How to Earn Money from Instagram ( Insta views )

16 Ways to Make Money with Your Instagram Account

In now days there are many instagram influencer who are generating a huge income from Instagram. All and every people can earn money like this influencers. 16 ways that how to earn money from instagram are explained below.

Get more followers

In order to increase followers, you must add pictures and posts where people can find what they want to see.

Once you post a photo, tag the places where people want to find it and also tag Instagram. So people will be looking for it. Get Ads on Instagram There are many companies who will pay you to get your Instagram ads.


These companies will buy your ads on Instagram from you. You will then pay them some money for this. When you post ads, you must post a picture that you want the people to see.

This will help your company to get more followers and Instagram ads. Like the product There are many people who will like your posts if you put in some effort.

Sell your products

It is a great way to earn money from Instagram as you can sell your products online via your own Instagram account.

It is one of the easiest way to make money on Instagram Earn tips from your followers You can also earn tips from your followers who have liked or commented your post.


It is a great way to earn money from Instagram as you can monetize your Instagram profile Build a business brand If you have a business account on Instagram, you can also monetize it by adding your company logo or special offers on each post that your fans can easily view.

Build a high brand visibility It is another way to make money on Instagram from making your brand visible to your audience. This strategy is also a good way to make money from Instagram.

Use your Instagram to advertise other people’s products

If you use your instagram account to advertise other people’s products it will work for you. However it is not recommended for money.

Instead you can do this by selling handmade and vintage products Marketing If you have a personal instagram account you can also promote your products for personal products like clothes.


You can also market other people’s products on your own account. Host a party or event If you have an event which you are promoting you can sell some of your products at that event.

If you are not doing a company party you can do it as a personal party. Talk about other people’s products Do you like to talk about other people’s products on your instagram? Try to do it and you can make good money.

Create content for businesses or brands

This is the simple way to get started to generate income on Instagram. You can find influencers on Instagram who are engaged with brands or individuals who are looking for custom content to showcase on their profile.

Become a beauty expert Instagram is now the preferred platform to showcase beauty care solutions to anyone and everyone. A lot of individuals and businesses in beauty related business like hair, make-up, facial care and skincare needs professional expert influencers.

Partner with brands on Instagram This is one way to get money for your Instagram. Partnering with Instagram influencers is the most preferred way to advertise your product or brand on Instagram.

Become a social media sponsor

You can start to become a social media sponsorship by simply creating an instagram account. This will allow you to sponsor your favorite bloggers, and influencers for a fee.
To make money from this step you need to create a special account that will allow sponsored content.
You can easily create this account by simply following these steps.

  1. Click on the Instagram logo
  2. Click on the pencil icon
  3. Click on the social media button.
  4. Sign in by clicking the logo.
  5. Click on the blue “Create Account” icon.
  6. Click on the “Create Audience”, and this will create your new audience
  7. Then click on the blue button “Find New Partners”
  8. Select the “Sponsor” and then click on the blue “Subscribe
  9. a

Become an affiliate

With an affiliate link or cash-back, you can make money online on your Instagram. You can simply list an item on Amazon and write a post saying that you are using their affiliate link, which will give them a commission whenever they purchase that item.

You can also make money by listing an item on eBay, and other places. Do post on Shopping bag or on Facebook or on WhatsApp When you have a good following, you can receive a lot of followers and you can start posting to their feed.

And once you have a good reach on Instagram, you can easily send links to your followers and they can click and buy.

Launch a Product or Event Create a product, go to crowdfunding platform like Indiegogo or Kickstarter, build an item and then sell it on your Instagram.

Publish sponsored content

Create sponsored content for brands that you love. Get your personal instagram influencers and post them stories with a sponsored content.

But before you start posting your stories you should know that brands can choose to post your story on their page if they like your content. Once the brand chooses to post your story you need to post the story in your story after the brand also posts theirs.

So when you post your sponsored content after the brand you will earn money. Sharing other people’s content You can be one of the Instagram influencer who can get paid by sharing other people’s content on your Instagram page.

Like if your friend posts a photo and share it on your wall, you will get paid by doing this as well.

Give shoutouts on instagram

This is one of the simple way to earn money from Instagram. It is easy to earn money from Instagram, you just need to give shoutout to people.

If you have more followers then you can give more shoutouts There are some ways to earn money from instagram ia: Give shoutout to your fan on instagram ia if you have a lot of followers on instagram then you can give more shoutouts to your fan.


After that your followers will share the same post to their followers. If your follower will like your post then your follower will share the same post with their followers.

It is also possible to increase your reach and influence by promoting the same post to other relevant hashtags and also going the other way by linking the post from your Instagram account to your other account.


Instagram is among the most popular social media platforms which have seen over 600 million active users and counting. Many people are using Instagram for their various business purposes.

Thus, they are alluring to earn money through it. Now there are many ways to earn money from Instagram. And there are a lot of websites that offer Instagram marketing for online shops.



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