Why Facebook Is Better Than Instagram

Social Networking Tips For Your Business

Instagram and Facebook are two platforms which has different audiences. But facebook has more audience than instagram. Fb is popular in developing countries as well as developed countries

Why is Instagram better than Facebook:

User Interaction: On Facebook, everyone just shares photos of his or her friends. But on Instagram, people share personal stuff.

On Facebook, everyone just shares photos of his or her friends. But on Instagram, people share personal stuff. Followers:

 On Instagram, you can follow a particular person, and this person will follow you. But Facebook doesn’t have follow option.

 So you won’t get to see the likes and comments. You can add a hashtag to attract people and try to get likes through comments.

Facebook is used by people from all parts of the world

Facebook is easier to read Facebook has a clear idea about posting timelines Facebook gives users more control to post status updates For social media marketing,

 you will need to focus on relevant keywords and hashtags Decide on a platform that will help you to reach your targeted audience.

Your page will be kept fresh as new content will be shared on it on a regular basis.

 Facebook Timeline: Steps To Create Your Timeline Facebook started offering custom made advertisements through its Facebook Ads platform. 

You can create advertisement that targets specific audience by paying for the cost per thousand impressions or cost per click (CPC).

Facebook have huge  audience than Instagram

 Instagram has under 500 million. So both social media platforms have great potential and opportunity for you.

 Why Facebook is Better Than Instagram for Business Instagram doesn’t have a robust native video player (while Facebook does). This is very important for small businesses.

 Instagram doesn’t have any curation at all. If you want to advertise videos or any other kind of product, then you will not be able to get featured. So this is a major drawback for small businesses.

 Instagram doesn’t have direct listing option for all over the world. While Facebook has Live, Instagram doesn’t. 

Another big drawback is that Instagram will not accept any subscription business model. Unlike Facebook.

This is because the Facebook social network reach are huge. So you may want to use this platform to reach your customer who are not interested in social media.

What is the first thing you need to do when you decide to use facebook social media marketing?

Create a professional profile.

Make an attractive landing page.

Make social media profiles.

Use Facebook Ads to promote your products/services.

Social media posts are more effective when the captions are spoken and written.

How can you get your business Facebook Business Profile to increase your brand awareness and business profits?

Define your goals and goals can be achieved by increasing your brand awareness.

How to use facebook for your business

Don’t underestimate the power of facebook and that you need to build a brand page and share the news about your business regularly. 

Create a Facebook Page. Go to Business, Contacts and Pages. Create a Page. Then add a video and add caption and publish it on facebook.

 As a Facebook user, you can also reach out to the page owners and invite them to share your page on their page or on their website. Facebook Pages are managed by Facebook and are dynamic in terms of appearance and functions.

 On the other hand, people usually know and connect to brands by the way they conduct their business. 

Social media marketing is one such type of marketing which helps in connecting with the customers. Therefore, social media marketing is a trending type of marketing.

You can promote your business using this social media. You can interact with the customers on facebook. 

You can create post on a specific channel as well as share them. On twitter, you can promote your brand and products. 

You can also engage the customers by engaging with them, and making them share your tweets.

One of the most important part is to track the performance of these different social media.

 You will be able to know the performance of each of the social media. By comparing the performances you can see which social media performs better and how to improve the performance of your social media.

How to improve the performance of your facebook page?

The overall performance of your facebook page is determined by the audience, the post performance, and the reach of your posts. It

Instagram can be used for marketing your product

Facebook Can be used for marketing your product Instagram can be used for marketing your product.

 Facebook Can be used for marketing your product Here are ways to use Instagram for marketing your product. 

Use visual social media posts for your business Don’t rely on just writing posts on your Instagram account. 

You can also feature images on your posts to promote your products and services. You can showcase your products or services through pictures and create a fun, entertaining Instagram experience for your users. 

Using images for marketing purpose is great for image lovers as they get to see how beautiful or beautiful your products and services are. It’s like you are your own YouTuber.

But I suggest my client, to use facebook. Facebook has users from all the age groups, and Facebook ads have the audience from all age groups.

So, what’s your take on Instagram and Facebook?


Among the 2 social networking platforms, Facebook has maximum number of followers and highest average engagement. 

But the Facebook’s measurement does not distinguish the amount of engagement which is around 200. 

Instagram is growing much faster than Facebook and some stats say that it is growing faster than Facebook

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