How to Get the Most Likes on Instagram (Follower Plus)

Most Likes on Instagram : Instagram has become one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, and gaining more followers there can greatly increase your brand’s reach and influence. So how do you gain the most likes on Instagram? Follow these tips to get more people liking your photos! Most Likes on Instagram :

Most Likes on Instagram

Quality Over Quantity

Getting likes, followers, and shares is an easy way to get validation for your work, but it doesn’t mean you’re doing anything more than building a social following. (Social media can be a powerful tool for building relationships and community.) So while quantity matters—getting as many as possible is ideal—quality matters even more. After all, quality content that resonates with your audience will ultimately lead to greater engagement. The same goes for social media: If you post consistently engaging content that aligns with your brand, you’ll attract people who love what you do (and want to see what you post). In turn, those followers may be more likely to help promote your content; after all, they really like it!


Post Relevant, Attractive Media

The next time you post something to your social media accounts, remember that people are likely interacting with your account because they have an interest in what you have to say and share. That means it’s crucial to post relevant content . It also means posting photos or video that is attractive and appealing. Don’t spend hours trying to make something look perfect, but don’t use your mobile phone camera for everything either. Some pictures look better when taken at a higher quality; others require higher contrast. Playing around can help you figure out which elements of a picture appeal most to users, and each platform has their own rules about what kind of images will perform best with users.

Use Hashtags Effectively

Hashtags are an extremely powerful way to increase engagement and visibility, but not just any hashtag will do. You want hashtags that are hyper-specific or include a location. For example, use #londonbride for a wedding in London; or #northamerica and tag locations within North America: #lasvegas, #newyorkcity. And don’t forget about event-related hashtags like #fitnessevents if you’re attending a fitness conference. These might be easy ones to start with—but once you get some practice, create unique ones based off events and posts. If your business is located in more than one city (say L.A., Las Vegas and New York), then it makes sense to have three different Twitter accounts – one for each city – rather than posting everything under one account! Keep in mind what platforms work best for your audience: Facebook may not be as effective as Instagram or Twitter when it comes to engaging fans online. Take advantage of every tool at your disposal—you can use them all, so long as they’re tailored to fit your ideal customer’s interests!
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Engage With Others

The best way to make sure your posts get noticed is through engagement with others. Engagement isn’t just a nice thing to do on social media; it’s an extremely important part of driving traffic and growing your followers. The more people engage with you, the more visible you become to other users – and hopefully those new followers will be interested in your content too! It’s also worth noting that only about 20% of all Instagram posts receive any kind of engagement, so it’s definitely something you want to strive for if you want a big payoff in terms of likes and comments. Here are some basic things you can do Re-gram popular posts: Take popular content from other accounts and post them onto yours, tagging relevant hashtags so you have a better chance of being seen by their audience. This can easily drive up hundreds or even thousands of likes in one shot – much more than what you might usually get from posting your own original content! Tag at least three people: Just tagging someone doesn’t count as engagement; you actually have to tag three or more accounts when they post pictures on their own feed. Tags take up space within your post text box, but they send notifications to those tagged accounts (and their followers) whenever someone tags them – meaning lots of clicks back over to see whatever great image they posted might be lurking there.

Engage in Real Conversations

Most Likes on Instagram : It’s easier than you think—and a lot more fun—to get started. At first, aim for 1–2 posts per day, which is less than most people already do. As your following grows, increase your daily output. The point isn’t about how many updates you publish but rather that you show up regularly and have a real conversation with your followers. Here are a few ideas for good content share information (like news), inspire (like a quote or story), provide solutions (such as tips), and entertain (some humor, some cute pics). Don’t ignore complaints; they provide valuable insight into what your customers want from you. If someone complains publicly (like on Twitter) or privately via Facebook message, try responding in public so other people can see that you care about their concerns. If someone compliments something, thank them! They might be new fans who will become raving advocates of your business once they see how responsive you are when others give positive feedback. Most importantly: don’t expect immediate results; patience pays off in social media marketing because social networks reward those who put in consistent effort over time by improving their reach and influence among followers over time.


Be Helpful When You Can

Everyone knows that social media is great for advertising. But many businesses forget about a benefit of social media that’s more subtle, but even more important: helping you get genuine customer feedback. When you’re running an ad campaign or trying out a new product, you can use your social channels to find out how it’s really going over with your customers. Most Likes on Instagram The #1 rule in business is be helpful when you can and social media allows your audience to be as close as they want—so take advantage of it! Use both Facebook and Twitter to help people by providing support or direct answers where you can. You might be surprised at how quickly you-as-business turns into you-as-person, meaning your followers may actually begin to think of you as a friend instead of just another brand. This shift from strictly business attitude to small hints of humanity makes all brands appear more relatable—meaning they are far more likely to like your posts or share them with their friends. After all, sharing is caring, right?

Share Your Own Content Regularly

When a lot of people come across your account for the first time, it’s only natural that they’ll take an initial pass through your photos and videos. At that point, you want them to see content that makes them click like. To encourage likes at first glance, try sharing your own content—specifically photos and videos—regularly.


If someone likes one of your own posts, there’s a high likelihood they’ll go back into their feed and check out what else you have going on. Plus, if they like multiple posts, you could start showing up in other users’ Feeds as well; exposure is good! While there are no hard-and-fast rules about how often you should share your own content, we recommend posting to both accounts a few times per week. As with anything related to social media success, doing enough research to find what works best for you will be key. The more data points you can gather from real users (not just stories told by other brands), the better off you’ll be. For example, maybe sharing photos three times per week performs best with your audience or maybe videos perform better during slow periods.

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