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Twitter is the microblogging platform most people know but tend to hate. It has caught on worldwide and has become indispensable in many democratic societies.

Twitter was founded in 2006 in San Francisco as micro-blogging platform and began to grow rapidly after its first month.

Its merits become apparent during the coronavirus crisis when millions of people became angry with the virus. 

They were tired of the masks, habal water, and sanitizer that were sweeping the campsites. Celebrities like Lady Gaga and Chelsea Handler also use Twitter to entertain their fans.

Most people who believe that fake accounts are spreading misleading messages on Twitter want to see their curators suspended.

Good news is that you can get more followers without having to learn how to build fake accounts. But, you need to follow common sense guidelines.

Below is a list of guidelines on how to build a strong social media presence on Twitter account.

It’s useful to first head to Twitter’s mobile app and either enter your name or your account ID. Twitter says that you will then be authenticated, which will lead to the user profile page where you can sign up.

Another option is to visit the account page and use your own name or your account ID. Twitter allows the account owner to manage his or her own account and make it more user-friendly.

In June, Twitter made it easier to share photos on Twitter account and also got rid of gender-specific characters. Starting this month, a new profile picture won’t be selected using your Twitter bio.

 You can share your own photo on your Twitter account and upload the photo you want to be your profile picture.

Why should you visit Twitter page when you already have a complete profile page? 

A profile that’s clean and clean without unnecessary nonsense becomes more interesting to users.

Visit your Twitter account account page and post messages. Stories are a good way to share the tweets you created about a business or topic.

Multiple types of jokes post that can be easily applied to Twitter can help your audience to connect with you. Messages must also be relevant and helpful.

Your Twitter account profile should also be tailored to the audience. Pinterest is the Pinterest for e-commerce online, 

so it’s normal to post about things that people are interested in. It will be another factor that will help your followers get to know you.

Refer people to your Twitter account. This is also an effective method to grow your followers.

If you have ever checked the profiles page of other Twitter users, you will find many fake accounts. 

This can be caused by lots of users setting up fake profiles or posting content that does not belong to them.

A way to check whether a Twitter account is fake is by using third-party services. However, some of these services are able to detect individual accounts.

How to get organic followers on Twitter account

Comparing Our pages: How to Get Organic Followers on Twitter Account

How do we earn users! Aren’t we all competing in the Twitter World?

The biggest challenge we find in our attempts to grow and gain additional followers is the algorithm which seems to lower the act of getting organic followings on the platform. 

Our challenge here is to gain users at a viable and reasonable price we like. We wish to bring these metrics to you.

Active Asayrs on Twitter:

1 – #TwitterFollows

Twitter’s unique formula ensures that only organic follows are passed into your database

Organic Follows can be a powerful way to find a great follow for free.

If a tweet contains an account, hashtag or brand account that you’d like to follow. Since the platform is still hyperbole-based, we’re not talking about Donald Trump.

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How to 

Go to Twitter and check your profile page. Chances are you’re already followed by many people who follow you. 

You’re either following them or not. If you’re not following them, it’s very likely that you’re considering following them, so start there to reach out to a potential fan.


Want to add the following tips to your profile?

Use the blue bar when you manage  as a way to confirm that you’re not being followed.

Use #TwitterFollows to reduce the number of people who view the page. You can do this by tweeting the following,

Once your follow/like sheet has reached a certain threshold (remember, this is a theoretical number), hold a contest. 

We suggest you’ll see a 50% drop after your followers try to lower that threshold. It’s a fine line, and one I’d want to walk carefully to avoid getting followers.

Use #TwitterFollows when friends visit your page (this is how I learned that there are limits to fake follows). 

It’s a smarter way to hunt down fake followers, so you don’t see a steady increase in bad eyes if you let it happen.


Consider interacting with users you see from time to time. As you follow them, tip them in the direction of stories/infographics you want to share on Twitter.

When you reach the threshold, chase after followers. 

In the mean time, make sure you never lose traction. Be sure to check back frequently.

When the penny drops, follow them back to ensure they are following you.

Most followers find you funny or random. When they come across our page, the first thing they’ll see is the lightning bolt while listening 

I’d love to hear feedback on any of these best practices. Please post to Twitter and/or Medium;