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The Instagram store bridges the gap between social media and online shopping. Every month, more than 130 million Instagram users click on a post about shopping to get more information regarding the item. An effective Instagram store will help a variety of companies grow their digital presence. In this post we’ll explain the steps to create an Instagram store shopping and what you can do with it.


What exactly is an Instagram store?

How do you create an Instagram store on Instagram?

Frequently asked Instagram shopping-related questions

What exactly is the definition of an Instagram store?

Instagram store offers a range of options that let you sell items by uploading catalogs, tagging products on posts, and taking payments through the app. This article will provide an overview of the various options that are available in Instagram store.

Shops: Display your catalogue of products on an online storefront.

Tags for shopping create shoppable posts by tagging photos with items.

Instagram Shop: An omnipresent place for shoppers to explore new products and stores.

Collections: Stores can group items in themed collection.

Page for product details: Highlight highlights information, benefits, and other on a page that plays other content on Instagram which feature the product.

Advertisements with tags for products Bring customers to your site or Instagram checkout using tags in your ads.

Checkout on Instagram If it’s possible your shop is eligible, it can be supported by Facebook Pay which lets customers pay directly through Instagram.

Shopping with creators: Shoppers can buy from the content of creators/influencers who collaborate with brands. (Checkout-enabled only)

Launches of new products: Create a buzz for a product that is coming out by posting announcements on Instagram. (Checkout disabled only)

Live shopping: Businesses that have Checkout enabled are able to sell and feature products via live video.

It’s a vast array of options. Through Instagram shopping, customers are able to see what they want in the photograph and get more information about the item, and even purchase it without much effort. For example, below are Seiko’s Instagram page that has an option to shop, which will take you to the store of the company.



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How do you set up an Instagram shop Step-by-step instructions

Let’s take a look at the steps to take to start an Instagram shop today.

Step 1. Meet the eligibility requirements

Before you can set up the Instagram shop account on Instagram, you must be able to meet the following eligibility conditions:

Your shop is located on a market supported by a partner

You are able to sell physical products that comply with community rules

You abide by the rules of commerce

Step 2 2. Make Instagram as well as Facebook business pages, and then link to them.

If you satisfy the minimum prerequisites, you are able to begin to create your Instagram shopping account. Because Instagram Shops is a part of Facebook Shops, you need to set up an account on Facebook Business page. In the ideal scenario, you’ll make an Facebook Shops page. You can then set it up using the shopping template.

You can then convert your personal account to one that is a business account. You can convert your account by going into your settings and clicking Switch to professional/business account.

Then, you’ll be able to then connect Instagram via Facebook and then select to create a Facebook page to manage your store. Take these steps to follow:

Select Edit profile

Tap Public’s business details

Tap Page

Select a Facebook page to join

Step 3. Upload your catalog by hand or using an e-commerce partner

The catalog for your products is the main reason behind an Instagram shop. There are two primary ways to create catalogs: either use Facebook’s catalog manager, or connect to a third-party online store.

Pros and Cons for each. If you’re using Facebook’s manager it is possible to set up Facebook Pay and permit users to make use of Instagram Checkout. However, if you sell on your own site you’ll need to manage multiple flow of inventory. Facebook’s business manager is also lacking certain features when compared with catalog tools such as BigCommerce.

Facebook Shop can connect with various ecommerce tools to make the process simpler. You can also use an e-commerce platform to manage your products on Facebook

If you’re considering using an e-commerce platform such as Shopify This is what you need to do:

Create your own catalog of products in Shopify

Create a sales channel on Shopify in your Shop on Facebook

Within Shopify select which items you want to transfer to Facebook as part of your catalog

Create a sales channel on Shopify to sell your products on Instagram

Step 4: Submit your application and wait for the decision

If you’ve got a catalog of items that you have listed on Facebook which is linked to Instagram and Instagram, you are able to send your profile to review. Take these steps

In your business Instagram profile, click Settings.

Tap Business then use Instagram for shopping

Follow the directions to double-check your bank account, and then apply for

The process of review can last from between a couple of days and several weeks. You’ll be notified if your account is accepted. It is possible to receive an email that Instagram requires more information and it will also include additional instructions.

Step 5: Switch on your shopping cart and label the items

instagram store


Once you’ve been approved, are able to enable shopping for the account on Instagram account. Log into Settings then tap Business then click Shopping. Select which catalog of products you’d like to join and then tap Done.

You can now draw customers to your catalog through stories and posts about shopping. You can include tags in images that point directly to your products, so customers are always able to learn more information about what they see. You can also include stickers in your stories that can also direct customers to items in your catalog.


If you own a website shop, it’s simple to begin using Instagram to grow your business. Social shopping is expected to increase in the near future and Instagram is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to profit of this.

Commonly Asked Instagram Shopping Questions

What is the reason my Instagram not eligible for purchase?

Be sure that your products adhere to Instagram’s guidelines, and have a Facebook page and a website. Shopping page. If you’re still getting issues, turn off everything and begin using manual catalogs. Third-party catalogs may cause problems if they include products with all-caps titles and links in the descriptions of products, issues with pricing, or missing color or size variations.

Do you have enough followers? require to be able to shop on Instagram for shopping?

There is no minimum amount of followers needed to create the Instagram shop account. You can begin tagging products in the Instagram even if you’ve no followers. When you’ve got 10,000 fans you can utilize the swipe-up feature within your posts, but it doesn’t have anything to do with an account for shopping.


How long will it take for Instagram to approve purchases?

In most cases, it takes couple of hours to a few days to get an account certified for tags for product. In certain cases it could take as long as two weeks. If you don’t hear within about two weeks it’s an excellent idea to connect with Facebook and determine whether there’s a problem.

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