Facebook Page Monetization

How to monetize the Facebook page

The most concise way to monetize the Facebook page is either through the introduction of a physical product or the sale of physical goods and services by the page itself. There are a couple of concerns on both sides of the fence.


Physical Products

Posting texts and images on your page is not an innovation as many have been doing for years. This also gives you a leg up to create a buzz and build more dedicated followers than you would if you were promoting your own product.

Apart from this the business side of entrepreneurship is always what it is, you also want to be able to gather feedback from the customers who want the product which will most likely drive more sales for your product.

Virtual Goods

Every social media platform has an own avatar profile (no matter the platform that you are using) which includes a personal photo and profile information. This is much easier to extend and recreate the brand name on your own profile than any physical product.

The first success case that I have ever seen to monetize the facebook page . NVIDIA’s page uses their own profile information which also offers the strength to create a solid organic buzz around your brand through a phenomenon that is not often found for a web startup, word of mouth.

But no matter how appealing your virtual product is, there will always be negative human reactions that can be blocked out if you are sincere and sincere in your messaging.

Putting your profile photo on any kind of physical product is a good way to start gaining goodwill and respect and then slowly moving up the product.

But a brand like NVIDIA is a notoriously complex brand that is by far the opposite of a business minded startup. This in itself will not be the best platform for the success of your physical business.

Physical Goods

A good example of a good virtual product is one like that of Rimbal, whose “PS Pro” took a bit of time to gain traction before they began selling the product but who instantly went viral once the product became available and upgraded at the very beginning of 2018.

(that’s right, your product is free for anybody using the api! The solution for making a powerful VR headset is not to actually sell your product to the public, you have to sell it and demand that if you sell your product it is permanently free).

That said, there is still some technology limitation and execution with virtual goods that I think you have to be careful with.

For example, convincing the market that your virtual products or avatar are exciting and worthwhile is different than convincing a whole social network to get passionate about your brand and product. monetize the Facebook page

Proving to the users of a marketplace that your physical products are unlike the typical avatar? That is why the avatar needs to be created as a digital hologram yourself.

Uses of Social Media and Content

Sharing Photos

The ultimate meta trick of creating a social media content is to create multiple stories through a number of posts that share images, videos and other related content (So this is not a niche business but rather the base of a bigger business).

Re-posting Articles and Posts

Creating a non-verbal connection through sharing a certain item in our social media would likely get the community involved and get the attention of their friends.

Comment Posts

The success rate of a review or write-up post goes up with the comments that it receives as that is a means for users to enjoy the beautiful content created by others.



This is not quite the ideal way to make a brand. But you have to find a way to create the right kind of sparkle so that your content is believable as a brand.

Posts of Snapchat Stories

Recent developments have greatly changed the news consumer or commenter on social media. It’s obvious that we have a much more involved (user) than we had the past so providing value has never been more helpful.

I personally see several businesses that will create my personal feed every day without me knowing.

Celebrity names

When the company if Instagram or another platform makes themselves the main or company name on your platform, that’s when your social media platforms starts to make themselves a gimmick or a voice investment that will turn out not very positive for the brand.

But this is when you start selling social media content for a better brand.

Facebook Pages

It’s no secret that you cannot make these business models as money-making businesses unless you create a lot of followers. I think having the right amount of followers will most likely take you a long way in becoming a successful business.

Facebook is categorized into two sections – news feed and internet advertising, which help the businesses understand and be more connected with their target users. monetize the Facebook page

As Facebook grew, they “a list of the people and pages your business likes”. If you are a business you can form and hone the relationship with your audience.

with Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. As a side note – Instagram is an analytics tool you can use to sell more products, this would be the perfect place to start with a product that sells “lifestyle products” like videos, books, mobile game, etc.


When setting up a facebook page, you’ll have a small team to help keep it active and informative to your users. As a business you should focus on the product, they will take you through your name and your url to create a url that can be used as your page.

You should have a url that includes “card”, “app”, “username”, and your profile pic to start the page up, this will make it easy for social media marketing platforms to be found when building your products.


The hook will be in the business name “john” the person that is above the fold. Any user will see this within seconds after seeing you setup your facebook page. The better your product is, the more users will search your username and page for what you offer.


Create a profile picture that you think is arresting! In this case, you might consider the hashtag “[name of the product or service]” to use in conjunction with your business’ website, this will be noticed and connected by all users.


As a follower on your page (who would like to buy your product) you’ll be able to “tap and swipe up” to get more information about your product. monetize the Facebook page

That’s what product marketing is all about: people want more information about what a product can do for them. The less you have to say the better, and you can make the product itself more engaging by using content to attract the users.

Tap and swipe to find information on the product or service. If they’re interested, they’ll read the review of the product after they click “buy” to make a “contact link” to verify that you have the product and are selling it! Once this is done they’ll have a relationship with your product.

Unfortunately, the “website (name, url, social media site)” is more difficult to build than you think. With google, search engines are still full of people who need a word cloud of your product and you can get it here. This will help you have a general idea on your product in a way the url you just created does not.

Community engagement is important, I recommend you post at least once a week for people to engage with you. monetize the Facebook page I think writing in a local area is important if you’re selling a local product.

If you are selling internationally, the best words for which to search are localized ads and local stores in the same country so you can create a relationship by someone knowing their hometown, with a whole new group of people!

Update your website frequently, with a quick google search. One of the main differentials is how to update your website.

For example, if your business produces a bespoke text or do an infographic with a video, you’re better served to keep your page up to date with your items because the google search algorithm will make your business’ google page stand out from the rest of the sites.

In addition, update your twitter account regularly. It’s fantastic to expand your outreach by showing your followers that you’re able to promote a brand.

Some brands never had a social media presence. Put the power of the brand directly on your Twitter feed and make sure your content is engaging!

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