Instagram Followers Giveaway

Instagram Followers Giveaway : If you’re just starting out on Instagram, one of the most frustrating things you can experience is watching your account grow at a snail’s pace while all of your friends seem to reach thousands of followers within the first week.

Instagram Followers Giveaway

Why does this happen? Many people assume that buying fake followers and other services are the best way to fast-track their growth on Instagram, but that’s not true at all! In fact, it’s very easy to grow your account organically and gain real followers who will love your photos as much as you do with these 10 tips.

Location, location, location

That’s something you hear all of the time when you’re looking to buy a home or rent an apartment. In social media, it can be even more important. Location plays a huge role in how well your Instagram account performs, so make sure that your profile is set up properly.

Instagram Followers Giveaway : First, make sure that your location is set correctly on your iPhone (Settings > Privacy > Location Services). If you use Android, click on Google Settings and then scroll down until you see Location access.

From there, select OK Google and turn off Access location. This will help ensure that users are finding your content based on where they are and not where you happen to be at any given moment.

Know your audience

Always ask yourself who you’re trying to reach with your posts, and what kind of photos they like. Test out different kinds of photos and hashtags until you find one that works. Once you have a few great posts under your belt, try promoting them on other social channels to attract new followers.

But remember: don’t be spammy! You want to share valuable, interesting content that your followers will enjoy seeing in their feeds and be compelled to click on—not ads for products or affiliate links.

Post on high-engagement days

If you want your posts to get noticed by users, it’s important to be posting on high-engagement days. High-engagement days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but sometimes Thursdays as well. Avoid Saturdays and Sundays as these are very low in engagement.

Use hashtags sparingly, as there can be a strong correlation between hashtags and drop off in likes or comments. It is best to use no more than two hashtags per post. Also, make sure that your caption has at least one hashtag so that it will show up in search results for people who aren’t following you yet.

Plan ahead

Instagram Followers Giveaway : If you’re serious about growing your brand, plan ahead. (No, really.) Take time to sit down and write a social media calendar that lays out exactly what you want to accomplish each month, week, and day of every month.

While there are lots of great tools that can help with scheduling—Hootsuite and Buffer come to mind—setting up your own plan helps give you control over what kinds of content go up on your social platforms.

You’ll also be better able to see how each piece fits into a larger whole, which can help ensure you don’t burn yourself out by trying to stay active 24/7 or share only one type of content. Plus, it will make coming up with ideas for future posts much easier!

Engage with influencers in your niche

There’s no way around it – influencers are a huge deal when it comes to growing your audience. Engagement with these influencers is imperative if you want to see success on social media. Here’s how: First, find an influencer in your niche. Make sure they have a large following and regularly post on their accounts.

You don’t want to work with someone who only posts occasionally, as they won’t help you grow much (though they can still be worth reaching out to if you’re looking for collaboration opportunities). Once you’ve found a few options, look over their recent posts and comment where relevant.

Post more than once per day

If you post only once per day, your followers will lose interest fast. Even if they come back to check out new photos, they may not make it around to seeing everything you’ve posted on their wall. However, posting more than once per day can help keep your account fresh in their minds.

Instagram Followers Giveaway : Research has shown that people are most active on social media during the evening, so try scheduling posts for before noon and then again after 6 or 7 p.m., when your followers might be home from work or school.

You’ll probably have fewer likes at that time, but you’ll attract more of an audience overall—including potential customers who are curious about what kind of business a company is running based on its Instagram feed.

Learn from your mistakes

There are likely to be a few posts you’re not thrilled with, but you can learn from them. If you have time, look back over your last 50 posts on all your social media accounts and really think about what worked and what didn’t. For example, if people aren’t commenting or sharing on one of your Facebook pages regularly, maybe it’s time to change up what you post there.

Take note of which photos get likes and shares and those that fall flat and adjust accordingly. If a style isn’t working for you, tweak it until it is! You’ll eventually find your groove by experimenting with new things on a regular basis.

Follow hashtags, not accounts

Follow hashtags, not accounts to grow your followers. People use hashtags for everything these days and follow popular tags because it’s a great way to find new content that is relevant to them. If you want to grow your account quickly, follow popular tags that aren’t too competitive but aren’t too broad either (i.e. #dogs vs #dogsofinstagram). Also make sure you are posting high-quality photos on a consistent basis!

Don’t spam people’s feeds

Spamming people’s feeds is never a good idea. It’s not only annoying, but also highly unlikely to get you new followers. If you’re doing it without their permission, it could also be against your platform’s community guidelines—meaning you could get banned.

If you want people to see your photos and follow you, chances are they’ll do it if they like what they see when browsing through their feed.

Instagram Followers Giveaway : You don’t need to ask for followers or comment on other people’s posts; just put up quality content and let people take notice of your account naturally—it’ll happen in time!

Use relevant hashtags

Choosing relevant hashtags is essential if you want your posts to be seen by your target audience. The more niche and less popular a hashtag is, the easier it will be for you to find followers who are interested in what you’re posting.

If your profile is relevant, people will be drawn to it and interact with it—and maybe even follow you back! Do some research to figure out which hashtags are most relevant for your account. You can also use tools like or Tagboard to quickly gauge how popular a hashtag is and whether or not it’s relevant to your account.


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