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Gain More Instagram Followers(Follower Hunt)

Gaining followers on Instagram can be difficult when you’re just starting out, but there are a few simple tricks that can make it easier to build your following. Not only will this help you make new connections and possibly find clients, but it will also give you valuable social proof that could allow you to charge more or even find new customers through word of mouth! Follow these five tips to gain more Instagram followers and make your business grow!

How Can I Get 1000 Instagram Followers

A better question might be, How can I get 100 followers?, because that’s a totally reasonable and achievable goal for your first few months on Instagram. Start by posting pictures of what you love (it can be anything—your dog, your significant other, interesting stuff in your city or even yourself) and using hashtags relevant to what you post so people can find you.

Once you reach that initial milestone, think about long-term growth. Focus on quality over quantity: Everyone wants as many followers as possible but remember that a large audience isn’t always desirable if they don’t engage with your content. Make sure your photos are good enough that they look inviting enough for people to follow and like!

How do You Find Instagram Followers

While it can be tempting to simply purchase a large number of followers, that’s not always a safe or smart way to get more followers. This method is popular among celebrities (if you look closely at many of their accounts, you might notice a suspiciously high follower count that looks too good to be true), but many businesses and individuals are starting to question its legitimacy.

The truth is, if everyone in your niche was using fake followers, then they would all have roughly similar numbers—and that’s simply not the case. So how do people gain more organic followers? What are safe ways of getting more real users? And how can you tell which followings are real and which aren’t? We cover all three questions below!

Is 10k Followers is Lot On Instagram

If you’re looking for a more in-depth look at how many followers you should aim for, here’s what to expect based on your number of posts: With 1 post per day: 1,000 followers With 2 posts per day: 4,000 followers With 3 posts per day: 10,000 followers With 4+ posts per day: 15,000+ users.

These are all on average, however; each account will follow different growth patterns depending on your niche and hashtags. Also, bear in mind that social media algorithms are constantly changing and no one can say with any certainty what works best.

Test different approaches and find out what works for you! You may also be wondering about how many Instagram accounts it takes to reach 10k.

How Do You Get 1k Followers Within 5 minutes

This is all about doing some easy tricks. The first thing that you want to do is download an app on your phone called CloudShot, which takes a screenshot of whatever your phone is displaying.

Next, find someone’s account who has a decent amount of followers and follow them back. Once you’ve done that take a screenshot of their profile and set it as your profile picture.

It’s not important what else is in the screenshot, only their username and profile picture need to be seen for this trick to work! When people look at your profile they will see someone else with 1k followers so they’ll want to follow you in hopes of getting more followers too!

5) Use technology tools.

Have you ever heard of tools like IFTTT and Zapier? They let you set up connections between different apps and devices. For example, you can create a recipe that posts a picture from your Instagram account to Facebook whenever you post. (Look up Instagram on Facebook or similar recipes.)

The more connected technology becomes, and as other apps pick up their slack, it’s easier than ever for new users—and older ones who are just now taking advantage of features—to gain followers. Here are some tips

2) Show your personality in the bio

Your bio is your chance to showcase what makes you different and special. Don’t waste it by writing a laundry list of hashtags; focus on making it unique, fun, and useful. Hashtags are important—they open people up to new content and discovery, says Lisa Williams from Heartbeat Social.

But you should be intentional about your bios. For example, if your brand represents an adventure or lifestyle (#liveyouradventure) you could write something like Ever-changing photos of our next travel destination coming at you! If you represent your city’s culinary scene and that would also reflect in your bio. Here are some other ways to make sure you take advantage of every opportunity social media has to offer:

Reposting & Amplifying: Once someone comments on one of your posts showing appreciation for your work, do them a favor and return the love with a re-post. If there’s more than one comment worth acknowledging, consider reposting those comments along with yours to give them some extra spotlight on their own post as well.

3) Add hashtags to your posts

Hashtags on social media are a great way to get your brand noticed, and have a much better success rate than traditional marketing. By adding hashtags to your post, you allow yourself to be found by people who aren’t already following you.

Find relevant hashtags that match your niche and then add two-four at the end of each post (don’t overdo it!) or create new posts with unique tags that no one else is using.

Keep track of which tags work best for you so you can use them in future posts. Read more: [How-to] Find Profitable Hashtags For Your Marketing Campaigns! {Free Infographic}

4) Use Follow me back requests

This is one of my favorite tactics. There are plenty of apps and websites out there that will give you a list of random users to follow—and they’ll all follow you back. Remember, they don’t know who you are, so it doesn’t matter if they don’t find your content engaging or appealing.

The accounts you follow back may not have many followers themselves, but over time your account will start gaining more followers organically because those new followers like what you have to offer and become engaged.

The best part about following-back is that none of your actions are tracked by Instagram—all of it is done anonymously through third-party tools!

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