Get More Twitter Likes(Boom Follower)

Get More Twitter Likes : Adding likes to your tweets can help you boost your following, draw attention to key information, and even drive traffic to your website. The only problem? Getting more Twitter likes isn’t easy! After all, these days everyone wants more Twitter likes, and with so many of us using the platform, it’s harder than ever to stand out in the crowd. To make things easier on you, we’ve put together this list of 7 ways to get more Twitter likes instantly and kick-start your follower growth today!

Get More Twitter Likes

1) Like Everyone

Get More Twitter Likes : The first way you can get more followers on twitter is by liking a lot of other tweets. Not only will you be getting yourself in front of a larger audience, but you’ll also be curating content that your target audience might enjoy.

Just think of it as an opportunity to make some new friends! If possible, try avoiding businesses or brands (especially those with sizable followings) that would otherwise not want to engage with you. It’s not worth losing followers over an impulsive like—and there are plenty of companies who would love your attention!

2) Retweet Early And Often

Get More Twitter Likes : The amount of tweets you send out on a daily basis are more important than ever. While it used to be that only people who followed you would see your updates, now thanks to hashtags and trending topics, your tweets can reach a huge audience. To maximize visibility for your business, think about retweeting as many relevant tweets as possible.

When another user’s tweet is retweeted by someone with authority (like you), their followers will be shown that tweet too—and some of them might click-through and follow you! This same concept applies with mentioning users in your tweets: do so often and those users will likely mention or retweet you back.

3) Tweet Good Content

Get More Twitter Likes : As tempting as it is, don’t tweet just for tweeting’s sake. Without any reason or purpose behind your tweets, you run into another problem—one of engagement. You want people to click on your tweets, like them and retweet them.

Make sure they have content worth reading. It might sound boring, but if you want real followers and likes, then you need to post relevant information and be consistent with posting that content.

If you want an easy way out, ask yourself what kinds of things would make your friends share a tweet with their followers? Are those qualities present in each tweet? If not, improve! It doesn’t take long before people realize your tweets are spammy…and then they’ll stop following or liking altogether.

4) Use Lists

Get More Twitter Likes : Lists help people find and connect with you, which can lead to more likes. But don’t just sign up for all of them: be specific about what you want your audience to know about you. If you write about marketing, for example, then it might make sense to look for lists specifically designed for marketers.

Knowing exactly what people are looking for can help guide your content plan and really increase your effectiveness on Twitter. Just be sure not to spam those lists or you’ll wind up getting removed—and maybe even getting suspended from other lists as well! (You can find a list of targeted communities by typing lists into Twitter’s search bar.)

5) Participate In Hashtags

Hashtags can be a very powerful tool for increasing your likes on twitter. Think about it, if you could get even 5% of people who are following that hashtag to like your post, then all of a sudden hundreds or even thousands of likes just arrived in your Twitter feed.

If you can do that enough times, then it won’t take long before you’re a popular name and getting lots of people liking you naturally on twitter. So find some hashtags relevant to your niche and start participating! However, please make sure that you always participate in good faith; only like posts which you genuinely feel is worthy enough for others as well!

6) Personalize Your Tweets

Using targeted hashtags will help you reach a wider audience. If your message is timely, attach it to a relevant hashtag or two. And if you really want your message to be seen, consider adding an image along with your 140 characters.

To make it easy for people find and follow you, consider creating a custom URL for your account (more on that in Step 6). Asking for followers: It can be tempting to ask all of your Twitter connections whether they’d mind following you on Twitter.

But don’t do it! While it’s okay to post links to your profile, asking people directly can come across as pushy—and there’s no guarantee they’ll follow you back. Instead, focus on providing valuable content and growing your follower base organically by sharing interesting links throughout your network.

The more interesting content you share, the more likely new users are to notice you and decide to check out what else you’re up to online. Be social offline: Don’t forget about offline networking opportunities when building up your online presence.

Meeting new people at conferences, local meetups or other networking events not only gives them an opportunity get know who you are but also lets them see how active and involved in their industry community you are—two things potential customers look for when deciding which brands/products/services to support.

7) Use A Consistent Profile Picture

A profile picture is your brand’s first impression, and your photo is one of several things that will be considered before someone decides whether or not they like what you have to say. That’s why consistency is so important: If you change your image often, it makes it harder for people to remember who you are and what you stand for.

Ideally, pick a photo that reflects your business personality. When in doubt, show your smiling face (you might need it later). It should also go without saying that nude pictures aren’t appropriate—that goes double if those pictures are then Tweeted publicly.


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