Best Facebook Ads

Best Facebook Ads : First, let’s talk about what best facebook ads means to you. Maybe it’s more money in your pocket – by increasing your profits, or reducing the amount of money you spend on ads overall. Maybe it’s more fans who genuinely want to connect with you – people who want to know about your life and your goals, who love the content you put out, and who spread the word about how awesome you are.

Best Facebook Ads Strategies

The first step to running effective Best facebook ads is knowing who you’re trying to reach. And unless you run a general business account, you likely have a very specific niche in mind that you want to target. With your goals in mind, it’s important to target those people with highly relevant audiences so your advertisements aren’t wasted money.

There are many ways to do so, but let’s focus on two of them: audience lists and lookalike audiences. Audience lists enable you to select an existing facebook page or event as your source. Facebook will then show your ad to all of its followers or attendees (depending on what you choose).

This method is an easy way to get started when advertising locally—you can simply choose a local venue as your audience list—but it does carry some risks because you don’t always know how well that place or brand fits into your ideal customer profile. If there’s not a direct correlation between fans and potential customers, you may be wasting money.

Create great ad copy

Best Facebook Ads : Writing great ad copy isn’t easy—but it is possible. An effective ad is a delight to read, conveys your brand’s values, and quickly communicates what your business does and why it’s better than its competitors. Ad copy can be as short as a few sentences or much longer, depending on what you feel is most appropriate for your particular brand.

Once you start creating ads regularly, it helps to think of them in terms of formulas: Each formula contains key elements that make for a successful ad; once those are established, you can tweak them slightly depending on who you’re targeting (for example, B2B vs. B2C).

Here are some of our favorite formulas for writing great ad copy 1) Problem + Solution = How You Fix It 2) Features + Benefits = Why People Want It 3) Objection-Resolution = Solving Any Cons 4) Customer Case Study = Real Results, Confidence Building 5) Question + Answer = Engaging Language 6) Decision Journey = Justification Steps 7) Branded Before-and-Afters = Comparisons That Convey Value 8) Brand Storytelling = Illustrating Your Core 9) Call-to-Action (CTA)* *We recommend including one clear CTA per ad so users know exactly where they should click. A CTA could be something like Get Started Today! or Learn More. Make sure each ad has only one strong call to action.

Make sure your landing page has all the necessary elements

Best Facebook Ads : a strong headline, short description, button, and benefits. : A strong headline and clear value proposition is critical for driving click-throughs from your ads. In other words, write a catchy headline that clearly describes what people will get out of clicking on your ad. For example: Get a complete guide to making $300+ per day using Instagram marketing.

Then focus on each benefit of that product in your short description (in our example, we might say something like Follow along with my step-by-step instructions to learn exactly how I make $300+ per day using Instagram marketing.). Finally, make sure you include a clear call to action at the end of your ad’s description—don’t assume people know they should click through!

Split test your adverts for best results

Best Facebook Ads : The best way to learn how to create effective adverts is to split test different elements and aspects of your adverts. For example, try changing your headline from time to time or your call-to-action statement.

Another great way to optimize your ads is by testing against different images. We’ll talk more about image optimization later on in our book, but for now it’s worth testing a variety of images and seeing which one performs best for you – maybe that includes using just an image or nothing at all.

Finally, some other things you can test include changes in pricing and even what day you promote your offer on Facebook. It might sound strange, but if one day performs better than another then there’s no harm in running ads during that time period only!

Don’t forget about other networks.

Best Facebook Ads : While it’s true that Instagram and Snapchat aren’t quite as big as other social networks, they are still incredibly popular and worth your attention. In fact, Instagram boasts a massive 1 billion active users per month, so if you don’t have an Instagram strategy in place for your business it could be costing you money.

For example, many small businesses can use their account to generate leads by offering promotions (like coupons or sales) or even drive traffic back to their website using links on images.

Best Facebook Ads : It’s also a great way to connect with influencers who could promote your product for free—or at least give you some pointers on where to advertise. The bottom line: You can’t just focus on one platform; get creative!

Have patience and persistence

If you’re willing to have patience and persistence, then you’re much more likely to succeed with your strategies. There are no short cuts when it comes to social media ads. If you follow our advice, then success will come naturally in time as long as you keep doing what works.


We know that if you stick with it and don’t give up, your return on investment (ROI) is guaranteed! So, there’s a lot of value for having patience and persistence with any marketing strategy. It also gives you an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and find ways to improve along each step of way.

Therefore, we encourage our students not to give up even if they’ve had failures before. Be careful not to get caught up in wishing everything would happen quickly; take one day at a time—it really is that simple! Remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day…and neither were most successful Facebook advertising campaigns!

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