How to Sell Products On Facebook

Well before I joined Facebook, I got involved in sales as a business owner of a company that sells ship-to-home rates. I got to begin sourcing all products for multiple customers, and Facebook comes in handy when you want to reach multiple people at once. With that in mind, here’s how to do it. How to sell products on Facebook.


Log into your Facebook account.

Open Facebook Messenger

On the right, make a new post with your product. Upload pictures of the final product. You can give it the title of your product name as well.

If your product is profitable, you may reduce the photo size, start out in a black text, and end with a smiley face emoji.

When you click on the product post, a menu will open. Press Enter on each of the products you want to promote.

This also opens the title and thumbnail for the product. If you also add a link to your page, you will see some analytics pop up.

Once the social media posts are complete, click edit. In the post description, indicate the name of the post as it will be incorporated into your story in Facebook’s internal workflow.

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If you plan on selling at a certain event, you may be able to add more than one image and the venue to your listing.

Facebook doesn’t allow users to sell their products within their profile, but you’ll soon see a picture of your page and a link to it automatically attached to each of your social media posts as they will appear there by default.

You can also let users find and verify you by the hashtags you add on your social media posts.

You can pick whichever hashtags work best for your business. I’m not a fan of using hashtags in my posts because my photos don’t need more of a story around them,

and why did I choose the hashtag “#london” for a post about London? Look for hashtags that reflect your business and business audience.


Facebook doesn’t provide a lot of detailed information about your products and how to promote them. But, I believe, this will change in the future, so keep your eyes and ears open.

My hope is that you’ll be able to use your Facebook page to drive interest and sales for your business. But I’m still learning as well.

Get to know your audience

If you’re looking to bring new customers to your business, make sure you know your target audience first.

In my opinion, the best thing to do in Facebook is to focus your posts on your most profitable customer groups first.

Depending on your product and industry, it may also make sense to consider going user-generated.

You can be targeting this group of customers by looking at their graph, but this requires some analysis. If you have more customer groups, you can likely target them with this analysis.

When you see your page has quite a high audience, I recommend putting more product in your post. You can increase the subject lines or title of your post, and try making it as descriptive as possible.

If you’re selling a new product, try using a product-first strategy to promote your product. This strategy lets you decide exactly what you want your product to be or as descriptive as possible.

If your product is not successful, you’ll get paid by most online stores, so there’s no downside.

You don’t want to have your product sold through you in your Facebook post. This rarely works unless you’re using a coupon code.


I can’t understand why it’s not a permanent solution, but more than that, we’re not always putting marketing efforts into online features.

Choose content wisely. How to sell products on Facebook

Facebook lets you create a post that makes you look good on Instagram. However, you can also create posts that make you look bad on Instagram.

In truth, if you want to post highly-profitable content, you’re best off creating content with a high conversational style and chances are your brand will fare better in a post geared towards Instagram.

You can’t use these strategies on Facebook. I wrote this article to help you tailor your content to your website, rather than Facebook.

Once you’ve chosen content for your website, you’ll want to see if your Instagram photos are matching those on Facebook, otherwise you’ll need to check Facebook to edit your post.

Whatever you’re posting on Facebook, make sure it’s converting you into a top story on your Facebook page. And please, please, leave comments with your best ideas.

There’s still a lot of growth to be had. We are looking to become the number one and first social platform, so that we can help them grow in the future.

Most of Facebook’s revenue comes from revenues generated through the sale of advertising space on the platform. How to sell products on Facebook

The company projects that ad revenue will reach a value of more than $70 billion next year.

But the potential is enormous, and it’s one of the ways that the brand can thrive within the digital world of 2020.

Facebook is also currently launching an application called Instagram’s IGTV, where they intend to sell native ads. How to sell products on Facebook


This will be the first ever service that Facebook launched that is directly aimed at consumers!

We can all imagine new industries that could be impacted by social media, such as e-commerce, gaming and travel.

On Instagram, an ad is served to the user when they like or follow a business account (like a friend or follower). How to sell products on Facebook

This will ultimately generate them some cash revenue, as well as the brands that want to promote their product, brand, service, or employee.

Here are a few of the digital brands that use facebook to raise awareness of their products and services — Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung, Dell and Tesla…


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