Steps To Get 12k Followers on Instagram

Upload incredible Images.

One of the major steps to get 12k followers on Instagram is to upload incredible and rare Images, because their are very less people are available on Instagram who upload quality content.if you upload incredible and rare images on instagram you can attract more audience leads to increase in instagram followers.

Setup your professional Account

Instagram has more than 1 billions download in Google Play Store and relatively more than 600 million users are active on Instagram. So how much followers you can gain from this 600 million users. You can gain more and more followers if you setup your professional Account, because when user visit your profile where he see your professional Account and they can follow you by seeing your professional Account and quality content.

Use Right Hashtag

Use of right hashtag also can help you to increase your followers on instagram. When you use right hashtag their is big possibilities of to viral your posts . When your post get viral on Instagram more and user like your post and visit your profile to follow you. hence use right and famous hashtag to become viral on instagram.
So these are the steps to get 12k followers on Instagram

Like and comment on other user’s post

The another more important steps to get 12k followers on Instagram is to like and comment on others user’s post. If like other user’s post more users come to your profile to like your post and if they like your content their is possibilities to follow you. every user on Instagram want some respect to other user and if you give some respect to oher user they will also respect you. By following all above the point of this article you can build a strong network on Instagram


One of the best steps to get 12k followers on instagram is to collaborate with user having big followers.
So always find opportunities to collaborate with famous person on instagram. Instagram collaboration is big weapon that give you 12k followers in one night. you can also collaborate with those user having small followers, because such user also give you big following.

Post constantly

If you are on Instagram and want to get 12k followers then post constantly on instagram.
provide time to time content to your user. Also if you are regular on instagram your account impression is goes to more wider audience. By doing this their is chance of viral your content.

This is something that everybody can do to help gain more followers.

If you’re getting followed but the posts are not great then just keep posting regularly on Instagram.

You have to post regularly and show people that you’re there and want to keep them as well.

Just like the way I say that you can get followers on Instagram on Facebook. If you post consistently then you will get more followers over time. When you start getting followers then you’ll see that they are posting on your account. You will start getting even more followers and getting more followers is a great way to show people what you can do.

Once you get followers it’s really easy to reach out to them and ask them to follow you.

Also if you’re getting lots of followers and getting noticed for your posts then you’re on to something. That means that you’re doing something right.

Be Active on Instagram

Be active on Instagram to get 12k followers on Instagram. This is main steps where every user fails to gain more followers, because he doesn’t active on Instagram regularly.

Have a Plan

Once you’ve got your first few followers on Instagram then you’ll be glad to have a plan in place to keep them. If you’re getting a lot of followers but your account is totally empty then it means that you don’t have a plan.

You can plan your next few posts so that you can gain more followers over the next week. When you plan your posts and post them on a regular basis then people will start to notice it. This is how to get followers on instagram.

Maintain Your Photos

People usually want to follow someone that they’re interested in. If your photos are boring then that might not be the best option.

People have different tastes and if you post photos of things that you do all the time then that might be the wrong thing. Keep posting pictures of you going to the gym, going for a run or doing the dishes in the morning. This is how to get followers on instagram.

Also keep posting pictures of you eating delicious foods. People want to see what you’re eating so that they can eat it as well. Keep posting pictures of you on social media. People want to follow you.

Encourage other people to follow you

This is another way of getting more followers. You should encourage other people to follow you. You could say things like:

“Follow me , Share this photo , Send me a message.”

This is something that you should do every day so that you’re asking people to follow you every day.

Other people will notice that you’re asking them to follow you and this is how you get more followers on Instagram.

Make sure that the comments are positive though because people are usually far more interested in getting followers than trying to get people to like their photos.

Get your Friends to follow you

Your friends are probably going to follow you. If you’re someone that lots of people like then then it’s going to be easy for people to get your friends to follow you on Instagram.

You’ll notice that when you post lots of pictures on Instagram that you’ll notice that your friends will start to comment on lots of your pictures. Then you’ll see that your friends are sharing your photos.

That’s how your friends can start to get your friends to follow you on Instagram. That means that you’re making sure that your friends are aware of you on instagram. You’ll notice

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