do (and who you do it for), what makes you different, how long you’ve been around, your website address and any contact information that is pertinent.

You may also want to add a link here from social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ if people who find your company on those networks might be interested in becoming followers as well. And make sure everything is spelled correctly!

Choose a Niche

Deciding what niche you want your page to cater towards is a crucial first step in growing your audience. If you’re planning on promoting products and services, having a set target audience can help your business stand out among other pages.

To help establish yourself as an authority, think about what type of people would be interested in what you have to offer; then create content that appeals specifically to them.

For example, if your service focuses on helping millennials land jobs, speaking their language and giving them specific tips and advice will get their attention more than generic tips for how to find a job or how many likes per post should I get?

Use the Right Targeting Options

The success of any advertising campaign is highly dependent on targeting. If you’re not reaching your target audience, you’re wasting your money and making it that much harder for your business to succeed. You should start by using one of Facebook’s advertising hubs—either Facebook Ads Manager or Power Editor.

These tools will allow you to create custom audiences, which are tailored groups of users who have interacted with a certain aspect of your business (i.e., people who have visited your website, liked a page related to yours or engaged with content). These groups can then be used as targets for any ads you run in order to ensure maximum exposure.

No one likes a spammer, and there’s no faster way to annoy your followers than bombarding them with posts at all hours of day. Instead, promote your page a few times per week – on days when you have something important coming up. When you do, interact with commenters and fans who mention you in their own posts.

Even if they aren’t asking questions that call for answers, show that you appreciate them taking time out of their day to connect with you! Showing genuine appreciation has a double benefit:

Post at the Right Times

it makes your audience feel better about being involved with you while also giving them an extra reason (besides your awesome products) to stay tuned in and come back again next time.

Promote Inconsistently, but Consistently

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make on social media is that they don’t plan their social media content. While some platforms are more flexible than others, it’s important to have a basic publishing schedule for each platform you use—and if you can afford it, a staff person dedicated to managing and creating your content for those channels.

Otherwise, your customers will see disjointed communication and might start thinking that you don’t care about them. How consistent do you need to be? It really depends on your audience and what you hope to accomplish with social media. You might want a frequency of once or twice per week or even less frequently; others may benefit from daily updates at peak times such as mornings or lunchtime during workdays.

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