Increase Views On Twitter Videos

Increase Views On Twitter Videos : One of the best ways to make an impact on Twitter is through video. Many Twitter users are active on their platform because they want to find and be found by new people, and your Twitter videos can help you do that! If you’re worried about what your videos will look like, or you don’t know where to start, these eight simple ways to get more views on Twitter videos will have you posting great content in no time!

Don’t use the Facebook share button

This is not going to get you any more views on your videos than usual. What will get you more views? Inviting your audience to do something in exchange for watching a video. For example, offer a new product discount or give them access to additional information on how to do something. This will encourage them to watch and share your video with their friends.

Share it often on other platforms

Research shows that consumers will watch more than 80% of a video if it’s shared on multiple platforms. Posting your content to both Facebook and Instagram will encourage those who might have missed it, while also providing an additional chance for those who already saw it to view it again and share with friends.

Make sure that you engage with your audience on other social channels by responding to comments and answering questions. Engaging in conversations can increase engagement across all of your platforms, including Twitter. Followers are more likely to check out your videos when they see that others have viewed them or tweeted about them before them.

Add a call to action in your video

Call to action is an important component of a successful video. If you don’t include any call to action, then people may not know what you want them to do next. However, if you only include one at the end of your video, then it won’t be effective.

The best way is to add a call to action several times in your video so that people can notice it and watch your entire video without getting distracted by other elements on your page or website. Some popular ways that brands use for their calls-to-action are

Start conversations with influencers

If you want more eyeballs on your videos, it helps to get eyes on other people’s videos. One way to do that is by tweeting about videos that you enjoy—or even ones that you don’t like. While many experts discourage tweeting about things you don’t like, it can be a good way to engage with others in your community.

Look for common ground (even if it is just a minor dislike) and then have a conversation around those topics instead of simply saying you suck. You may even find other tweeps who share your tastes or who are happy to recommend new content creators they enjoy.

Promote your twitter videos within your own tweets

Twitter’s video sharing features are not that well-known, but they’re really worth using. The basic idea is that you tweet a link to your videos and allow people to watch them without leaving Twitter. This can be done by including a video icon in your tweets, or by adding video to your tweet’s URL.

You can also get creative with how you share; for example, add annotations on Vine or use a YouTube pop-out player for embedded videos on YouTube. Regardless of how you do it, don’t forget to promote these tweets! Retweet them when appropriate and create new tweets that include a call-to-action—asking viewers to retweet or reply—when you want more feedback from your followers. Also, be sure not to spam these messages!

Use hashtags correctly

While there’s no hard and fast rule to how many hashtags you should use on your posts, remember that including more than two is a bad idea. Hashtags are meant to connect conversations, not to broadcast them for all your followers to see.

If you have trouble coming up with your own hashtags, follow successful accounts in your niche who always use relevant ones. Make sure you don’t repeat them though—you don’t want all of your content getting mixed together!

Engage and interact with people who are already watching your video

After you’ve posted your video, make sure to engage with people who are already watching it. Comment on their comments, send them personal replies and thank them for watching. The best way to use social media is by engaging with other users and encouraging them to continue connecting with you.

One of Twitter’s selling points is that it’s a social platform; don’t forget that! By interacting with people and making conversation, your video will get more views from organic traffic from targeted users who already like your content.

Include clickable links in your video descriptions

The most basic way to get more views on your videos is to make them easily shareable. Include clickable links in your video descriptions. This will ensure that anyone who sees your video can easily find and view other videos you’ve posted, or even connect with you via social media.

Not only will they be able to find your channel, but they’ll also be able to see that you’re posting new content regularly so they can subscribe (or just sit back and wait for more content).

Even if someone doesn’t interact with any of those links, seeing them can serve as a reminder later when they want to view one of your videos again. Just by including a few key words in every description could make all the difference.

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