Facebook Analytics Tools

Facebook Analytics Tools (Socialfame)

Facebook Analytics Tools : This is probably the key question for most marketing teams, and for anyone who has worked on a startup. Facebook’s analytics are quite powerful, but as Steve Blank pointed out in his book numerous times (The Four Steps to the Epiphany) they lack one key feature: a clear measurement of value.

Facebook Analytics Tools

That’s why we’re working on it! We want to know exactly how our users interact with our product. And we want the data to show us where our users go next. In this post we will cover two ways you can use Facebook’s tools to measure value:



At its core, advertising is a cost-per-click (CPC). It is easy to measure based on campaign metrics like average CPC and open rates, but very hard to measure overall success of an ad campaign (i.e., the number of clicks or views that were returned by your ad).

The only way you can get at this data without adding extra work is through Facebook’s Ads API, which allows you to pull data from ads on your timeline and/or from apps you are using (although we will not cover that here).
User Behavior Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to collect similar data around user behavior, but unlike Ads API it does not allow you to pull data directly from your timeline or apps. This means it cannot tell us anything about the value people get out of your product. Facebook Analytics Tools :

But if you have already built some kind of user behavior analytics system like ExactTarget or UserX , then Facebook can work great for this too! The only catch here is that Facebook has not integrated any measurement into its own tools yet (at least none I have seen), so if you need different metrics than what they offer, then building something else may be a better option.

What Are the Facebook Analytics Tools?

The Facebook tools are a big part of what differentiates us from the competition. Not only are we able to show you how your fans interact with your brand, but we can also help you understand what they like, what they don’t like and how to engage better with them.

For example:
• We can tell you if a fan likes your product or service.
• We can help you understand if a fan likes the way that product is promoted and which pages get their attention the most (by sending them direct messages).
• We can measure who is visiting your page, which pages are engaging on a day-to-day basis, how often they visit and where.
Our analytics tools also use images and videos to allow companies to grow their engagement with their fans (and hopefully drive more sales as well). We’re also excited about new features that Facebook is working on for the analytics tools in 2016.

  1. How to Use Facebook Analytics Tools?

There are a ton of tools out there for tracking and analyzing your Facebook analytics, from the web-based to the mobile. Most of them are free and some of them even come with a free trial (or you can buy an ad badge).
In this post, we will try to give you some ideas on how to get the most out of these tools. The best way to do that is to use them in combination.

This will enable you to reach out different metrics, analyze them and maximize the value that you receive from each tool. If you have never used Facebook analytics before, it might seem daunting at first, but don’t be intimidated! It’s not as complicated as it seems!

So why should I use these tools?

Facebook’s goal is to earn your trust by providing useful information. And that means they need your help: they want your data so they can learn what matters most to you and then optimize their marketing efforts on those products!
If you want more detail about how to use Facebook analytics tools, read our previous post on the topic: How To Use Analytics Tools From Facebook – Step-by-Step Guide . For now, we’ll just give you a quick overview of what each tool can do for your business. We’ll also share a couple tips that will help you get started right away:

If we had one word to describe our approach towards tracking and generating insights from all these tools (and doing more), it would be “integrated” . We’d like every tool we recommend to be as easy and seamless as possible for our users – which is why we created this step-by-step guide about how to integrate each tool with Facebook Analytics for businesses.

  1. Conclusion

The biggest question I hear from startup founders is: “How do I get more valuable insights into my users?” This is a tough one. Facebook Analytics Tools :
Facebook Analytics is one of the premier analytics tools for startups and has been for some time now. There are a number of reasons why:
It is free. Facebook Analytics Tools :
Instantly available on all major platforms (desktop, mobile, web).

It gives you data that you can use to learn about your users — about their behavior and interests — which can be used for many things, including sales process optimization (SEO) and relationship-building (like “how do I know if my product will work for them?”). Facebook Analytics Tools :

For example, if you have a product that helps people discover local businesses, a Facebook Analytics tool might tell you that there are some interesting businesses around the corner they want to check out.


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