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People are always searching the Internet to find out how to make their Instagram reels go viral. Reels, which display all of your Instagram posts in one place on your profile, were introduced by Instagram in early 2017 as an additional way to connect with your followers and show them new content from your Instagram account. With so many people looking for how to make their Instagram reels go viral, we’ve compiled the following helpful tips for you to follow if you want to increase the popularity of your Instagram reels.

Pick Best Hashtags

Hashtags can be powerful tools for getting your video more views. By adding a relevant hashtag to your video, you open up yourself up to new audiences and make it easier for people already following that topic or account to find you.

Using 3 hashtags is enough of a balance between not looking spammy and maximizing exposure, without creating confusion on what your original post was actually about. Try using hashtags such as #videography and #filmmaking if you have a videography or filmmaking business/account.

Choose a catchy caption

Keeping your caption short and simple is one of the best ways to grab attention in a world of scrolling. First, you need to create some sort of hype around your picture. You could use a strong call-to-action (CTA) for new followers, like Get 20% off our new products with coupon code XYZ or even simply ask people for their opinions on something you’re selling.

If you want more likes, try asking questions or telling people how you’re feeling—everyone loves an emotional connection! After coming up with an exciting caption, type it out first so that if anyone sees it when they glance at your pic before sliding down their feed, they’ll be intrigued enough to read what you have to say.

Once you’ve got a solid caption in place, make sure to add hashtags relevant to your post. Use them sparingly though; there are only 30 characters available for each hashtag, so don’t go overboard. Include 2-3 hashtags max per post.

Spend time editing your video

When you’re first starting out, it can be tempting to toss up whatever footage you’ve got, but making your videos look professional is important. You can easily film and edit a video on your phone or computer.

At minimum, learn how to add titles and text with good typography (i.e., don’t use Comic Sans). This is a simple way to make a video more interesting for viewers. For example, if you were filming an interview with someone about their favorite books,

adding title cards that say Name of Book as they mention each one will keep people from getting confused about what book they’re talking about. You can also try adding filters and transitions—the same ones used in Hollywood movies—to spice things up a bit. The possibilities are endless!

Use relevant emojis and text over pictures

One of your main goals when putting together a reel is to get as many views as possible. That means that you want lots of people clicking through and watching your video, right? One surefire way to do that is to add emojis and text over your images. This can help break up what would otherwise be an image-only video and draw attention away from just how boring an image may be.

For example, if you’re posting a photo of yourself in front of a beautiful mountain range, adding text like This past weekend I was hiking with my friends or even just an emoji like #nature will make your post more appealing than it would have been otherwise.

Post during prime times

When is prime time for your industry? Identify when content gets shared most. Once you know, schedule your posts in advance and be sure to post at prime times. For example, if you own a restaurant that’s open only from 5 p.m.-10 p.m., posting midday during lunch probably won’t garner any attention (or return visits).

That same restaurant, however, might see higher engagement on weekend evenings around dinner time or even brunch. When you have a specific time of day or days where people are engaging with your brand on social media, save that as a scheduled post in advance so it goes out when people will be ready to see it.

Engage with people while you’re watching the video

In any social media community, it is important to engage with people. When you are viewing other people’s videos and photos, try to comment on them when appropriate.

Not only does interacting with people show them that you enjoy their content, but it also opens up a line of communication for when you want your content shared or are interested in sharing theirs.

Engaging will also increase your chances of being added as a follower by these influencers which can lead to greater reach and engagement in the future.


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