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Instagram marketing VS Facebook marketing


Instagram and Facebook both has marketing options where different brands can market their products to increase their sale. Also brand hire different digital marketing agencies to advertise the product. But always their is things come that which is better instagram marketing or facebook marketing.

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So today we will discuss about marketing of Facebook and Instagram. That which can more effective to advertise the product.

Basically instagram has young audiences and Facebook has all types of audience. Also facebook ads are simple and cheap. So more brand prefer facebook to advertise their products.

It doesn’t means that brand doesn’t prefer Instagram, due to young audience the brand who produce the product which is liked by the young people, can advertise their products on Instagram.

Without even recognizing it, you use one of the two different types of marketing on your Instagram page. Instagram is not a marketing medium in itself;

what makes Instagram more like a marketing platform is how the content is presented, and how they decide to analyze, filter, and curate the content.

Like they do on Facebook, Instagram controls the content on their Instagram platform so that it reaches the right audience. This is a great advantage on Instagram, as Instagram features more photo and video formats.

These formats include adding caption captions, adding a group with photo captions and hashtags, sending your content to other pages that may have similar following, setting up the layout of the page,

sending your content to a category like Fashion, to name a few. The comparison of these different methods of presenting your content to the different Instagram platforms makes the two different platforms


so much better because they allow for the visual content to be able to reach the right audience, which adds a spark of interest on the audience’s side for more engagement, and a less friction effect.

Instagram also provides an improvement in their standard publishing button, by a small amount that helps to launch the post better; this automatically creates a notification that you are posting something new, for an instant feedback, boosting the engagement that it will generate.

Facebook has the third largest number of users as Instagram, which makes them have the largest audience.

Most of the engagement on Instagram will come from video marketing, and with most pages featuring an average of seven photos per day, the average action is that followers are scrolling past many posts that you, as a brand, put out into the world.

One photo per day won’t seem like much, but when you have seven posts per day, that adds up!

To explain Facebook as an Instagram’s equivalent, “Facebook’s features are far richer and more varied than Instagram’s,” and advertisers in Instagram generally find their ads to perform worse, if not negatively, when comparing Facebook to Instagram.

Thus in Instagram, they are incentivized to make the photo content unique and unique, and that does increase the engagement rate;

however, Facebook has a more large number of users, this means that they have more users of the ability to engage with their content.

For Instagram to be able to grow their audience quickly, all of the advertising push is from the Instagram app; advertising is what drives attention to Instagram.

An upgrade of Instagram with better features that gain brand recognition through the use of facebook can further increase the user base, however, this potential increase may increase Instagram’s rate of growth.

In contrast, Facebook is a platform that is established enough that they could have added similar features to Instagram, which in turn may create friction in their advertising efforts, which means that more advertisers might not put their attention into the platform.

This is in large part due to the addictive aspect of Facebook, however, Instagram isn’t as addictive as Facebook.

The ads found on both of these platforms are how each platform’s users interact. As the name of the platform implies, the visual image is more present in Instagram.


The “medal-shaped features like the row of likes and comment icons” form the biggest part of the engagement on the content, especially if it is hard to tell from one side of the page to the other.

This makes the ads posted on Instagram more beautiful and very compelling.

Facebook simply is a larger platform than Instagram, making it more difficult to garner user engagement. The more engaged the posts are, the more likely the user is to like it.

Facebook can reach a broader audience as a result. Facebook owns Instagram, which makes them the dominant platform for the promotion of brands and businesses; therefore, since they own the main and most valuable platform of Instagram, they will only offer it as a platform to emphasize their company’s advertisements.

This is seen on the occasional social media post, whereby a company features their product and their product’s product.

For example, If you like a photo you see on Facebook, you are in the possibility of giving them a message, such as, “We recommend all users to click on their profile image and follow them on Instagram so they can see their posts.

This is the major reason Instagram is the overall larger platform when comparing Instagram with Facebook.” Finally, the follow and favor feature in Facebook’s app is an easier way to maintain customer loyalty than the follow and favor feature in Instagram’s app

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